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Transform Your Dress with 13 Unique Styling Techniques

Theoretically, a dress would be the perfect piece of clothing. You could just wear it with some cool shoes and be ready to go. If you want to spice up your wardrobe (or if you are tired of wearing the same dress the same way), you can try some new and exciting ways to style a dress. Dresses can be used as layering pieces depending on what type of dress you have, especially during the transitional months between spring and fall. Even the most basic of dresses can be made exciting by adding some unexpected accessories.

Here are some great ways to style your favorite dress.

A Jacket in Colorful Style

image 20 364


A cool coat can make a look more interesting, especially when the weather is changing and you only need to wear it outdoors. The tweed dress was already vibrant, but adding a faux fur coat adds dimension (not to mention lots of whimsy).

Top Layer

image 20 365


It’s not obvious that a dress will work over your other clothes. But it does. This semi-sheer black dress doesn’t hide the layers beneath, so it can be worn almost like a jacket or cardigan.

Winter Clothes

image 20 366


The summery short dress isn’t just for the warm months. Pair it with tights and a coat or even a beanie to make the dress feel more “grounded.” The dress may look formal on its own, but with the sneakers and hat, it takes on a more casual feel.

With Contrast

image 20


If you have a dress that you love but is missing something, pair it with an contrasting belt. Bonus points if your bag matches. The dress as well as the accessories are the main focus of the maximalist look.

Instead of a suit

image 20 367


You can still look stylish in warm weather without wearing a suit. (Who wants to be hot and sweaty?) A suit dress is a stylish alternative. The socks and heels in this outfit prevent it from appearing too businesslike.

As an Shirt

image 20


Layering at the black belt level: matching shorts on the bottom, partially unbuttoned with a long, loose dress worn on top as a crop-top. Keep the pieces in the same family of colors to create a cohesive look.

Over Pants

image 20 368


To keep the look looking fresh, make sure that each piece is sleek and polished. It looks like a pair of slim black trousers under a dress with color blocks. This makes it look like a cohesive outfit. If you want to channel a Y2K feel, replace the trousers with flared jeans.

Colorful Accessories

image 20 370


Unbuttoning strategically can create a fun slit, or even a v-neck with a simple linen dress. Add accessories in an unexpected color, such as a yellow bag or sunglasses.

Layering Pieces (Even for Summer)

image 20 369


Try pairing two pieces that are complementary. It looks like a yellow shirt dress underneath a black overall dress. The pieces are both light so you won’t feel heavy, even when the weather is warm.

Strategic Sheers

image 20 371


It’s easy to wear a simple knit dress in the summer, but adding a touch of extra flair can be arduous. A contrasting undergarment (or bathing suit), which shows just a little underneath the dress can be a great surprise.

Heavier Accessories

image 20 372


Do not put away your buckled combat boot just yet. This is a look that would work better for spring than the oppressive heat of summer (your feet could get very sweaty). But there’s nothing cooler than a light, airy dress with “tough”, contrasting accessories.


image 20 373


A loose, flowy dress would be a great choice for a casual dinner with friends or a date. Just make sure the layers are not too heavy. The look is complete with matching sunglasses, bag and shoes. You can opt for more neutral accessories.

A Capital-M Moment

image 20 374


You probably have one in your closet. It’s a gorgeous, big summer dress you want to wear but feel “too much”. I’d say, don’t be afraid to wear it even if you aren’t sure. You can still look casual-stylish with elevated accessories.

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