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Astrology-Inspired Taurus Style Guide

Taurus fashion is the new focus of our attention as Taurus season approaches. This earth sign’s season runs from April 20 to May 20. Dressing according to your zodiac can be refreshing, illuminating, and grounding. If you are unsure of the style characteristics of Taurus, we asked Lisa Stardust for some advice.

Stardust says Tauruses are dedicated to their own aesthetic, no matter if it is “on trend.” Tauruses love to wear whatever feels right to them, whether it’s a particular silhouette, a print or a designer. Taurus is known for being grounded, sensual and stubborn. But there’s no harm in sticking to your own fashion sense, especially if it’s what you love.

Stardust says Taurus is the “eat, drink and have a good time” sign. Venus is their ruler, and they are fashion-conscious but also functional. Stardust says that Taureans prefer to wear a fancy dress, and then dress it down by adding accessories. This sign isn’t afraid of fashion, as you can see in the following 10 tips for dressing like a Taurus.

Go with Gingham

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Stardust says that a cute gingham dress would be a great outfit for Taureans. She also adds that they like to dress up, even when it’s not appropriate. They are a fixed earth sign and prefer a more conservative style. Try a summer dress that has a midi- or maxi-length hemline to give your Taurean spirit a little bit of elevated but comfortable gingham.

Wear Signature Taurus Shades

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Stardust says that the planetary ruler for Taurus is Venus. The signature colors of Venus are pink and green. You probably know Tauruses who have subconsciously incorporated these springtime hues into their wardrobe. Stardust says to let your intuition guide you if you’re a Taurus with a prominent placement. She says that Tauruses tend to be a bit more conservative. “They wear what they like.”

Elevated Ruffles

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Tauruses are ruled by Venus and love to dress in a romantic way. Stardust says that Tauruses like a bit of ruffle but not too much. They prefer classic styles with a touch of sensual flair. If you want to work ruffles the Taurean way, choose elevated silhouettes with sweeping skirts.

Crown Yourself with Flowers

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Stardust describes Tauruses in terms of their accessorizing as both decadent, and also in touch with nature. Tauruses love decadence. Nameplate jewelry and gold necklaces with hoop earring will do the trick. Floral headbands, flower crowns, and even layered gold earrings will please Tauruses.

Play Hard and Soft

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Taureans love a sleek slip dress, but their footwear is equally important. Stardust says that Tauruses want to wear stylish footwear but always end up wearing boots. For a Taurus with more practical and functional tastes, pair your slip dress of choice with a pair ultra-comfortable combat boots.

Embrace Black Lace

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Lace dresses in particular black lace dresses look very Taurean. Confidence is the key to the perfect styling. Stardust advises that Venus is all about feeling confident and wearing what makes you happy.

Let the flow take you

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Stardust explains that Tauruses love flowing dresses, as they are an earth sign. The flowing maxi dress provides a breezy canvas to showcase other Taurean fashion favorites, such as vibrant prints, bold florals, patterns and bold colors. What’s one thing you won’t see on a Taurus maxi dress? Stardust says that Tauruses like to wear prints but dislike tie-dye.

Try Floral Appliques

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What is another fashion staple that Taureans love? Lots of flowers. Stardust says that florals do not have to be flirty crop tops and sundresses. She suggests using applique florals to create this sensual sign. Stardust describes the vibe as “Bohemian Sexpot.”

Slip into Sultry Silhouettes

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Stardust shared this while musing on Taurean designers. She had a dress called The Sunday Dress. SZA wore a dress similar to it at the Met Gala, in pink.” The gown is decadent and sensual, yet not too over the top, which is perfect for Taurean style. While it may be difficult to find Vivienne’s Sunday Dress, there are plenty of midi-length dresses that will hug your curves while calming your Taurean style.

Layer Sheer Separates

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Stardust says that wearing a sheer top, dress or slip with it or under it is very Taurean. Tauruses have a reputation for adding sophistication to silhouettes that might otherwise appear matronly.

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