Flutter into Spring with These 21 Playful Butterfly Nail Ideas

Butterfly manis are immediately thought of when we think about Y2K nail styles. Like many early-aughts beauty trends, this insect-inspired look is back in the spotlight. Butterfly manicures have never been more creative. There are simple versions that use just one butterfly as an accent nail and others that go for a maximalist approach.

Need some inspiration? Here are 21 great butterfly manicures that will make you fly. Below are all the nail designs.

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Rainbow Butterfly Nails

image 2207

@nuka.nails / Instagram

More color is better. Choose a rainbow of polishes to add vibrancy to your butterfly mani. This look includes 10 different shades, from yellow to hot pink.

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Blue Butterfly Nails

image 2194

@thehangedit/ Instagram

Zoom in to see the intricate details of these beautiful butterflies. It’s best to leave the rest of your nail bare when the art is so intricate. This will allow the art to shine. The different angles that the insect nail art takes add to its appeal.

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Baby Pink Butterfly Nails

image 2191

@chaunlegend / Instagram

Are you looking for a nail design that has a bit more glitz? This is the perfect mani. The baby pink polish with rhinestones is a great way to up the ante.

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Butterfly French Nails

image 2200

@nailedbykatie_ / Instagram

This nail art is a masterpiece. It’s not just the butterfly wings that are stunning, but also the abstract French tips with silver beads. This manicure will surely get you a lot of compliments.

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Blue Butterfly Nails

image 2204

@nuka.nails / Instagram

This manicure combines the two most popular nail trends: French tips and butterflies. The periwinkle color is a great backdrop for the purple butterflies. This look is for those who don’t mind playing with colors.

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Pixie Dust Butterfly Nails

image 2199

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Butterfly manis do not always need to be literal. This abstract version is stunning. The shimmery topcoat creates a fairycore, ethereal feel.

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Peach Butterfly Nails

image 2198

@glosshouse/ Instagram

The Pantone color for the year is “Peach Fuzz”, and it’s a perfect base to create these delicate butterfly designs. Chrome tips and cuticle lines add a touch of luxury to this peach nail design.

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Pink Butterfly Nails

image 2205

@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram

This Barbiecore Butterfly manicure is both playful and beautiful. Each long stiletto nails features a subtle, ombre effect with large pink butterflies.

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White Butterfly Nails

image 2203

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Use a white base to make the butterfly design really pop (Static Nails’ Elixir Liquid Glass Lacquer, $16). The abstract manicure is achieved by painting only half of a butterfly onto each nail.

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Green And Blue Butterfly Nails

image 2196

@pop_polished/ Instagram

You won’t want to look away from your nails if you recreate this manicure. The shimmery two-tone French tips look stunning, and the butterfly accents give the design a new twist.

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Purple and blue butterfly nails

image 2193

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

Bring spring beauty to your fingertips. The middle and pointer fingers are adorned with glittering butterfly designs that balance out the sparkling set.

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Gradient Butterfly Nails

image 2206

@bahnannanails/ Instagram

You can’t decide on one color? Choose five. This manicure has ornate butterflies wings in different shades (from yellow to purple) on every nail.

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Black Butterfly Nails

image 2195

@celeste_m_beauty/ Instagram

This black-only manicure gives butterfly nails an edgy makeover. Rhinestones, silver streaks, and a slick design add some levity. This is a unique take on the butterfly nail design, and we love it.

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Sheer Butterfly Nails

image 2201

@chaunlegend / Instagram

The latest trend is sheer, jelly nails. You’ll look on trend if you add butterflies. This already playful mani gets a whimsical twist by using contrasting colors on both hands. In this case, baby blue and hot pink.

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Fairytale Chrome Butterfly Nails

image 2190

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

This manicure is a work of magic. Each nail is designed to resemble a close-up of a butterfly’s wing. This looks even more interesting with the chrome finish and black details.

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Silver Velvet Butterfly Nails

image 2192

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

This velvet chrome manicure shines brilliantly. This manicure pairs solid velvet periwinkle nail polish with butterfly wings on both the ring and middle fingers.

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Velvet Butterfly Nails

image 2189

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

This velvet manicure is absolutely ethereal. The base of velvet berries is beautiful on its own but the addition of white butterflies and gemstones makes it even more enchanting.

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Stained Glass Butterfly Nails

image 2205

@bahnannanails/ Instagram

The butterfly manicure is reminiscent of stained-glass windows. Each nail is unique, which makes this look so beautiful. The thumb is painted a solid shade of purple and the rest are decorated with intricate wing details.

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Marble Butterfly Nails

image 2202

@bahnannanails/ Instagram

The marble manis look amazing in pastel colors. Add vibrant nail stickers with gold decals and butterfly nail stickers to the nails.

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Silver Chrome Butterfly Nails

image 2197

@pop_polished/ Instagram

Chrome butterflies can be used to enhance your blush aura nails. The butterfly nail art design is divided between the thumbs to create a striking, artistic design.

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