Top 10 Sneakers Perfect for the Spring Office

In an ideal world, everyone would receive a universal salary for watching Real Housewives every day and petting one dog at least once a week. Most of us work in jobs that require us to follow a dress code. Sneakers for work can make the rat-race a little easier, but they also add a touch of style to your business casual wardrobe. You have more options for your workwear outfits than ever thanks to celebrity-driven fashion trends and luxury brands that are dipping into athletic footwear design.

There are many sneaker styles that can be worn at work, unless your job requires women to wear heels. The roundup below includes a variety of work shoes that are designed to soothe your soles.

Vibrant and Athletic

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There’s no reason to not incorporate your flashy running shoes into your business-casual outfit rotation. Vibrant colors make this work-appropriate style of sneakers look like it’s not meant to be worn on the commute and then replaced with pumps when you get to the office.

A Pop of Color

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Dresses are in our thoughts as spring is approaching. If you’re wearing dresses with floral prints, or geometric patterns that are more muted in tone, neutral sneakers with coordinated colors will help tie the look together.

Big Dad Energy

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Recent years have seen a huge improvement in the design of normal sneakers. No matter if you prefer New Balance or Brooks, a pair casual dad shoes will add a touch of edge to structured suits. To nail this look, we recommend choosing a pair wide-leg trousers or puddle pants that perfectly frame your sneakers.

Subtle Skate Shoes

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Dark skate shoes are the best choice for those who prefer a sleek and all-black look. The texture of a pair in canvas or suede can also be used to great effect. These sneakers add a multidimensional look to any business-casual outfit when worn with a leather jacket, quilted coat, or printed trousers.

Vintage Vibes

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No sneakerhead is required to appreciate classic high-tops. Vintage high-top Jordans, or similar nostalgic shoes, are the perfect shoe to pair with skinny jeans and denim pants. These sneakers look great with tailored trousers, even if your office is against jeans.

Sleek, Streamlined

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The sleek Adidas Sambas, which are a favorite of celebrities and the fashion set, deserve to be a part of your 9-to-5 work wardrobe. The silhouette of these understated sneakers is similar to that of a ballet flat or loafer, making them an excellent option for those who want to wear sneaker in the office without being noticed.

An Unexpected Silhouette

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This chunky, trendy sneaker style combines streetwear with high fashion. The likes of Louis Vuitton and Louboutin have designed sneakers that feature strong lines and unexpected shapes, making them perfect for fashionistas who want to add loud luxury to their work wardrobe.

Monochrome Magic

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Wearing a monochrome, bold pair of sneakers with your power suit will breathe new life into it. The best way to style these sneakers for work, as with running shoes is to go all out. When it comes to the color and style, “go large or go home” can be a good rule of thumb. Oversized separates keep your look stylish and intentional.

Lightweight Leather

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Keep your shoes simple and choose a pair in a neutral color like tan, white or off-white. This shoe style can enhance and support a bold look without distracting from it.

Classic Canvas

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Converse classic sneakers are the perfect choice for casual work environments. They can be worn with any dress or skirt. For warmer weather, natural canvas Converse low-tops are a good choice. They also go well with ankle or pencil pants.

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