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9 Festival-Worthy Outfits & Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe

Every year, we are in full festival mode. Coachella is not the only music festival that counts towards a festival season. We’ve compiled a list of the best festival looks for spring and summer.

To curate this list, we consulted fashion experts Erikka Wang and Robin Chretien. We also found out what festivalgoers were looking for to pinpoint the top trends. You’ll find some festival favorites, such as western wear, tiny skirt sets and rhinestones, as well as spring classics reimagined, including retro glam and crochet.


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America has returned to its roots in country music. Cowboy hats and Western embellishments are in, as well as flashy boots that let you run and dance between stages. If you were to create your own cowgirl festival look, make sure to include at least one statement item.

Crochet Sets

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You can never go wrong when it comes to matching crochet sets for festival season. Crochet is trendy, breathable and keeps you cool even in the desert heat. Plus, crochet is so versatile. You can choose to go for a sultry look with a midi-set in a wide, loose knit or a sportier one with shorts and a crop top in a tighter knit.

Mesh Dresses

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The mesh dress is another festival-worthy look. Choose a beachy, open-knit or something more sparkly like a micro-mail with rhinestones.

70s Glam

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Fashion from the 1970s and Y2K returned in a big way. This trendy festival outfit is made up of flower child wide-leg trousers, embellished waist belts and crochet cutout tops. Choose one style or embrace three or more at once. You could even wear a Cher-like scarf as if you were living in the ’70s.

Cowboy Boots

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Wang says that “Cowboy Boots and Coachella are like PB&J.” The latest version of the Western boot harkens to the continued popularity of Y2K trends. This wardrobe staple is a favorite of the brightest stars from the era. It can be dressed casually cool or in the extravagance of festival fashion. This is not countrycore, as you don’t wear country clothes with country boots.

Ultra Distressed Shorts

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Festival season is always a big hit with denim and crystals. Chretien says that the more distressed the garment, “the better”. Chretien suggests that when shopping for shorts, look for those that have “embellishments or rips which give an authentic vintage feeling.”

Barely There Pastels

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Katie Jones/WWD/Getty Images

Festival season is an opportunity for many to show off their skin. Shades of bubblegum and periwinkle soften the barely-there maxi dress from above. Match the bra, bodysuit, or shorts worn beneath your top layer for a leveled-up appearance.

Corset Tops

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Festival season is not the time to wear your typical Victorian corsets. Festival season is about club kid buckle-and strap corset tops, not romantic satin or velvet.

Ultra-Low-Rise Jeans

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Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

The super-low-rise festival jeans have a few styling graces that will save you from sweating in your low-rise nightmares. The jeans are baggier and more comfortable than the low-rises of old. (We were also shocked). The distressed and embroidered detailing is more in line with Y2K style than the ’90s.

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