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Your Vacation and Getaway Time Fashion Guide

Hello everyone. It has been already a few weeks since we had published our last article. In today´s one, we will be talking about a vacation and getaway time which is soon ahead! It is still only March but since the time has been flowing very fast, you will not even count up to ten and the vacation time will be already here. All states all over the world have been dealing with a coronavirus now and since there are tons of the information about it in the news and other media, why not to share something from a different and pleasing matter, right? We have to be brave, strong and to think positive! We can do it together! So turn the vaca mode on and enjoy 40% OFF.

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Summer Skincare Routine Must-Have Tips and Products

Hello everyone! It has been quite a time since we published our last article! All of us do really hope that you have been enjoying your holidays and summer at maximum up until this time. Even if it is August already, we still do have quite a lot of warm and sunny days in front of us! With changing the season, it is very important to change our skincare routine as well. Especially when you are about to travel to some other country, where is much more different weather than in your home country. Using the products for a whole year straight is not very good and effective for your skin, too.

Since it is summer you should just relax, have fun and try lots of new things! It also applies to beauty! And since we do love to be a guide for you and to inspire you, for today, we prepared a new article for you! This time we will be talking about the summer skincare routine for the beautiful and healthy skin that everyone should follow! Let us know in the comments what is your summer skincare routine and what are your favourite beauty products to use during the summer! If you are interested in the tips, continue reading the article 😊

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The Best Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

Hello guys! Hope that you are doing just as great as we do. Who would think that the New York Fashion Week 2019 would come so fast, right? It is just unbelievable since just a few weeks ago, we were holding a New Year´s Eve parties and now, we are unexpectedly waiting for the spring to already come. In February, there is every single year connected a huge event with it. And yes, we do not think about anything else than the most fashionable and the most stylish event from almost them – New York Fashion Week 2019 where, of course, a true fashion queen should have not been missing! Continue reading

5 Top Ideas on Knowing How to Match Blazer Jackets

When it comes to suits, many people should still stay in the stereotype of serious stereotypes, but now the suits are not the same. It is no longer the coat of white-collar workers, nor synonymous with the sale of insurance, it re-rolled the entire fashion circle in a new and fashionable way, and this autumn and winter even became the existence of the tyrant. Stepping into the fall and winter, Blazer can be said to be a fashion item that is very popular whether it is fashionable or not. The design of most blazers is not very attractive, and nowadays designers prefer to try different prints on blazers, which is why blazers are so popular. Before introducing the blazer style, let us talk about which items are the best companion for blazer!

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20 Best Spring Shoes for Women,Which One is Your Favourite?

The freezing winter breeze has finally come to an end and it’s about time spring fashion makes a comeback in your wardrobe. Now, get those winter boots and push them a bit behind the closet to make way for colourful 2018 fashion shoes this spring. Spring season is one of the best seasons when it comes to letting you experiment with your fashion choices. Unlike winter shoes that most likely limit your design options in order to stay warm, spring is all about being carefree and adventurous!

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A Quick Look at Celebrity Family Vacations

Who doesn’t love vacations? Going on a vacation is certainly something families need to bring each member closer together. It’s also a great way to pull one’s stress out of work while also exploring new places. Well, just like ordinary people, celebrities go on family vacations too! We usually see celebrities go to many different countries alone with a crew or on a romantic vacation with their significant other. However, seeing celebrities going out with the entire family for a vacation is not as usual. Considering their busy schedules, it’s still amazing how they find time to plan a vacation – a fancy one for that matter! If ever you are curious on how celebrities and public figures spend their family vacations together, then keep on reading.

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20 Hottest Spring/Summer Shoes from the Runway 2017

Let your feet do the talking! Spring and summer are very fun seasons to experiment with vibrant colors. It’s no surprise that we are going to come across several looks, specifically shoes, which will have their colors pop out from the screen. As we take a peek on the best fashion ensembles that designers showcased during fashion week, the amount of attention the models’ footwear received is just as immense as their clothing! If you’re up for a whole new colorful shoe ride, this article is something you shouldn’t skip. We have curated this list of gorgeous designer shoes that made eyes pop during 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Are you currently in the process of completing your spring and summer shopping list? Here are some amazing shoes you would want  to get! Continue reading

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