Victoria Beckham 15 Best Looks Of 2016

We all know that Victoria Beckham was once a Spice girl. But over the years, she has evolved into a woman of beauty, elegance and success. She’s happily married to one of the hottest professional footballers in the world, David Beckham and blessed with three adorable children namely Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.2016 has been a great year for Posh and her fashion styles are worth the second stare. Let’s bring back some of the best looks of this Spice Girl who turned into fashion designer/ businesswoman.

Look #1


Source: Instyle

The ultimate #relationshipgoals. It seems that Victoria has really instilled her fashion sense to her husband. During one of their date nights, the couple donned a matching suit attire. Posh proved that she could also spice up a white tuxedo suit, just as Beck looked equally spruce with his gray suit and wool coat combination. If you’re wondering how this lovely individuals became one of Hollywood’s power couple, you should read how their love story started.

Look #2

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buzz Foto/REX/Shutterstock (5736774l) Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham out and about, New York, USA - 24 Jun 2016

Source: Marie Clare

Normally, Victoria would often choose her favorite dark hues as her everyday get-up. But lately, she has embraced the art of color combination with her black and yellow outfit.  The vibrant sleeveless coat idyllically complemented her dark inner attire. And she wouldn’t be Victoria without her ever reliable shades and not to mention, her elegant runway walk.

Look #3

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 10: Victoria Beckham is seen walking in Soho on February 10, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

It appears that Victoria has perfected her signature walk wherever she goes.  And all her outfits perfectly harmonize with the way she moves, like this patterned attire. She take a bold shift from her usual plain colors to a more eye-catching hues. Not only that, she took it to the next level by using same pattern for her whole look. And the result? Gorgeous as ever.

Look #4


Source: Pinterest

Another stunner on her classical dark fashion styles. Even with this monochrome shade, her eccentric black jumpsuit still turn heads because of its perfect accessories from head to toe. Victoria completed her look with her classical shades, mini shoulder bag and unique boots. Her footwear is really fascinating because of its distinct combination of leather sole and glass heel.

Look #5


Source: Pinterest

Even with her busy schedule as a business woman, fashion designer, model and singer, Victoria never fails to create a very captivating style on every occasion. Whether it be on the runway  or one of her family outings, she makes sure that she still looks good. Once in a while, she would try to wear a far different fashion like this day outfit with a mix of simple blouse and charming maxi skirt.

Look #6


Source: Youtube

Since we are used to her typical black outfits, it was quite a shock for her to effortlessly dazzle up this fresh outfit. Victoria chose a solid off-white top and paired it with a flower-patterned skirt. She literally injected a charming pink color into her look. And Victoria may have her hands full in all aspects— love, family, business and career, she always see to it that she makes a distinct fashion statement.

Look #7


Source: Pinterest

When she stepped out dressed in flower-designed outfit, it was truly a breath of fresh air. Most of Victoria’s fashions are neutral colors of elegant style and she donning something out of her box is certainly one for the books. This vivid color selection establishes the more feminine side of the our dear Posh. And since Posh herself is a fashion designer, here’s a  glimpse of her 2017 spring collection: The Exquisite Closet of Victoria Beckham Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear

Look #8


Source: Harper’s Bazaar

There are times when Victoria would choose a more laid-back style without compromising sophistication. The gray sweater and black flare outfit was a stunning portrayal of a comfy and chic style.

Look #9


Source: E!

White polo shirt plus black pants is Victoria’s good-to-go look. She may have sported the conventional black and white combination, but she still appears very elegant. The way she carries herself with this simple yet fascinating outfit proves her polished fashion sense. Truly, Posh is posh.

Look #10


Source: Harper’s Bazaar

If you think Victoria does not look good with stripes, you better think twice. This 2016, she completely bears out her doubters with this maxi dress in bands of color. She can ultimately alter a simple stripe outfit into a spectacular style with her modishness.

Look #11


Source: Celeb Mafia

Lately, Victoria has been mixing up her wardrobe by donning unique and colorful shades. She tried to pair a neon orange long sleeves with a decorative skirt and black boots. She’s never scared to try new styles and that’s what fashion is all about. You should always try to venture into something new and learn to forego of your usual styles once in a while.

Look #12


Source: Mirror

This vibrant all-yellow attire is one of Victoria Beckham’s once in a blue moon fashion statements. She’s well known for her array of sophisticated black outfits and sporting this unconventional look is something to look back. Her dazzling outfit is a vision of bright fashion sense, even in the streets.

Look #13

Victoria Beckham steps out in coordinated black-and-white outfit in NYC Pictured: Victoria Beckham Ref: SPL1137686 270915 Picture by: XactpiX/splash Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666

Source: Instyle

Recreate this chic office-look of Victoria. Start with a nice button down shirt and top it with black blouse. You can either choose a hug-curving jeans or flare pants. And to complete the working get-up, have a comfy yet stylish closed shoes for your footwear. Since Victoria loves minimal color combination, don’t be afraid to commit with only two color hues such as black and white.

Look #14


Source: Instyle

Heels are always part of Victoria’s fashion statement. But on one instance, she went out of her shell and tried to wear a comfy sandals. Her unexpected footwear selection earned her praises from different fashion enthusiasts and avid fans. With her daring move, she establishes another side of Victoria’s wide and distinct fashion.

Look #15


Source: Daily Mail

Victoria always chooses a very elegant outfit, paired with her loving heels. But this comfy attire was a literal twist of her posh style. She opted for a beige sweater, black pants and rubber shoes for her fashion essentials.

If you want more of Victoria’s striking fashion statements, check out her Top 10 Fashion Tips.

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