What to Wear on a First Date

Hello everyone! Long time no see! We are back again with a new article. Today we will be talking about the tips for the first date and especially about what to wear on a first date. You surely know that the first date is always something nice, some kind of a new adventure that brings a little excitement with itself. It does not matter how many times you have already gone to the first date. Every single one is different and somehow special. It is a very unique opportunity for both – you and your partner as well.

Both of you want to look at your best and want to impress each other. Many women do not know how to prepare and what to wear during this day. But do not worry! With our guide what to wear on the first date, you will be prepared! If you are interested in what to wear, continue reading the article. Also, do not forget to let us know in the comments which are your the most favourite picks or what do you usually like to wear on the first date. Well, shall we start already? 🙂

First of all, do not be anything else, just be yourself! This is the best way how to impress somebody. Also, we do think that before the first date, you had been in touch for some time, so the other side surely knows what kind of person you are. With acting and being the way you are, you can´t do anything wrong. The other side wants to meet the REAL you, not something fake, keep that in mind.

The Pink Crew Neck Pleated A-Line Date Casual Solid Midi Dress is just perfect for the soft, innocent, yet very feminine look. Combined with silver or pink jewellery. We really do like the chiffon frill details and the floral lace details on the upper part.

Source: StyleWe

The Shirt Collar Apricot A-Line Pleated Floral-Print Midi Dress is a wonderful combination of the lovely and romantic floral pattern together with the vivid dark green and bright red accents. In this dress, you will surely catch the attention of the others. To this kind of dress, it is just perfect to match up with the plain shiny beige heels and with the simple shiny beige bag.

Source: StyleWe

Our second tip is to wear something you will feel comfortable in. Even if the set date is about to be short, you never know what you should expect! Maybe you will be having such a great time you do not want to separate that soon from each other. High heels are surely nice to wear, but c´ mon .. Do you really think they are suitable for the first date? Also, consider the length of the dress too. Very short ones may look very provocative and you do not have to feel very comfortable in them as well.

The White Short Sleeve Daytime Printed Checkered/plaid Midi Dress is seriously a pure summer-like perfection! Colourful and happy-looking! In this dress, you will surely feel just awesome during the whole date! The colourful accessories are needed as well! Just look at those bright green earrings and mustard yellow square bag. It really does match together very well. Do not be afraid of the colours at all!

Source: StyleWe

Another tip is the Ruffled White Date Floral Midi Dress with lovely and romantic flowers all over the dress together with the frilled collar and the ends of the sleeves. It is a midi length dress so you do not have to be afraid of showing off too much skin. Mustard yellow bag or the heels are definitely the best way to go with!

Source: StyleWe

The third tip is somehow connected to the second one. For the first date, keep in mind where are you actually going. Is it dinner, is it the trip to the ZOO, is it a date in a lovely café or is it something you will have to walk a lot during? Of course, you should consider everything if you want to dress properly for an occasion. Wear shoes you will not have any problems to walk in even for a few hours.

For this purpose, we chose the A-Line Printed Pleated Daily Floral Midi Dress which is available in four different colours – black, blue, light blue and violet. As you may see, it does have the cute tiny flowers on it what makes this dress look very adorable. Especially the violet shade looks very romantic.

Source: StyleWe

The trench-coat-looking dresses like the Lapel Short Sleeve A-Line Date Elegant Buttoned Midi Dress have become very stylish and popular recently. It is very neutral to match with everything in both colours – khaki and navy blue. And it looks a bit sexy as well. We do recommend to match it together with the small heals or with the Roman-like sandals (gladiators).

Source: StyleWe

Next tip is connected to colours! What are the colours you look good in? What are the ones you just love and could wear for the rest of your life? To be fashionable and stylish is one thing, but if you do not feel good in them and they do not really flatter you, then you should give up on them and rather bet on something you are for 100% sure about. Summer Shirt Collar Belts Work Sweet Midi Big Hem Dress is just perfect for those who like a very soft dusty pink colour.

Source: StyleWe

Also, keep in mind, that almost always less is more! And it can be applied to any life occasion, not only to fashion. Do not wear many accessories and jewellery at ones because it can be too much and look even cheap! And you surely do not want that to be the turn down on your first date, right?

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