A Stylist’s Guide to 8 Necklaces Perfect for V-Neck Dresses

A neckline can speak for itself. The neckline of a V-neck dress is often the main attraction. Celebrities and fashion enthusiasts tend to leave their decolletage and throats unadorned. But that doesn’t mean that jewelry isn’t appropriate when wearing a dress with a V neck. There are many styles of necklaces to choose from that go well with V neck dresses. You just need to know where to look.

Yasi Gulani, a celebrity stylist, has two different ways to style necklaces with V neck dresses. She tells InStyle that if you want a more edgy style, she stacks a few different necklaces to create a seamless look. Guilani suggests wearing a statement choker for a clean, classic look.

Layered Necklaces with Contrasting Colors

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Guilani suggests combining three different-looking necklaces to achieve a seamless look. Mixing metals and experimenting with different chains styles like Cuban, twist or bead chains can help to create a visual contrast.

Choker Length Pearls

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Stick to choker length necklaces if you want to keep it short and sweet when it comes to neckwear for V-neck dresses. The shorter the necklace, the more space you have between your dress’ neckline and the accessory. This gives the appearance of a longer, slimmer look. If you are tired of chains and gemstones, we suggest a single pearl strand at a length that is similar to a choker. This is a timeless and chic piece that’s always in style.

Graduated Necklace

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A graduated necklace has a beautiful balance because the increased volume in the middle creates a visual symmetry between the deepest part of the V-neck and the necklace. The center of a graduated neck can be made up of semi-precious gemstones, beads or precious metal spokes.

Statement Chest

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If you want to wear a necklace with a higher V-neck, but show less skin, don’t scale it down. If you have a V-neck dress with a higher neckline, a statement necklace of a choker length is ideal. Think nameplates, twisted chains, or beaded chokers.

Layered necklaces

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You don’t have to stick to chains if you want to layer necklaces for a great look. A layer with a pendant necklace adds a lovely contrast, and allows you to showcase a meaningful or important piece of jewelry.

Chunky Chain

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A thick chain choker is a great way to add a touch of class and edginess to a V neck dress. It’s not too heavy, but still makes a statement. This style of choker necklace is perfect for a more classic outfit. A thick chain may feel bold but if it’s kept short, it adds sophistication.

Glam Statement Piece

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You deserve a necklace that is a little extra if you enjoy being extra. When you wear a V neck dress, your neck and d├ęcolletage can be transformed into a canvas for a glam statement necklace. When it comes to glamorous pieces, more is always better.

You will only dull down the shine of a statement necklace by pairing it with a V-neck dress that is equally eye-catching. When wearing a statement neck with a V -neck dress, the rule is to wear more jewelry than the dress.

Silk Scarf

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Listen to us. This isn’t technically a necklace. A scarf tied around the neck is a clever way to add accessories to a V-neck ensemble. Imagine “The Girl With the Green Ribbon” from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but with fashion. You can also use the scarf as a shawl if it becomes chilly.

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