10 Creative Christmas Decoration For Your Home 

After sporting some iconic Halloween costumes during the month of November, we are now looking forward to the most exciting and festive season of the year, Christmas. The holiday season is fast on its way to endow people with joy and satisfaction. People fill their homes with beaming lights and vibrant decorations to ultimately feel the Christmas season.

To make your Christmas more stimulating and cheerful, we’ve listed some creative ways in decorating your home. For sure, your family and visitors will truly feel the Christmas vibe within your home sweet home.

Creative Christmas Decoration #1 Hanging Glow Jars


Source: autumncozy.tumblr.com

Light up the Christmas season with these easy-to-make glow jars! There is something about glowing lights that makes the whole place more enchanting and dreamy. Try these hanging jars by making use of some old mason jars and lights bulbs. You can use different colors of lights to make it way attractive. These glow jars can dish up the interior and exterior design of your home.

Creative Christmas Decoration #2 On the wall Christmas Tree


Source:Apartment Therapy

Christmas trees are normally very costly, ranging from $40 to $200. But you actually don’t have to spend a couple of bucks for an expensive once-a-year decoration. There are ways to own one that could last even after the holiday season as a wall art. Presenting, the DIY Christmas Tree. All you need are wooden logs, bright lights and some fancy decors. Make sure to tie the sides properly, then hang it on your wall using a hook. Now, you have a unique Christmas tree without spending too much.

Creative Christmas Decoration#3 Creative Christmas Countdown


Source: notonthehighstreet.com

How many days ’til it is Christmas? Most kids anticipate the ultimate day where they can open their gifts after days or months of anxious waiting. Keep them attentive of the days by having Christmas countdown. Transform a plain chalkboard into creative countdown hanger. You can let your kids take charge in changing the dates daily. For sure, they will no longer annoy you with same question every day.

Creative Christmas Decoration#4 Snowman Wreath


Source: pinterest.com

Forego the conventional wreaths and venture into a more artistic style this year. Try the snowman wreath with just minimal materials to be used. Made of stuffed fabric and old clothing, decorate it with ornaments such as snowballs to make it look like a snowman. Then top it with your unused hat to complete his look.

And if you are worried that your snowman wreath has already pulled off his holiday season look, check out these Celebrity-Inspired Winter Outfits perfect for a fashionable Christmas season.

Creative Christmas Decoration #5 Holiday Dining Chairs


Source: Pinterest.com

Give your dull wooden chairs a makeover this holiday season. Aside from decorating your dining table with appealing tablecloth and sumptuous holiday feast, style the back of your dining chairs with Christmas slipcovers like that of Santa Claus, Snowman, Gingerbread man and Nutcracker. These personalized slipcovers do not cost that much and you can even make your own design by getting some DIY ideas.

Chairs could make magic in completing the holiday look of your home. So next time, don’t overlook your chairs and keep them boring during Christmas. Style it up in the most creative ways.

Creative Christmas Decoration #6 Sweet Treats Station


Source: Pinterest.com

Christmas season will not be complete with the sweet treats. Bring color and sweetness altogether by turning a small portion of your home into a sweet treats station. Fill the place with Christmas desserts like snowman cupcakes, gingerbread cookies and snowball truffles. This is not just a home design, but also a way to treat your sugar rush every Christmas.

To give you ideas what to put on your Sweet Treats Station, here are some Christmas dessert recipes: 40 Oh-So-Easy Desserts Every Christmas Party Needs

Creative Christmas Decoration #7 Christmas Aroma Candles


Source: Dailymotion

Decorating your home with candles is one of the most common ways to spice up the holiday season. But you can level up your home design by choosing scented candles that will keep the Christmas aroma within your home. Set these glowing and aromatic candles on your dining table for a more idealistic ambiance. Or you can put them in a place that needs lighting. These candles can serve as art and natural light at the same time.

There are a lot of scented candles sold in the market, but you can also make your own for a more personal touch. Here is a step-by-step guide in making candles: How to Make a Scented Candle in a Glass.

Creative Christmas Decoration #8 Mini Christmas Trees


Source: Photos | HGTV

Your favorite plants can be of style this Christmas. Decorate your petite plants with garlands and ornaments to transform them as mini Christmas trees. You can use these plants— Rosemary, Lemon Cypress, Jean’s Dilly Dwarf Spruce or Weeping Fig, as natural ways of designing your home. Aside from making use of your well-taken cared plants as holiday designs, you can also save money.

Creative Christmas Decoration #9 Personalized Stockings


Source: pinterest.com

Stockings are great home decorations, especially during Christmas. Instead of the dreary red and white motif, head on to something more unique like a touch of green, silver or gold. Make it much more creative by stitching your name on it.

Sometimes, kids get disappointed because either they get the wrong gift or their favorites are on the other stocking. The reason behind that is when mommy and daddy got confused. Yikes! But through putting your name on your stocking, you will never have the reason to put the goodies in the wrong place.

Creative Christmas Decoration #10 Christmas Cards Display


Source: Pinterest.com

You’ll never go wrong with the classic Christmas cards. Receiving personalized cards from your loved ones brings a more gratifying feeling. These are something that you can look back on time and can put a smile on your face. Don’t just let these special cards sit on your drawer all throughout the season.

Put your Christmas cards on display. Choose a blank wall and use these cards to accentuate the dull space. This home design will surely attract your visitors to read those letters on display. Share the happiness because after all, that’s what Christmas is all about.

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