Key Facts and Tips for Eyelash Extensions

Celebrities and influencers are still sharing their eye-catching faux lashes. Clementina Richson, founder of Envious Lashes, says that the general public has embraced this look. “To be able jump out of bed with wide-awake eyes in the morning and to reduce the steps in your make-up routine — who wouldn’t want to try extensions?”

Lash extensions are synthetic fibers that can be glued onto natural lashes in order to increase their thickness, length and curl. We have all the answers to your questions if you want to try lash extensions but are unsure. This is your official guide to eyelash extensions.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions

The price of extensions and maintenance is dependent on both the experience and location of the lash artist. A full set of extensions costs between $100 and $400+. Refill appointments can cost anywhere from $50 to $250+. Malin Singleton, lash specialist, says that you usually get what you paid for. Someone with years of education and experience will charge more than someone just starting out.

How To Find A Reputable Lash Artist

Robert Schwarcz MD, a New York City oculoplastic double-board certified surgeon, says that anyone can be certified in applying lash extensions. It simply means they have taken a class and passed the exam. I recommend that you look for a lash tech who is licensed and has passed all the required state testing. Dr. Schwarcz advises to work with professionals who are licensed, have a proven track record of success, and who receive positive reviews. Ask to speak with other clients. If you receive any pushback from them, that’s a red flag and it’s best to find someone else.

How to prepare for Eyelash Extensions

If you want to achieve a good result, make sure that your lashes are free of makeup and oil-based products. Avoid drinking energy drinks or caffeine as these can cause your lids and lashes to flutter. Dress comfortably and wear headphones to listen to your favorite podcast or music. Cynthia Tsang of Lash L’Amour, a Boston-based salon, says that you may lay down for anywhere between one and three hours. Try not to talk during the lash treatment. When people speak, their eyelids flutter, which makes it more difficult and dangerous to isolate the eyelashes while holding a sharp instrument so close to their face,” says Robyn Fischer, owner of Makeup By Robyn. Talking slows the process down and any movement of the cheeks can move the eye pads.

The Step-by-Step Application Process

1. Prep

The lash artist will then clean the natural lashes and place gel pads underneath the eyes. They’ll also tape down the lower lashes with medical grade tape. This is to prevent the lashes from interfering with the procedure, and to protect your eye area from sharp tweezers.

2. Prime and Map

The eyelash primer will be applied at the base of natural lashes in order to strengthen the bond between the extensions and the natural lashes. Trina Dial is the founder of Maven Artistry. She says that some technicians use a sharpie to map out the lashes onto the undereye gel pads, while taking into consideration facial features such as the angle, shape, and spacing of the eye to determine the number of extensions and where they should be applied.

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3. Approval

The next step is to dip the base of the extension in an adhesive using tweezers, and then apply the faux lashes on the natural lashes.

4. Curing

After the application is completed, the bonder that boosts retention is applied. This helps to cure the adhesive while reducing the risk of irritation and sensitivity. The final step is to mist the extensions with distilled h2o for an extra boost of moisture and then dry them with a fan. This will help set the bonder, cure the adhesive and soothe your eyes.

How to maintain Lash Extensions

The average lifespan of lash extensions is between four and six weeks. This depends on the stage in which your natural lashes are in their growth cycle. An extension will fall out faster if you’re at the end phase, but last longer if you’re still in the beginning. The length of time they will stay on your eyelids also depends on the way they are cared for.

Every two to three months, you will need to schedule a refill appointment as your natural eyelashes fall out. Richardson warns that if you wait too much, you might have to start over with a new set of extensions. When clients come in for a new set of extensions, they should still have 50 to 70% of the originals.

1. Use Oil-Free Makeup Removal

Use an oil-free makeup removal product or lash shampoo to wash extensions. Oil-based products may weaken the adhesive.

2. Pat your Lashes Dry

Avoid clumping and tangling by gently blotting your lashes with a soft cloth before combing them daily with a spoolie. Dial says that blow dryers, microwaves, saunas, and BBQ grills can cause lash damage. She says that the materials used have improved to the point that we can now wash the lashline almost immediately. Some people even claim that washing the lashes immediately after application reduces irritation.

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3. Protect Them Overnight

You can also purchase eyelash extension protection masks from Slip and Smug.

4. Commit to regular Fills

The truth is that lash extensions aren’t for everyone. Fisher says that if you don’t have the money and time to invest in regular refills you will never achieve the desired look.

Side effects and risks

Side effects can include an allergic reaction to the adhesive, pads, tape or glue, and damage to natural lashes. It’s crucial to inform the technician of any allergies before or during your service if there is any discomfort, says Dr. Schwarcz. He also suggests a test patch. Have your technician apply a tiny amount of adhesive on the underside your wrist. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then remove it using a solvent. If your skin reacts, wait another 15 minutes and then pass on extensions. The skin under your wrist is more sensitive.

Dr. Schwarcz does not recommend their use for long-term. “Continuous use can disrupt the natural growth cycle of lashes and cause them to shed prematurely.” “When your lashes return, they might appear shorter and finer than before,” says he. Even if you choose the lightest or smallest extensions, give your lashes some time to recover.

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