Summer Sandals Trends of 2019

Hello everyone! Once again, we are back with a brand new article connected to summer 2019 trends. Today we will be primarily talking about the summer sandals trends of 2019, since the sandals, as a type of shoes, are very frequent and preferred to wear during this hot and humid season of the year. It is completely up to you if you decide to wear the flat, platform or the heeled ones, we only bring you a few models to be inspired. Since May is already gone and Jun has already started, you can take this our article as a helpful guide for your shopping. Well, without any further words, let´s dig into it, shall we?

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For those who would like to bloom and are full of the romance in their heart

The first model which are we going to talk about is Summer Beach Casual Flower Flip-flops Sandals that are available in three different variations – burgundy red + navy blue flowers, light lilac purple flowers and dusty blue and dusty pink flowers. They are the flip-flop ones so you do not have to be afraid of losing them somewhere while walking, haha. Also, they are the platform ones, which is good especially for the smaller women. Since the main “body” of them is deep black, you do not have to be afraid of getting them dirty or of matching them to your colourful summer outfits. Since they are high, there should also be comfortable to walk in.

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The second floral and romantic type of the sandals are the Wedge Heel Flower Butterfly Holiday Sandals. They are the best option for those who like to wear high heels but are afraid of losing the stability during walking, standing etc. Since their heel is a wedged one, they provide good stability for your body while wearing them. They are also available in three different options – an apricot one, a pink one and blue-white combination one. The flower selection is the same on every each model of them. There is a tiny butterfly on the front as well. Aren´t they just perfect and cute to celebrate the new season with?

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For the pinky dreamers who believe that the whole world is an easy button and do not come across anything bad or stressful, for the people who are high in their hopes and the people who float somewhere on the clouds, we do recommend the third model in a row – Sweet Rhinestone Flower Pink Chunky Heel Sandals. A pure personification of the achievement and that everything is totally possible, do not you think? There are floral and rhinestone details on them as well! So adorable! They remind us of a candy cotton. Unfortunately, they are only available in a princess pink colour.

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For those who are brave enough to not to go with the flow

If we are talking about the braveness, we could not let go of the next presented model – Pink Sweet Printed Summer High Heel Sandals. Just look at their wonderful and juicy summer combination composed of the vivid green and vivid pink put together with the juicy pineapple pattern which will surely freshen most of your outfits.  Since they are already eye-catching enough, we do recommend to soften their look with something in pure white colour or beige. Or, on the other hand, you can try combining them together with another summer juicy pattern. Which one do you prefer?

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To be brave enough means also to go with the fashion trends flow. Do you remember, when the plastic shoes and pieces of clothing arrived in the fashion industry? It has been already quite a time, but it does not matter even if they would be out! If you would like to be and feel mysterious, “invisible” shoes, or rather said sandals, are the ideal ones for this. For this purpose, we do recommend the Summer PVC Open Toe Chunky Heel Date Sandals. They are a bit lighter too and also, look at that kind of a heel! It is a cylinder one which has been pretty famous too!

For those who like something sweet

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Another tip for those who are just fond of the adorable cute things and who would like to wear them all day all night if possible. For people like this, we do have the Sweet Bowknot Kitten Heel Heart Cloth Sandals in our summer 2019 sandals collection. You can get them in two colour different variants – the black one with the red tiny hearts all over and in the pink one with the red hearts. We really do love both of them and just can´t decide which one is better. What do you think? Which one of them looks cuter to you?

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Also, if you are interested in this particular design of the heel – small yet stiletto thin, but you do not like the pattern of the hearts that much, we do have another option for you – clean black, a bright blue or a baby pink one variants of the Date Sweet Bowknot Kitten Heel Suede Sandals. They look almost identical, the only noticeable difference is in the pattern, colour variants and the fact, that these ones do not have the little bow in the front. But there is a simple “tying” style instead.

Source: StyleWe

The very last model of the sandals which we showed you is the Genuine Leather Date Sweet Flower Middle Heel Sandals provided in a light dusty vintage pink colour or a light minty green one. Whether you would like to wear the warmer or cooler tone of them, it is completely up to you. Since those shadows are cool and soft, they are also easy to match with any type and colour of clothing. As you may see, even their heel is a unique one – glass cylinder one! Isn´t it interesting? Also, there is a combination of the flower, pearl and fake crystals on a top of the front part. These sandals not only look trendy and fashionable but also artistic, don´t you think?

That would be all for today’s article. Have you found anything interesting? Are you ready for the summer 2019 sandals shopping? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favourite!
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