10 Self Help Books for Women

When life gets tough, you need to be tougher. Whenever we deal with difficult situations, we tend to look for someone to help us go through the bad times. But did you know that sometimes the best person to help you is yourself. Reading is one of the healthy habits to have a good day because they are great de-stressors.

There are many inspirational books for women empowerment. Self help books are life-changing especially for women who are dealing with stress, anxiety, relationship woes and all about life. Check out these interesting self help books perfect for every woman in need of love and appreciation.

Self Help Book #1 The Road Less Traveled


A powerful psychological breakthrough portrayed in words. Written by an acknowledged psychiatrist, M. Scott Peck, this book is apparently one of the most inspirational books about self-understanding and self-love. Its captivating opening line, “Life is difficult’, embraces the readers in the most unconventional way. Life was never meant to be simple and the book points out that life’s problem could either be solved or ignored.

Self Help Book #2 Eat Pray Love


“I’m having a relationship with my pizza”.

A motivational memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert conquers the big screen because of its striking post-divorce life and love story. Eat Pray Love is a great representation of a person that has experienced the marriage bliss and misery. Instead of drowning in sadness, she chose to take it as a life challenge. She traveled all over the world and discovered the rainbow of life after a series of storms.

Here is a virtual glimpse of the best-selling book that is now a major motion picture: Eat Pray Love

Self Help Book #3 The Woman Code


Sometimes, it takes a woman to understand a woman. Women are intimidating and annoying at times, but they are also loving and patient persons. The Woman Code talks about a woman with a purpose, portrayed in different ways. It is all about understanding and controlling your life. The author gives us 20 significant keys to discover our lives because, “To be a woman is power in motion.”

Self Help Book #4 To Kill A Mockingbird


Even if you are 40 years old, you are never too young to read the classic book , To Kill a Mockingbird. Written by the renowned Harper Lee, the story revolves around Scout, a six-year-old girl who witnessed racial injustice and innocence destruction during the Great Depression. The underlying insight of the book is how people judge a person based on his gender or race. Sexism and racism have always been an alarming issue for ages and this book serves as a constant reminder of equality that should start within the basic unit of life — family.

Self Help Book #5 Grace for President


A book for you and your kids. With its animated book cover, it shows a much different aspect of a woman’s life. “Where are the girls?”, because most high positions in the office or even in the government, are dominated by men. It aims to help women achieve success by having the right mindset. And by instilling it to them, women can fulfill their goals as parents, managers, teachers, students, athletes and all they want to be in their life.

Just like some successful women advocates and entrepreneurs, Grace for President proves that leadership knows no gender and that you can lead for as long as you have the passion and courage to make things work.

Self Help Book #6 Carry on, Warrior


“When her pain is fresh and new, let her have it. Don’t try to take it away.”

Life is inevitable, as we experience happiness, frustration, sorrow and freedom along the road. Carry on, Warrior is a wakeup call to anyone who is feeling down and about to give up. It is a motivational book that offers a detailed guide of teaching self-appreciation and finding your true purpose in life. And lastly, it explains that you don’t need to struggle with life, but embrace it instead.

Self Help Book #7 He’s Just Not That Into You


There’s actually nothing wrong with hoping for someone to love you back, even if you know that it is impossible to happen. After all, love is definitely worth the wait. However, if you’ve crossed your line a thousand times and you’ve given all your love to someone who haven’t given a single effort to your one-sided love, then it is time to acknowledge that He’s Just Not That Into You. This book reminds all women that they deserve every inch of happiness .

Self Help Book #8 The Happiness Project


This is not just a book nor a blog, but an empowering movement for people finding genuine happiness. It will help you take control of your feelings, career, relationship, finances and your whole life. Based on the author’s personal life quests, the story is full of inspirational realizations that moved other people to share their personal ‘Happiness Project’.  “The days are long, but the years are short.”

Self Help Book #9 Women Who Run With the Wolves


Using myths, folk tales and fairy tales to portray the attributes of a true woman, Dr. Estés have touched millions of women to restore their passion, dignity, creativity and natural good instincts. It urges women to unlock the ancient and wild concept of being a female in the most inspirational way. Women are daring yet caring, sensible yet sensitive and naggy yet enduring.

Self Help Book #10 The 5 Love Languages


“The person who is “in-love” has the illusion that his beloved is perfect.”

It is generally factual that staying in love is way complicated than falling in love. The first stage of a relationship may be the most exciting part, when you tend to know the basic and outer personalities of the one you love. However, the toughest part is how to keep the love and commitment burning after several years of marriage. The 5 Love Languages guides couple in staying in love amidst the hardest stage of a relationship.

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