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A Quick Look at Celebrity Family Vacations

Who doesn’t love vacations? Going on a vacation is certainly something families need to bring each member closer together. It’s also a great way to pull one’s stress out of work while also exploring new places. Well, just like ordinary people, celebrities go on family vacations too! We usually see celebrities go to many different countries alone with a crew or on a romantic vacation with their significant other. However, seeing celebrities going out with the entire family for a vacation is not as usual. Considering their busy schedules, it’s still amazing how they find time to plan a vacation – a fancy one for that matter! If ever you are curious on how celebrities and public figures spend their family vacations together, then keep on reading.

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20 Hottest Spring/Summer Shoes from the Runway 2017

Let your feet do the talking! Spring and summer are very fun seasons to experiment with vibrant colors. It’s no surprise that we are going to come across several looks, specifically shoes, which will have their colors pop out from the screen. As we take a peek on the best fashion ensembles that designers showcased during fashion week, the amount of attention the models’ footwear received is just as immense as their clothing! If you’re up for a whole new colorful shoe ride, this article is something you shouldn’t skip. We have curated this list of gorgeous designer shoes that made eyes pop during 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Are you currently in the process of completing your spring and summer shopping list? Here are some amazing shoes you would want  to get! Continue reading

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