Embrace the Color-Blocking Craze with Half-sies Manis: A Chic and Trendy Nail Design

Half-sies nail designs are great for adding a stylish touch to any outfit, whether you like bright, bold colors or neutral, natural looks. Half-sies nails are currently trending on social networks. They feature a symmetrical mix-up of colors (or lack thereof). Some nail designs incorporate as many colors as possible. Others use natural nails as the second half of the design.

One thing is for sure: your nails will make a statement. Continue reading to see over a dozen halvesies manis we couldn’t help but notice.

Black & White Half-Sies Nails

image 2170

@iramshelton / Instagram

Start with a simple white French manicure. After your nails have dried, cut them in half using nail striping tape. Paint one side of every nail black. Voila! The half-sie look can be created in less than 20 minutes.

Half-sies Heart Nails

image 2166

@disseynails/ Instagram

This is a more complicated half-sies manicure. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens is a master at using fine-lining nail arts brushes. You might want to make an appointment for a nail technician to create this half-sies color-block mani.

Black half-sies with a Dual-Finish Nail

image 2167

@imarninails/ Instagram

You can create a half-sies manicure with just one color of polish. Just switch the finish for each side to get the effect. You can create a half-sies look by using a black matte and glossy polish with red hearts.

Graphic Jelly Nails

image 2163

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

The Apres Gel X Nail Extension Kit (117) can be used to recreate this half-sies graphic jelly manicure. Use your tips and then a sheer grey polish on one side and a black glossy polish on the other.

Neutral Gradient Half-sie Nails

image 2164

@pop_polished/ Instagram

Gradients and neutrals are the perfect way to create a simple, yet chic, half-sies manicure. This manicure can be DIYed with the Lights Lacquer Bundle YNBB 2, which costs $60, and nail striping tape.

Abstract Matte Half-sies Nails

image 2162

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

To achieve a half-sies look with more abstract nail art, place the majority of your nail artwork on one side of every nail. You’ll need to use a fine-lining brush for nail art in order to create these shapes and swirls. A matte finish will give you a more artistic look.

Rainbow Ombre Half-sies Nails

image 2165

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

This half-sie nail design is a must for color enthusiasts. It perfectly combines every shade of the Rainbow with a neutral background. Brittney Ellen used Lights Lacquer Nail Polishes in Cherry Jelly and Who Loves Orange Soda ($11 each), but any rainbow nail polish set would do.

Squiggle half-sies Nails

image 2168

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

If you want a more flexible half-sies look, try an outlined squiggle. If you don’t have a steady grip, this image might be a good source of inspiration for your next appointment. Most nail artists find it easy to replicate.

Half-Sises Nails with Toasted Marshmallow

image 2169

@glammertized/ Instagram

Are we the only ones who think that these nails in brown, black, and white perfectly capture the appeal of a s’more? Warm, toasty, and slightly charred. Start by creating a base of crisp white and brown half-sies. Use black nail polish and a brush to create negative space French tips.

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