How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Long tresses and voluminous hair are what most people aspire to but very few really possess it. Some do have long flowing tresses that make them proud of their crowning glory, but not all are lucky as them and that is why people tend to try various things in the hope of healthy hair growth.

Tip 1 Make Scissors your friend


Source: DIY Health Remedy

It may seem weird, but it is true that if you trim your hair to snip splits, it will keep your tips healthy and help your hair grow faster. Get your hair trimmed after a few weeks, and you will notice the difference.

Tip 2 Do not use very hot water while washing your hair


Source: StyleCaster (Formerly Daily Makeover)

Very hot water can make your hair dry and fragile resulting in the loss of your beautiful hair. Heat styling can also damage to your hair and prevent it from growing.

Tip 3 Apply oil regularly


Source: LocoBeauty

It is good to apply oil to your hair at least once in a week. Have you ever enjoyed the scalp massage? Scalp massage kindles the flow of blood helping your hair a better ingestion of oxygen.

Tip 4 Avoid Chemical treatments

hair fall

Source: The Indian Express

If you are looking to have longer and stronger hair, it is better to avoid tints and bleaches, dyes, wave creators and strengtheners. These may weaken your tresses resulting in hair loss.

Tip 5 Use Egg, Avocado and Mayo



Wash your hair with egg, avocado and mayo. These protein-rich foods will stimulate your hair growth and leave them soft and beautiful.

Tip 6 Live a stress-free life

When you are stressed, it does not only show on your face, but it also affects on your hair. Even if you are taking special care of your hair, high stress levels can waste all your hard work making your hair dull and emaciated.

Tip 7 Change your eating Habits


Source: Vita Physical Therapy & Fitness

The secret to maintaining good looking hair lies in your eating habit. Well, balanced meals will accord you a good environment for growing healthy, versatile and lustrous hair. According to experts; however, this is not a matter of quick fix but rather is a product of a complete overhaul of eating habits.

Tip 8 Consume Vitamins


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Vitamins are the core creators of red blood cells which are a crucial component in the transportation of oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. This often results to healthy body organs and quick regeneration of any affected and dying cells. Without adequate vitamins hence, you will have cases of weak hair, stunted hair growth and baldness.

Seeking professional help from the hair salon is another option to understand the root problems of your hair condition, there are some kits available online that provide help by analyzing the problems with the hair. Understanding the root problems can get the hair to look healthy and voluminous.

Reference: Marie Claire & Wikihow

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