Wispy Brows? Ombré Eyebrows May Be the Perfect Solution

No magic wand can transform wispy brows into statement-makers with subtle shading. But there is a solution. Ombre eyebrows (also known as ombre-powder brows) add depth and dimension to archways that would otherwise look thin or patchy. This semi-permanent treatment differs from the popular microblogging service in that it is not permanent. It is also essentially lowlighted on your face. Want to learn more? Celebrity eyebrow experts reveal everything you need about the ombre trend.

What are Ombre Brows?

The ombre eyebrows are a result of ombre shading. This is a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique. This treatment involves placing very thin dots of pigment in the skin using a small machine.

Continue reading to find out more about this treatment. You’ll also learn how much it will cost and what skin types are best for it.

Benefits Of Ombre Brows

  • Microblading is not suitable for sensitive or oily skin.
  • Require fewer touch-up appointments
  • The brows appear fuller and more defined.

The ombre brows can be used on all skin types, unlike microblading which is not suitable for sensitive skin. Can we hear a hallelujah for those of us with acne? Allie Yamaguchi, celebrity eyebrow specialist, says: “I see a lot of women who are having a hard time filling their brows in or clients with very little to no hair on the brows. This service is convenient for the morning and saves money on other services. It also provides a guide to filling in brows. You can also customize the density. This means that you decide how dark or light you want your brows to be.

Ombre Eyebrows vs. Microblading

The way the pigment is applied to the skin is the most important difference between microblading, and ombre shading. Joey Healy, celebrity eyebrow specialist, says that both services are semi-permanent, but microblading uses short strokes to mimic hair. Ombre eyebrows are made up of many small dots, which vary in intensity. They give the appearance of powdered eyebrows.

Microblading does not work for all skin types. Microblading can look blurry on oily skin.

Combining Ombre Eyebrows & Microblading

You can combine the two techniques if your skin type is suitable for both. Healy says: “For the short vertical lines, microblading would look great on the front while ombre on the back. The goal is for the hair to be a tiny flick at the start. We don’t want to see the brows starting in a mass.

Preparation for Ombre Shading

The client should arrive at their appointment well-rested and barefaced. Yamaguchi recommends avoiding anything that could thin the blood at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. The number one thing for me is to stop taking blood thinners. It means no alcohol, pain relief, Botox, or other medications until the service is completed. She continues: “Blood thinners do just that, they thin your blood, and make you bleed more than usual during the procedure, which results in poor pigmentation retention.”

What to expect from a treatment

A ombre brow appointment usually takes between two and three hours. “Typically, your professional will apply a topical numbing agent that is left on for 20-40 mins before shading. Healy warns that while it may numb you, the process can be uncomfortable as you are abrading your skin.

The artist will create a frame to indicate where the pigment should be added. Before the pigment is applied to your skin, you can see the color and shape. After you have confirmed the desired look for your custom brows, shading can start. Your eyebrows may look darker and feel tender after the procedure.

The cost of treatment can vary but is usually between $500 and $1,000.

Byrdie Tip

A topical numbing cream can be used to enhance the comfort of an ombre eyebrow treatment. Although the agent may be uncomfortable, it’s worth it to have beautiful eyebrows.

Side effects

Machine eyebrow shading has no known side effects. The process is similar to getting a tattoo but the needle doesn’t penetrate as deeply. It will fade as a semi-permanent treatment. Yamaguchi says that he has seen color changes under the skin due to sun exposure and bad pigment selection by the technician. It’s important to research the artist and establishment you are going to see before getting serviced.


Consider this a mini vacation from the gym. “Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for at least 10 days. You should also keep your face dry when you shower. “You should also avoid excessive sweating or makeup for one week,” Healy says.

“The brows may scab and it will be difficult to remove. Professionals will tell you to apply an antibacterial cream for the first 24 hours. Use a popular ointment such as Aquaphor Healing Ointment (US$16) or Vaseline pure petroleum jelly ($5).

Checking in with your specialist is also common a few months after your initial service. Healy says that anyone who is good at providing this service and who has a reputation will want you to return to the clinic to see your results two to three weeks after your first visit.

How Long Do Ombre Brows Last?

Ombre eyebrows can last from one to three years. It will require fewer services to maintain your brows. This lifespan depends on your skin type and lifestyle.

You’ll begin to notice your ombre eyebrows fade over time. You’ll notice that your brows are becoming less defined when they start to fade. To keep your brows as beautiful as they were when you first got your ombre-shaded brows, it’s a good idea to have powder brow touch-ups done every 18 months.

The Key Takeaways

The semi-permanent technique of ombre eyebrows is a great way to style your eyebrows.

It usually takes between two and three hours to do the ombre eyebrows.

The ombre brows last between one and three years.

How to fake ombre eyebrows with makeup

You may be unsure of having ombre shading on your face. It is a major commitment. ), don’t fret. You can create the look using eyebrow powder, brow tint, and some small makeup brushes. Here’s how:

Begin with a clean, bare face.

  1. Remove stray hairs. To create a neat overall appearance, remove any stray eyebrow hairs.
  2. Smooth out your eyebrows using an eyebrow spoolie: Using an eyebrow spoolie brush out your brows to make them smoother.
  3. Outline and mark your eyebrows: Create small dots in the arch and tail at the start of your eyebrows.
  4. Choose your desired brow color: The tint should only be applied on the back part of the brows.
  5. Fill with eyebrow powder. Use a small, angled brush for powder. You can also use a brow pen. Start with a light shade and gradually build up.
  6. Apply powder or pencil on the front of your eyebrows. Fill in this area more lightly to create an ombre effect.
  7. Apply a top coat to your eyebrows:A top coat for the brows will prevent powder from smudging and keep them in place.


Finding a talented artist to create a flawless look is key.

You’re not sure if you want to commit. Try it at home. Blend light and slightly darker eyebrow pencils. To set your eyebrows, we recommend using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz Ultra-Slim precision Brow pencil with a brow gel such as Glossier Boy Brow ($18), in Clear. The pencils should be stroked sparingly in the brow to fill in sparse areas and apply the most pigment at the arch.

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