12 Funniest Types of Women You Can Find while Holiday Shopping

Why are women so much drawn to shopping? It’s a question that might never be answered. This craze of shopping has introduced an all new word shopaholic to English vocabulary. This addiction for shopping is a kind of disorder that can’t be treated. The only solution to it can me ‘more shopping’ (that’s what I believe). And when it comes to holiday shopping, the craziness of ladies touches the peak. Malls and grand sales seem to be overturned by numerous types of women. Checkout how funny they can be.

#1. Women Crazy about Grand Sales


Most of the women are more than happy to find a grand sale. You would never find them more excited. Forgetting what they need, who they are, who is accompanying them, their first reaction would be just like this.

#2. Women who Shop for Nothing!!!


Most of the women have their closets pouring out with the stuff they have been buying since ages. It even has some articles that have never been used. But still each time there is a grand sale in some nearby mall, you can find these ladies roaming around aimlessly.

#3. Dangerously Moody Women


Mood of a woman is the most unpredictable thing. And once it gets ruined, nothing can fix it except a chance to shop, even if you don’t need to buy anything. Such ladies when stressed, prefer to get out to some shopping area. It might just be a window shopping. But it really works to fix the mood and cure that self-imposed headache. (Looking for various types of bags for every woman? Read here).

#4. Ladies with Low-Budget


Some of our women are so obsessed with holiday shopping that even when the budget does not allow, they dare to shop. In fact, nothing in the world can stop them from getting to that grand sale. In some cases, they have to face funny situations, just like the one in the image below.

#5. Busy Moms!


The women who are stay-at-home moms hardly get time to go shopping. But when it comes to holiday shopping, they manage to be there, leaving everything behind. But such busy moms can’t enjoy shopping as they are always in haste. So, without relaxation, shopping has no fun element for them. All they do is to try to grab most of the items in lesser time. Just like this mom, who even forgot to remove those rollers from her head, for the love of shopping.

#6. Cat fighter Kind of Women


Normally, women are considered one of the most delicate creatures on earth. But this whole concept is wronged as these tender and weak ladies enter a shopping mall on black Friday. Nothing could be more disastrous and deadly than the interior of the mall on a black Friday. Here you’ll get to see the wrestlers hiding inside these delicate ladies.

#7. Fitness Freak Ladies


Health and fitness loving women love to shop. To them, nothing could be more beneficial and health promoting than going for a shopping. How??? Ladies have to walk swiftly, run like the wind to grab their favorite pieces before someone else gets them. Let’s see what this woman has to say about it.

#8. A Female Gang of Friends


A few shopaholic young females, when get together, can really be worth watching. This type of women just raid the grand sales looking for the items that they already have (lolzzz). They don’t have any specific thing on their minds but at the same time they want to buy everything. And most interestingly, you will always find them complaining about having no clothes and fashion accessories.

#9. Impatient Women Dying to Shop


Though every woman has an impatient nature but some are just too much. While roaming around for holiday shopping, many times we witness funny ladies with handbags on shoulder and both hands filled with shopping bags. Sometimes the ladies seem so trapped under the bag that they barely can walk. Such ladies come here with the desire to shop once and for all. You’ll surely enjoy their presence, if you yourself are not one of them. Are you???

#10. Overexcited Mature Women


Mature ladies are mature in their age only but their thoughts and passion especially for holiday shopping is just like the young ones. While holiday shopping, we notice mature women running, exploring and bargaining with equal zeal. Once they are back, they are quite confident and proud of their shopping experience. (Make your Christmas holiday special with creative Christmas decoration for your home here.)

#11. Open-handed Women


Too much extravagant and open handed women always shop more than they need. While they are shopping, they don’t have any idea how much they already have spent. It’s only after getting back to home when you check the bag or after checking the bank statement, that they realize how big amount they have lost. But there is nothing you can do about it.

#12. Typical Wives with No Sense of Time


This is something that every man has to go through. A typical house wife loses all the sense of place and time once she places her steps in some mega sale. Husbands all across the globe are really poor creatures. My sympathies are with them as with zero level of interest in shopping, all they do is to keep waiting…how long??? No idea!!!

That was all on a lighter note. But talking of a holiday season, whenever you find a grand sale, no woman can resist that. And you’ll find all types of women getting ready to shop. Even you would not be able to ignore the trendiest fashion clothing and fashion accessories on the flash sale on StyleWe. Yeah!!! We are offering 15% to 40% off on over 800 amazing styles. Here is a lot stored for you to get an ultimate chic look this holiday season. From tops, outer wear, knit wear to bags and other accessories, check out our ultimate collection.

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