Embrace Simplicity and Chic with These 22 Short White Nail Designs

White is, by definition, the absence of color. The milky color is still impressive despite being subtle. White nails are so chic and classic. There are also endless ways to customize this manicure. You can go for a classic white French design, or combine your snowy polishes with vibrant nail art. You can also play around with the length. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful short white nails on our feed in recent months.

We’ve put together 22 white short manicures that you should definitely try.

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Matte White Abstract Nails

image 2173

@imarninails/ Instagram

Use a fine-lining brush to create abstract shapes for a short, white abstract look. Top off your designs with a matte finish, such as the Olive & June Matte Top Coat $9. This minimalist manicure is chic and stylish.

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Sheer White Constellation Nails

image 2177

@imarninails/ Instagram

This white short mani caught out attention for many reasons. To create a similar constellation-inspired look at home, use your favorite milky white jelly polish and an opaque white polish for the nail art. Use the Lights Lacquer Dotting Kit ($13) to create constellations.

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Crisp Nails

image 2182

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Betina goldstein, a celebrity nail artist is known for her minimal nail designs. This cream-colored look is no exception. This look is characterized by a cream base with a thin white stripe along the tip.

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Tuxedo Nails

image 2186


The classic black and white color combination makes for a manicure that is ultra-cool. Half-and-half designs provide an interesting contrast. This is a very easy DIY project.

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Cutie Conch Nails

image 2171

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

This is another Goldstein design that is both chic and creative. This summery beachy manicure will be perfect. Who knows where she found this tiny conch shell?

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White Dot Nails

image 2188

@aliciatnails / Instagram

This dotted manicure will give you a white manicure that is super minimal. Pick your favorite white nail polish and use the dotting tool to make circles precisely above your cuticle.

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Watercolor Rainbow Nails

image 2184

@brownluxenails / instagram

Add some rainbow accents to your white manicure. This square, short manicure has a multi-color art style on two fingers. It adds a bold touch.

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Black & White Cutout Nails

image 2175

@nailsbycanishiea/ Instagram

Negative space accents are very popular with cutout nails. This trend is especially striking when painted black and white. You can freehand the designs, or you can use an acetone-soaked lining brush to cut them out.

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Blue & White Splotchy Nails

image 2172

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

We love this splotchy, blue and white nail design. If you look closely, you will see gold French tips. Metallic tips give this manicure a luxurious touch.

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Cow print Nails

image 2187

@aliciatnails / Instagram

Cow print nails are fun to do, whether you want them all over your nail or just on one side. You can use tape to block one side of the nail if you are having trouble painting in the lines. Peel it off after your design is dry for a neat border.

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Arched French Manicure

image 2179

@aliciatnails / Instagram

Add some nail art to your French manicure. Start with a sheer, nude base and then use Orly Half Moon Guides to create the desired look.

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Short White Floral Nails

image 2178

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

This white floral nail looks gives off a grand millennial vibe. It’s a bit of a millennial look with the chrome accents. It has a vintage feel to it with the pressed flowers.

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Short Checker Nails

image 2175

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

You can easily create checkerboard nails. Use a chrome base and a lining tool to divide your nails into four quadrants. To create the checkered pattern, fill in two sections of your nails with white polish.

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Matte Squiggle Nails

image 2178

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Choose a multicolor squiggles on a cream-colored base for an artsy look. Finish the look off with a matte finish.

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Line Cutout Nails

image 2176

@imarninails/ Instagram

This cutout white short mani comes together in a flash. Then, paint the polish you want over it. After the polish has dried, remove the striping tape gently and apply a topcoat.

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French Nails with Bedazzled French Nails

image 2180


If you haven’t already noticed, there are many ways to reinvent the French manicure. Add rainbow colored gems to your cuticles and white tips.

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White Line Nails

image 2174


It’s easy to create this mani. As a base, apply clear nail polish. Use a thick brush to create chunky lines. To create the most interesting look, shape each squiggly curved line differently.

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Gorgeous Glitter Nails

image 2181

@brownluxenails / instagram

This manicure is gorgeous and glittery. Use a mixture of purple and silver metal polishes to create the shimmery accents.

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Red Floral Nails

image 2186


There are so many different ways to interpret floral nail art. The bright red leaves in this design are the stars. This nail design is incredibly striking because of the detailed red leaves on each nail.

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Grid Nails

image 2185


This manicure is all about precise lines. This white grid design makes for an incredibly cool piece of nail art.

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Black Squiggly Nails

image 2183


Another way to experiment with black and white nail varnish. Use your favorite black nail varnish to create abstract, squiggly, lines.

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