20 Short Chrome Nail Designs: Elevate Your Manicure with a Touch of Glamor

Short nails are now the new trend. We will always love long nails but they have taken over the spotlight. More and more short manicures are appearing on our Instagram feed. Contrary to popular belief, shorter nails can be used for any style. Chrome nails are a great way to showcase trendy designs and finishes. We’ve rounded up 20 simple, yet sophisticated short chrome nail designs to prove our point. Below are all the metallic nail ideas.

Rainbow Chrome Baby French Nails

image 2208

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Betina goldstein, a celebrity nail technician, has created the chrome baby French manicure. She started by creating micro French tips with black nail polish. Then, she applied different colors of chrome powder to every tip. She finished the look by sealing everything with CND Shellac Top Coat No-Wipe ($16).

Chrome Skittle Nails

image 2208

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Swipe a different color on each nail to create a short chrome manicure that makes a statement. Select five metallic rainbow shades to create a gradient manicure.

White Chrome Square Nails

image 2210

@iramshelton / Instagram

Looking for a beautiful bachelorette, honeymoon, or wedding nail look? This square, short chrome manicure is a sure-fire winner. It looks white, but it is actually a pale pink. This is Ella + Mila Nail Polish in Stuck on You ($7).

Chrome Sticker Nails

image 2224


Chrome decals can be used to elevate a classic glazed-doughnut manicure. Silver designs are a fun way to add a playful element to glam manicure.

Chrome Pastel Nails

image 2217

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

We can’t resist the charm of these pastel chrome French tips. Orly Half Moon Guides are a great way to create colorful and crisp French tips.

Chrome Checker Nails

image 2211

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

The checkerboard nail can be done in many different ways, and looks great when combined with chrome. Use nail tape to make crisp lines, and a fine-line nail art brush to create your chrome and white patterns.

Gold Chrome French Tips

image 2214


Gold manicures are always luxurious. Grab a bottle CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Brass Button ($10) to copy this elegant French look.

Iridescent Glazed Chrome Nails

image 2220

@swaknails / Instagram

This simple chrome nail design is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist mani. The subtle sheen of each nail is still attractive. This look can be achieved using the Nails Luxe Iridescent Chrome Palette (23 dollars).

Iridescent Blue Chrome Nails

image 2222

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

This manicure is a masterpiece. This look has a beautiful artistic touch with its rich blues and gold details.

Mixed Metals Chrome Nails

image 2216

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Mixing metals can be stylish. This silver and gold French manicure is a great example. The perfect combination is the gold baby French tips with a sparkly silver base.

Iridescent Peach Chrome Nails

image 2209

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Choose a peachy color for an everyday chrome look. The Icegel Sunset Glow Powder Set (48 dollars) will give you a neutral sheen.

Pearl Chrome Nails

image 2217

@joysedition/ Instagram

Social media is flooded with 3D nail designs. If you want a chrome short nail that has a “wow” effect, this might be the one for you. The iridescent accents can be created with a kit like the Belleboost Crystal Nail Art Rhinestones Kit.

Cobalt Blue & Magenta Chrome Nails

image 2217

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Why limit yourself to one color of chrome when you can choose two? This short manicure pairs cobalt with vibrant magenta. This colorful, sparkly nail design is made memorable by the sheen finish.

Powder blue Chrome Nails

image 2213

@swaknails / Instagram

Consider a powder-blue color for a subtle chrome look. You can achieve a similar effect at home using CND Shellac in Creekside ($16) and Nails-Luxe Pearl Gloss Powder (found in Glamour Chrome Palette for $23).

Subtle white chrome nails

image 2223

@nailtherapy.co/ Instagram

Simple and stylish, a white manicure with glimmer is a great choice. Start with a base of white and then top it with chrome powder for a true-white, short chrome nail. This look is super simple to create at home.

Dewdrop Chrome Nails

image 2212


Add 3D accents to your pearlescent nails. The dewdrop patterns make this look even more striking.

Marble Chrome Nails

image 2219

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This manicure combines two super-cool nail trends: marble and chrome. The silver swirly nail look is magical and mesmerizing.

Simple Chrome Nails

image 2215

@imarninails/ Instagram

We think of a pearlescent manicure when we hear the word chrome. This high-shine and shimmery nail design is perfect for any occasion.

Peach Fuzz Chrome Nails

image 2218

@swaknails / Instagram

The Pantone color for the year is “Peach Fuzz”, so you should definitely use it on your nails. This peach manicure looks absolutely gorgeous.

Maximalist Chrome Nails

image 2221

@nailsbycanishiea/ Instagram

This short chrome manicure will give you a maximumist feel. This look is a mismatched one with edgy nail designs on each nail, from gorgeous pearls and silver chrome stars.

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