Refreshing Your Makeup for Spring After Winter

If you enjoy a seasonally-inspired approach to your makeup, then March is the month for you. Why? This is a transitional month, allowing you to incorporate elements of winter and begin to move into spring. Hiromi Ueda, a makeup expert, says that to make the perfect transition, you need to strike a balance between color, shine and finish. Ueda, who is known for blending unique colors and finishes to create gorgeous, natural makeup, shares her top tips. She outlines five simple ways to transition your makeup from winter into spring, including luminous skin and fresh pastels.

Illuminate Your Skin

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Ueda’s approach to skin is “bare, but finished”: she prefers a natural-looking complexion. She says that this time of the year it’s about a “luminous and radiant finish.” Start with a luminous semi-matte Foundation like Armani Luminous Silk for a “flawless glaze-like finish” before adding a liquid Highlighter like Illuminating fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer on top, along the highs cheekbones. Nothing sets the tone for skin better than strobed skin.

Flush your Cheeks

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You may not realize that a frostbitten glow and a fresh spring flush are more alike than you might think. Apply blush pigments lightly to the skin and you can achieve both looks at once. Ueda layers liquid under powder to create a diffused soft-focus look. This gives the skin more dimension, and also a more subtle pink glow. “Add Fluid Sheer Glowing Enhancer Highlighter, in radiant pink. Then blend a little Luminous Silk Powder Blush onto the highest part of your cheeks,” says Ueda. Ueda suggests that you can also use the same pink hue on your lips to create a monochrome look.

Slick your Lips

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Ueda enjoys a glossy, glassy finish for her lips at this time of the year. She says that a glossy finish is beautiful. Lip gloss can instantly add shine and dimension, and conceal any dryness that may be lingering as we move into spring. Armani Beauty will launch Prisma Glass later this month. This oil-in gel gloss delivers sheer color and hydration. It’s not a coincidence that the timing is right!

Try Cool Pastels

Ueda says she prefers to use pale blues or icy whites as her eye colors for the winter months. It’s easy to apply liquid eye color like Armani Beauty Eye Tints by sweeping it across the lids. She explains that you can apply the color directly with your finger or applicator. It’s important to blend it in quickly because the product is long-lasting.

The basic color theory is that pastels and shades with gray undertones will transition from winter to spring. You can save your more vibrant spring colors for later in the year.

Add A Touch Of Metallic

Ueda says, “I prefer metallics as they give a cool finish.” You can’t go far wrong with a wash of color across your lids. But, for a more concentrated look, try an Eye Tint with soft gold shimmer or platinum silver. Ueda says she likes to put dots in the inner corners to bring the eyes out and to enhance their appearance.

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