15 Pink Nail Designs for Short Nails: A Palette of Sweet and Stylish Ideas

A short pink manicure is a great choice for the summer months as we shed our layers. It’s easy, light and perfect. No matter what the occasion is, pink will always be appropriate. The shorter length also makes outdoor time more enjoyable. Who wants mud on their nails? Just because a simple pink manicure is easy, doesn’t mean that it must be boring. Scroll down to see our favorite short nail designs that are anything but boring.

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Classic Light Pink

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There’s nothing more classic than the perfect, light pink, clean, squoval-shaped manicure. It works for any occasion. Essie’s shade Everything’s cake ($10) is one of our favorites.

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50 Shades of Pink

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Use up all the polishes that you have by painting every nail a different color of pink. You can make your gradient manicure from light to dark, or mix and match colors as you wish.

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Water Marble Swirls

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Even a novice DIY manicure can achieve water marble nails. This swirl of pinks and reds is stunning.

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Subtle Ombre

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The subtle ombre adds visual interest without being too extreme to a classic manicure.

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Pink Polka Dots

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It’s good news for DIYers. Polka dots make another simple nail design. Grab a dotting tool, dip it into the color you want, and start working. The double-sided Londontown Dot & Detail Nail Art tool ($12) is our favorite.


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Our favorite manicure hack? Stick-on nails are a great option. If they come in a fun pattern, that’s an extra bonus. Olive & June’s Super Stick Mani Press On Nails in Pink Checker Party $8 are a quick way to achieve a trendy checkerboard manicure.

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Velvet Fade

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Put together a great ombre and velvet manicure, and you have a winning combination.

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Strawberry Milk

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A reimagined version of an animal print manicure is our favorite, especially when the colors are bold. By limiting the cow-print to accent nails, it is possible to achieve the desired effect without going overboard.

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Love on top

image 2225


Get creative with your tips to make the classic French manicure less classic. You can achieve a similar effect with polka dot, stripes or just the bright pink color.

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Pink Aura

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Aura manicures are a great way to take dopamine dressing up a notch. You can either use your aura colours or your desired state-of-mind to manifest via your nails.

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Pink Plaid

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You can take a plaid mani to the next step by switching out the typical greens, blues, reds and yellows with a bright pink. This is a little like giving Clueless, or Mean Girls.

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Cheetah Girls

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Try an animal print with bright, bold colors. This adds a touch of fun and whimsy, plus it’s adorable.

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Go with the Flow

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This manicure is a great example of how negative space can be used to balance nail art and neon pink. This adds visual interest to the manicure without overpowering it.

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On fire

image 2234


This baby pink manicure features red fire details for a bold, yet subtle design. The classic pink color anchors the design, while the red flame outlines are fun and unexpected.

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Stars and Sparkles

image 2227


Stars and stripes are well-known, but we’d like to introduce you stars and sparkles. This mani is easy to do even for the most inept DIY nail artists: Just pick up a neutral color base, some nail crystals and star-shaped decals. No steady hand required!

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