Iconic Makeup Styles Perfect for Coachella and Other Festivals

Are you excited about festival season? It’s natural to plan your look for upcoming festivals and concerts, such as Coachella or Stagecoach. A once-in-a lifetime experience is worth a unique hairstyle and manicure. We’re going to focus on the latter today.

Donni Davy, head makeup artist at Euphoria, says that this year people are returning to maximalism and expressing themselves more through makeup, rather than following minimalistic fashion trends.

Disco Glitter Lids

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@halfmagicbeauty/ Instagram

Davy says that sparkles are a must for any concert makeup look. She says that you must wear gems, sparkles, and shimmers at concerts because they reflect light and shadow. You can choose from sparkly lip gloss, eyeshadow and highlighter. Another (very popular option) is to wear gemstones.

Davy says that Half Magic’s Face Gems (12) are a low-maintenance, yet effective way to create a look. We are seeing them more on the red carpet and runways.

Gemstone Cut Crease

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Davy says that rhinestones are also used to create corners, angles and tapered moments with more definition and delicacy. Here, they are used to emphasize the crease.

Purple Haze Lids

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@matwulff / Instagram

Color is a great way to add some variety to your makeup. Opt for a color you would not normally choose, like royal purple. Use a soft pointed eyeshadow brush like the Morphe V204 ($10) and bright purple pigment like Ecowas, from the Juvia’s Place Culture 2 Eyeshadow Palette (38).

Diamond Visage

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Want to go all out with your look? Forget about eye gems–cover your entire face. Remember that rhinestones must be glued to the face. If you have sensitive or dry skin, you may want to avoid this.

Glitter Lips

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Instagram @halfmagicbeauty

You don’t just have to use shimmer on your eyes. It can also be used on the lips. A high-shimmer lip gloss paired with a neutral foundation and brown eyeliner is a fun twist on the classic ’90s look.

Glossy Aura Lids

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@matwulff / Instagram

Choose all colors and finishes for a concert makeup look that is out of this world. Mat Wulff is a celebrity makeup artist on the Ulta Beauty Pro Team. This look features gloss lids, frosted lip, bold eyeliner and a picture-perfect blush.

Sage Lids

image 14 127

@matwulff / Instagram

You don’t like shimmer? Instead, make your concert makeup pop by using an eyeshadow that isn’t what you expected. This sage color? We’re swooning.

Sunset Eyes

image 14 128

@matwulff / Instagram

Nature is a great inspiration for a more bold concert makeup look. Wulff created the sunset/sunrise lid with the Juvia’s Place Culture Eyeshadow Palette (38 dollars).

Aquamarine inner eyes

image 14 129

@matwulff / Instagram

This aquamarine inner eye makeup is ethereal. Wulff says, “I love the icy eye makeup look at concerts. It’s a throwback to early 2000s.” To achieve this look, you can use eyeshadows in icy colors like white, light blue, or silver.

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