9 Shoes That Complement Mini Skirts Seamlessly

We can’t deny that the mini skirt is the hottest trend this year. In the original mini skirt heyday of the early 2000s sharply pointed heels in saturated colors were the only styles that could be worn. (Think Regina George from Mean Girls.) Now, however, there are a variety of styles that can be worn with mini skirts, including balletcore, dark academic, and normcore.

When it comes to choosing shoes for your mini skirt, you can choose from a variety of styles, including ballet slippers (and their heels), vintage-inspired sneakers and over-the-knee booties. As fashion week street style moments show, formality is always in style.

Check out these 9 shoe styles that you can wear with your mini skirts, no matter what the weather.

Stark Neutral Heels

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The classic pointed-toe pump will never go out style. However, they are being remixed to fit the current mini skirt trend. Contrasting the colors of a mini-skirt and heel is a popular technique. You can pair a white heel with a dark brown outfit or a black leather heel to elevate a beige or cream look. This trick is not only chic and casual, but also masters how to make wardrobe basics work for any event.

Retro Trainers

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If you want to add a touch of sporty flair to your mini skirt, try slipping on some low-top sneakers. Retro-inspired sneakers like Adidas’ Samba are popular thanks to their gum-rubber outsoles and paneled uppers. Think of the style as an athletic version of the trendy and equally practical ballet flat.

Mary Jane Flats

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Mary Janes are a great option for the preppy, feminine miniskirts that have been a huge trend in the past decade. You can choose a style that has a simple buckle or a double buckle in a toned color or subtle pattern to add a touch of flair on your next outing.

Sleek platform sandals

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Platform sandals will give your miniskirt a dramatic height boost. Tall block heels and thick soles are the best way to achieve balance while reaching new heights.

Candy Colored Pumps

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Why not wear a pair of colorful pumps to match the red trend currently sweeping the fashion world? There are many styles and colors available, but warmer tones such as red, pink, orange, and yellow will make a bold statement. Matching tights will make your outfit look more streamlined.

Loafer Shoes

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Heeled loafers continue to be bold, adding a touch of prep-school chic to any outfit that includes a mini skirt. The penny-strapped version, with minimal hardware, will honor the shoe’s roots as a preppy shoe while still remaining sharp and dynamic.

Ridged Booties

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Boots with lug soles make a great base for a mini skirt. Styles with round and narrow toes, thick, ridged soles, will give you the traction needed for any terrain. They also add a stylish height boost. Styles that are ankle- or calf high can be worn with or without tights.

Pumps with Metal Accents

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Refresh your shoe collection with heavy metal heels for the modern age. Your shoes will always be visible, even if you are wearing a hat or a scarf. If you want to go grunge, try a neutral leather shoe in any height accented by studs or chains.

Penny Loafers

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The penny loafer is a timeless shoe that has become a staple of the new decade. It’s the perfect pair for the mini skirt, which is also academic. The wide range of colors available on the market allows you to dress up pairs with low heels or flat soles and mix them with any type of tights or socks. Choose a bold color or two-tone texture or add subtle details like paneling, hidden coin charms, or quilting.

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