Barcelona and Your Wardrobe Plan

What to do in Barcelona and Your Wardrobe Plan

Being the flourishing cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia, it’s no question why Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Barcelona boasts of its mixed attractions, ranging from impressive structures to natural creations. A visit to the place will surely be a love at first sight.

Don’t be afraid to wander in the streets of Barcelona and fall madly in love with its beauty. It’s definitely worth it. And to guide you in your Barcelona trip, here are some of the important tips for every person bitten by the travel bug. To verify if you’re an ultimate wanderer, name all these vacation spots.

Places to Explore

  •  La Sagrada Familia

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A breathtaking church in the land of Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia continues to amaze tourists with its massive measurement and exceptional design. The person behind this giant wonder is Antoni Gaudí and even his remains are buried in his last masterpiece. This significant structure has been under construction for more than a century and it’s expected to be completed on 2026. And because of its interesting history,  the site is visited by more than 3 million tourists every year. That’s quite a number!

  • Park Güell

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The vibrant façade of Park Güell makes it reasonable for the long queues every single day. Thus, it is really recommended  to book your ticket in advance to avoid the waiting game. But even the waiting game will be worth it because once you enter the premises of the park,  lush gardens and colorful architectural designs will greet you in the most vivid manner.

  • Gothic Quarter

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A nostalgic feeling of walking in the streets of the old city of Barcelona. It’s amazing how the Gothic Quarters have preserved history even up to the present time. Wander around the continuous maze of fascinating Gothic architecture, old-fashioned stores and yellow lights.  Walking in this quaint quarters is like walking through the history of Barcelona.

  • Casa Milà

Another catalog of art, Casa Milà or also known as ‘La Pedrera’, features the unique yet captivating style of Barcelona’s beloved architect, Antoni Gaudí. This modernist structure in the heart of Barcelona has a very eccentric frontage design, which makes it a literal head turner.

  • Casa Batlló
Source: Casa Batllo

Source: Casa Batllo

Antoni Gaudi is certainly the man who shaped the amazing aesthetic of Barcelona and  one of his renowned masterpieces is the Casa Batlló. If you fell in love with the oceanic exteriors, much more with the interiors. You will surely be at awe with the exceptional choices of vibrant colors, which completely set off the artistic shade of Gaudi.

  • Custo Barcelona Ready-to-Wear Collection

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For all fashion fanatics, you should not miss to watch the stylish creations of the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David. The fashion of Custo Barcelona  is a mix of vibrant colors, which is very bonded to the colorful city of Barcelona.

Check out Custo Barcelona’s Spring Summer 2017.

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Restaurants to Visit

  • La Bouqeria Markets

A very popular public market in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, La Bouqeria offers everything under the sun, from fresh fruits to sweet candies. The entire market is very pleasing to the eyes as vivid colors perfectly harmonize each other. Time has been so good with La Bouqeria and even with its old age, it has still been tagged as one of the most visited markets in the city.

  • ElcheRestaurant

With over 50 years of paella expertise, no wonder Elche Restaurant offers one of the tastiest paellas in Barcelona. The restaurant’s paella is not just a typical food served to its customers. It’s a labor of passion to serve the best paella in town. There are also notable restaurants for paella lovers like 7 Portes Restaurant, Can Solé Restaurant and La Barraca Restaurant.

  • Cerveseria Catalana

Feast on a platter of tapas! Cerveseria Catalana is often referred to as one of the renowned tapa restaurants in Barcelona. Well, it wouldn’t disappoint you, whether you head on to the place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A very important tip to those planning to relish the tasty tapas of Cerveseria Catalana: Make a reservation because long queues are a normal sight in this worthy restaurant.

  • Casa Lolea
Source: Detallerie

Source: Detallerie

These tasty drinks are served in several restaurants and bars in Barcelona and Casa Lolea is an ultimate hit for handcrafted varieties of sangrías. Don’t forget to take a sip of your sangria on a sunny day at Barcelona.

Places to Stay

  • Mandarin Oriental

Accommodation will never be a problem in Barcelona as there are several choices for different types of travelers. For tourists wanting a more luxurious stay, then Mandarin Oriental is the best choice. The hotel offers one of a kind stay, which features a relaxing spa, and rooftop pool. Each room is designed for a comfortable and posh living.

  • Ohla Barcelona
Source: Hotels

Source: Hotels

Ohla Barcelona is ideally situated in Via Laietana, Barcelona. This 5-star boutique hotel is a great choice for a luxury stay in the city. Amenities such as rooftop pool and wellness center will surely make you enjoy the aristocratic living even for a couple of days.

  • Hotel Arts Barcelona

The unique design of this hotel makes it a popular choice for tourists. Apart from that, the style of this luxury hotel portrays the colorful mix of culture, architecture and cuisine of Barcelona.

  • Sant Jordi Hostels

For travelers on a tight budget, don’t worry because there are also numerous selections for you. You can opt to stay at one of Barcelona’s top hostels,  Sant Jordi Hostels. With a reasonable rate per day, you can spend the night at this well-maintained and fully-equipped hostel.

  • Pars Teatre Hostel
Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Another top choice for an affordable accommodation in Barcelona is Albareda Youth Hostel. This hostel is very accessible to some tourist attractions like Barri Gòtic, Maremagnum,and Port Vell, making it an admired pick for tourists.

After a very colorful trip in Barcelona, head on to the fascinating magnificence of Florence. Don’t let your wandering feet rest!

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