7 On-Trend Spring Hair Colors to Embrace

For your hair, spring is all about new beginnings. The vibrant and fresh colors of springtime hair reflect the vibrancy of the season, while also providing a seamless transition from winter into summer. This year’s popular shades emphasize playfulness, lightness and the idea that less is more. Hairstylist Illeisha Lussiano of Soho’s The Way says, “The vibe is enhanced through subtle and bold changes.” The quieter colors are tawny and cookie brondes. Pale gingers and pale sands also make an appearance. Spring’s bolder colors include soft, near-blacks and a scattering of “fantasy” colors that look like fruits and flowers.

Emaly Baum, celebrity colorist at New York’s Beauty Supply, says, “People are opting for a more subtle approach to spring. They want their summer looks to be easy and mild.” There’s no better time to give yourself a complete makeover than now. Lussiano says, “If you have been considering a change in your hairstyle, do it!”

Seven hair color trends to inspire your springtime revival.

Buttery Blonde

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Matt Rez, a celebrity colorist and expert in the field of hair coloring, says golden butter blonde is the colour for the season. He says that this color is multi-colored and has tonal dimensions. Phoebe Nathan, a colorist at Phoebe Nathan Salons, agrees. “A neutral base is maintained through the lengths in order to pop the buttery highlight colors. The connecting midlight is golden so that the overall look has warmth and movement without overpowering any of the lighter bits.” She says that the most common style she sees among her blonde clients is to maintain depth and variation in their hair. Keeping a significant amount of natural colour allows the brighter, more vibrant ribbons of blondes to stand out, while still remaining low-maintenance.

Airy Ginger

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Copper shades are still popular, but the spring favorite is a bit more subdued. Nathan says that auburns and cowboys coppers are being opted for lighter shades as the seasons warm up. She says that by adding a slight lift, copper-colored hues can be transformed from deep reds to gingery shades. “It’s a lighter, more playful version of many of the colors that we saw at the start of the year.”

Charcoal Brunette

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The darkest brunette of 2024 is so far soft and almost black. This shade is a result of a combination of pop culture, including Priscilla and Poor Things. It has neutral undertones with a matte finish. Think of the feel of a swipe on charcoal paper, kohl on lids or a freshly brewed espresso. They are all dark, rich and luxurious.

Popsicle Blonde

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Iced strawberries and peaches turn a blonde into something more ethereal. Nathan predicts that peach-washed blond will be popular this spring. For blondes who want to experiment with “fantasy colours,” it can be used as a quick rinse to give their hair an ethereal and temporary shade, instead of having to commit themselves to a more bold shade. Baum describes iced strawberries as being light, airy, and pinkish. She agrees that it’s a fun color for blondes looking to experiment with something new, but don’t want to commit to a full-on shade of red.

Spiced Cacao

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The deep brunette of spring is more cocoa than cacao. While still rich and luxurious, a little spice adds a touch of brightness to the shade, just in time for warmer days. Nathan says that coppery browns are extremely versatile and flattering for brunettes because they already have warm hair. Ask your colorist to add a copper gloss to your brown hair to bring out these warm tones.

Cookie Butter Bronde

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It’s the cookie butter look. Taupey, tawny shades continue to infuse hair colors with a softness. Nathan describes tawny shades as a bronze between brunette and blonde, or a copper that is almost peachy. This is a great option for clients transitioning slowly from a dark color to blond hair. Warmer pigments are usually left in the hair after bleaching.

Rebel Roots

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From winter to summer, the path is marked by a laissez-faire look with visible roots. Baum says that roots make the grow-out look more intentional, and offer a more lived-in, less polished aesthetic. Are you overwhelmed by the idea of a spring revamp? You can still stay on track by letting your current shade creep out a little while you think about your next step.

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