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Early Christmas Eve Outfit Inspiration Guide

Hello everyone! We hope all of you have a lovely day today! Since November is pretty much ending soon and Christmas is already slowly coming, we prepared for you a new Early Christmas Fashion Inspiration Guide. We will not only be presenting you a few fashion pieces that you can be inspired with, but you can also take it as an inspiration for Christmas gifts and presents. If you still do not have all of the Christmas presents you have been looking for, you can also browse our StyleWe shop to get some new and fresh ideas! But without any further do, let´s start with the Christmas Eve Outfit Inspiration, shall we?

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Black Friday | Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

Hello everyone ~ October is gone and we have here another lovely month in a row – November. It is not only the month during which the autumn is in its fullest beauty, but it is also the time during which Black Friday and similar sales are held. It means that if you shop especially during November, you can save a lot of money and our e-shop – Stylewe – is not an exception! There are prices reduced up to 60% which mean a super huge sale! If you have wanted to buy anything from Stylewe yet you hadn´t been decided yet, now is the right time to do so.

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Back to School Outfit Inspiration

Hello everyone! ~ Long time no see, right? We hope you all are doing good and are kept safe! We need to be strong and especially mindful of our surroundings. We need to help each other and stay strong so we can overcome this crisis as soon as possible. All over the world, there are still some countries that are quarantined.

On the other hand, most of the countries have been already slowly going back to normal and many of them are opening universities and schools too. In some states, the new school year has probably already started, but if in any case, you are waiting for yours to just start, we come to you with what to wear when going back to school inspiration.

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6 Summer 2020 Essentials Every Minimalist Needs

Hello our lovely sunshine ~ Outside, it already looks like the summer is finally here and we can start to enjoy the time spent out there more and more. The world is slowly getting back to its roots but it also taught us a huge and unforgettable lesson. We should start thinking about our Earth more serious than ever and we should be conscious of our actions.

There are many different ways how to do it. Of course, many of us will not do it overnight, since it is not that simple. The human also needs to get used to a change as well and then start making the new ones. It is a slow process, but it is still better than just sitting and doing nothing at all. Being more conscious should be every one of us. And to try being a minimalist on our own should try every one of us at least once as well.

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Celebrate StyleWe 5th Anniversary With Stylish Looks

Hello there our lovely readers! ~

Long time no see! Outside it finally looks like a real summer and temperatures rise above 30 pretty often too. There are many places to visit with your family or friends and many things you can celebrate together as well. Even StyleWe celebrates this summer. It is a truly important event because our e-shop celebrates its already 5th anniversary. Can you believe it? And since StyleWe wouldn´t have existed without loyal customers, we also prepared for you many sales and discounts to enjoy while celebrating this important event for us!

Source: StyleWe

And do not forget to enjoy your completely free standard shipping on orders above US$129. Sales are truly huge – up to 75%! Also, there are special discounts too → 10$ off of the orders above 99$, 20$ off of the orders above 159$, 50$ off of the orders above 259$, and 100$ off of the orders above 499$.

Who would not love free shipping, right? ♥ You can enjoy more items then since you will save up the money that would have been used for delivery. And it means that you buy one or two more pieces for it!

Also, there is also a special promotion – when buying more than 5 pieces, the 6th piece you will get for free! And if you are a member of our Style Member Club, you can enjoy even an additional discount – 3%, 5% or even 10%!

Source: StyleWe

FHQcollection Graphic Printed Boho Holiday Maxi Dress

Boho Maxi Dresses are amazing especially during windy yet very hot summer days. You do not have to be afraid of showing of much of your skin and you will also be protected from the direct sunlight. Maxi Dresses may seem boring to some people, but actually, they are truly feminine and a bit mysterious as well.

Halter top of them is definitely the best in case you don´t feel comfortable with showing too much of a cleavage.

Source: StyleWe

FHQcollection Sleeveless Daily Sweet Polka Dots Midi Dress

Midi Dresses are like made for those who do not like to wear very short dresses, yet still want to be a bit cheeky at the same time as well. Polka dot pattern will bring an instant retro vibe to your outfit.

You can choose between a monochromatic or colorful dress. There is also a belt to tie on your waist to define the more feminine, hour-glass figure.

Source: StyleWe

FHQcollection Sundress Holiday Halter Floral Mini Dress

The third pick of ours is a mini dress, very similar to the first dress you could have seen. Very light and breathable to wear. Just be careful of the wind! 🙂 Straw accessories are ideal to be combined with this piece.

Source: StyleWe

Koandaily Pink tie-Dye Shift Casual Mini Dress

Casual Mini Dresses are the best for the days when you just want to chill and enjoy your stay outside. You do not have to be overdressed every single time you are about to go somewhere. From time to time it´s also good to take it slow even in fashion.

Something simple doesn´t mean it will also be boring. For example, we just love this kind of tie-dye pattern! The used colors look like some kind of a tutti-frutti popsicle, don´t you think?

Source: StyleWe

FHQcollection Casual With Belt Pants

Pants are always a good idea in case you finally want to get rid of the jeans and try something else as well. Pants will always look more classy and elegant – in most of the cases. If you combine them with a linen or cotton shirt and a midi heeled sandals, you will become a fine lady in a whim! A very nice contrast can also make beige or white clothing combined with camel brown accessories.

Source: StyleWe

TESTGS Solid Yoga Sports Bottoms

Summer is also an awesome opportunity to try working out outside! As much as you can and as often as you can! You do not need to spend hours there, but at least some minutes to get that important dose of Vitamin D.

Yoga bottoms are very fashionable as well so you can also wear them even when you do not plan to do any sport outside. Aren´t these pink yoga leggings just too cute? ♥

Source: StyleWe

Slowcolin Green 3/4 Sleeve Solid Top

This bright lime green color top can make your days brighter as well! Have you ever realized the power of the colors? We personally think that even the right color of the outfit can lift or drop your mood during the day.

That is why it´s really important to wear designs and colors you are fond of and which you feel comfortable in 🙂 Do not force yourself to wear anything you do not like at all!

Source: StyleWe

A-THENA Purple Floral Printed Paneled A-Line Daily Holiday Maxi Dress

The floral maxi dress pictured above looks just like a dress from a fairytale, do not you think? And we guess that at some point in our childhood, most of us wished to be a part of your favorite fairytale.

To be a princess or a queen, to wear all those pretty and lovely dresses, to live in our own castle which shouldn´t even be that big. Just ours, that would be just enough ~

Source: StyleWe

A-THENA Crew Neck Shift Work Cape Sleeve Solid Top With Pants

As we already mentioned above, pants can elevate your outfit immediately! Combined not only with the heeled sandals but also with the simple black pumps and some nice shiny top, it can create a total killing femme fatal outfit. Try mastering becoming the femme fatale yourself and find the pants that will enhance your body shape and your beauty.

If you can´t find anything to match it with, don´t you worry! In the end, this product is actually a two-piece one! Yes, the cape is included! ♥


In case you are interested in reading more of our articles, we do highly recommend you read more summer-related articles. First of them is definitely the 8 Summer Must-Have Items You Need Right Now. The second tip of ours is dedicated to spring/summer 2020 dresses – Spring Summer 2020 Floral Pattern Dresses.

8 Summer Must-Have Items You Need Right Now

Hello, lovelies! ~ May is slowly ending and temperatures are starting to rise even more and more. June and the whole summer are already so close that it seems like a miracle. After all of the struggles that have happened this year, it finally seems to be getting better more and more. And since a new season of the year is coming soon, you need to have a proper wardrobe to give it a warm welcome and be ready to enjoy your days, right? That is why we bring you a new guide of summer clothing – 8 Summer Must-Have Items You Need Right Now if you want to become a fancy summer fashion queen everyone will no to be able to take their eyes off! If you are already curious about what kind of summer fashion must-haves we are talking about, do not hesitate and continue reading the article 😎 Continue reading

6 Tips How to Spend Mother´s Day at Home and What to Wear

Hello lovelies ~ After a few weeks we are back with a new topic! May is coming soon and you surely know that it is an important month! It is not only getting warmer and closer to summer, but a special occasion is also held during this month – Mother’s Day. If you are lucky enough to be with your mum together during these tough days, count yourself as a blessed one. If you are not, unfortunately, able to be together, you can still spend some time “together” by calling each other or having a video chat. And being currently at home is not only the best and safest way how to stay healthy, it is also the best time for doing things you have never done before! Now it is time to do that! And since we are talking about the Mother´s Day 2020 in this article, we will be sharing with you 6 Tips How to Spend Mother´s Day at Home. Also, there is a little fashion guide included at the end of the article, so be sure to read it whole 🙂 Also, do not forget our April 2020 Huge Clearance Sale – these low prices are insane!

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Spring Summer 2020 Floral Pattern Dresses

Hello our lovely sunshine ~

We hope you are fully enjoying this warm spring weather even though the unpleasant chain of events that have happened all over the world during the last months. It is truly important to stay safe at home and to occupy your mind somehow so you will no be constantly thinking of those events. Also, this is the precious time you have wished so long for so you have plenty of options on how to actually spend it. It is only up to you how you decide to take care of it. You can be more productive, start decluttering your home and life, picking a new hobby, read all of those books you had never had time for in the past and etc. Or you can be inspired thanks to our new article about welcoming spring with floral pattern trends of 2020. Who would not love to wear a floral pattern, right? It is not only pretty but feminine and delicate too ~ Also, don´t forget to browse and shop our Easter Sale where you can actually save up to 8$, 18$, 88$ or even 188$ off! Just be careful to read the conditions and enjoy shopping! ~

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Fashion For Strong Women || Women´s Day Presale

Hello, our lovely readers! Long time no see again! We can´t believe it is already almost the end of February. But, on the other hand, it means that only a few more weeks and we can warmly welcome the spring to finally come into our lives. Everything will be blooming, the scent of new beginnings will accompany you through the day spent outside. Sun will be shining more and the day will get longer as well. Everyone will be in a better and happier mood too and sad grey days will be in the past! Valentine´s Day is already behind but we, women, do not have to be sad at all. It is gonna be our fete soon too! And since we are talking about Women´s Day, we would like to share with you our presale collection which you can already browse and buy from. New clothing items to welcome the upcoming spring are a great idea to make yourself happy on this day too. When you are a newbie here, you can also get a 10% OFF of your FIRST order on Stylewe. Also, when you buy 2 items, you will get a 50% OFF of the 3rd item! Is it not just a great deal?! Let´s take a look at what you can actually find in our presale Women´s Day fashion collection together, shall we? Continue reading

What to Wear on Valentine´s Day 2020 Fashion Guide Edition

Hello, our beloved readers! First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020 since this is the first article of ours after entering 2020. We wish you a lot of love, health, happiness and good luck with everything you would like to accomplish during this whole year. Be it to start to learn something new, visiting new destinations, losing weight, getting a degree – anything! Because you can do it! Second of all, since January is almost done and Valentine´s Day is coming, we decided to publish an OOTD inspiration for those, who would like to celebrate this special occasion romantically – by going on date. Continue reading

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