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10 Vibrant Denim Jeans Outfits to Elevate Your Mood

Brightly colored denim jeans have been in and out fashion over the years, but they are now firmly at the top. Brands are now offering a variety of colors from vibrant hues to pastel jeans with soft saturation. There’s no need to limit yourself to blue jeans. Whether you prefer to live in vibrant technicolor, or want your wardrobe to whisper instead of roar, you can try anything else.

The best thing about colorful jeans, is that you can achieve maximum fashion with minimum effort. You just have to slip on a pair. They’re also easy to tone down – or amp them up! You probably already own some wardrobe basics and statement pieces.

A Graphic Tee

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Combining colored denim bottoms and a faded graphic shirt is a great option to get a taste of this trend without going all out with saturated colors. A white handbag and white sneakers add depth to the color palette.

Crop Top in Neutral Color

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Even minimalist fashionistas are allowed to wear jeans in bright colors. A neutral-toned ribbed tank will give you a sleek look. Even the brightest of jeans will look good with a neutral shoulder bag.

Jean Jacket

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You may wonder why you haven’t bought a Canadian tuxedo suit in a vibrant color. But don’t berate yourself. Start planning your style with a neon handbag that has a clashing pattern.

Denim Bra

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To reduce the overwhelming effect of a colorful denim set, you can put together an outfit that uses less fabric. For example, this denim and lime green jeans ensemble. Don’t worry if matching shades isn’t something you’re good at. The complementary color will work just as well.

Color Block with a Crop Top

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Colorblock denim is a bold way to wear brightly colored jeans. It makes a statement when paired with a neutral-colored top. Try Warp + Weft Wide Leg Jeans Two Faced to get the look.

Striped Top

image 20 307

Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images

Pair jeans in deep purple or red with a top featuring a racing stripe for a look that is a little bit punk. We recommend a simple black cami underneath if you choose a jacket.

Button-Down Colorblock

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Color-blocking on top is another way to soften the impact of colorful denims without reducing their fashion power. Choose a button-down with similar saturation levels, rather than a shade that is exactly the same. This will create a cohesive look without being too overwhelming.

Top with a sheer, patterned top

image 20 309

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If colorblock jeans are a bit too daring for you, try a pair watercolor-washed denims. Water colorblocking, instead of using highly saturated colors and contrasts, creates a soft, ombre look by blending together similar shades. This is the perfect pair of pants to wear with an edgy, colorful top.

Contrasting Heels

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Wear a pair straight-leg colored denims with low, bow-tipped heels to elevate them. Fashion and street style go together like a dream.

An Oversized Blazer

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Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images

The oversized blazer is a great piece to match, but it doesn’t have to be the exact same color. Keep accessories neutral, such as bags and shoes.

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