Is Vaseline Good for Your Face?

Is Vaseline Good for Your Face?

There has been a seemingly unending debate on whether Vaseline is actually good for your face. Well, we all know that Vaseline is a skincare brand that sells a variety of products, but it’s very well-known for its petroleum jelly. We all know for a fact that Vaseline is a pretty affordable brand that we can all just grab in pretty much every drugstore. This is why we would naturally want to maximize its use. Petroleum jelly has been quite a big thing in the beauty industry and a lot of people actually think that it’s some sort of an all-in-one beauty miracle product. But, what’s the real deal with Vaseline? In this article, we are going to tackle how Vaseline in general really works with the skin – from its lotions to its ever-popular petroleum jelly. Does it really help your skin become smoother and more hydrated or does it just clog your pores? Let’s find out.

Can you actually use Vaseline’s Petroleum Jelly on your face?

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The answer to this question is YES. Actually, there are a lot of people who use Vaseline solely for their skincare routine – including celebrities. Supermodel Tyra Banks also revealed that she uses Vaseline on different parts of her body including her face, for it greatly contributes to skin hydration and protection. Want to see Tyra Banks’ fresh, no-makeup face? Check out Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Even Without Makeup

There are also claims that Vaseline is a great substitute for anti-aging creams. In fact, one of the most expensive anti-aging night creams (Crème de la Mer) features petroleum jelly as its key ingredient. Although it’s true that Vaseline can be a good product to incorporate into your anti-aging skin routine, it would take so much time to see visible effects.

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Petroleum Jelly in general is quite a powerful emollient that provides a thick moisture barrier that protects your skin. Think of it as a moisture mask that prevents dirt and harsh chemicals from penetrating your skin. Then again, Vaseline’s petroleum jelly is an emollient, not a humectant, so it does not attract moisture but rather act as a moisture film on its own.

Won’t it clog your pores and cause acne?

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Vaseline is made from 100% petroleum jelly and petroleum jelly is considered non-comedogenic. A non-comedogenic product does not clog pores as it gets in contact with the skin but leaves the pores clear. Therefore, Vaseline’s petroleum jelly does not aggravate the pores, which is why it can be used on sensitive skin – including babies.

Can Vaseline be used with makeup?

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Using Vaseline with makeup is all about personal preference. These days, the dewy skin makeup look has boomed in the beauty world tremendously. This look is all about having your skin look dewy with that water shiny finish as it is considered healthy and youthful-looking. We have searched the web for makeup tutorials that use Vaseline and we found out that others actually mix their foundation with it to give their base makeup a dewy finish. As much as it looks beautifully radiant and dewy, this trick is mostly recommended during the winter season. During winter, the skin tends to be a lot drier which is why it needs a ton of moisture to be soothed. Here’s one makeup tutorial we found on YouTube wherein she used Vaseline as a part of her base makeup.

On the other hand, Vaseline can be terribly heavy on the face, especially when mixed with makeup. It will totally melt your makeup away especially when it gets contact with your skin’s natural oils and sweat. It’s not very advisable to use it when the weather is hot and humid as it tends to be quite uncomfortable to the skin.

Do Vaseline lotions work just as good as petroleum jelly?

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Apart from petroleum jelly, Vaseline also carries a variety of lotions in its line. We have seen a lot of positive reviews on how hydrating their body lotions are. While their lotions are great for the body, a lo of beauty enthusiasts find them quite unsuitable for the face. It has a greasy texture and it’s not quite non-comedogenic like petroleum jelly. Body lotions in general are formulated along with other chemical emollients so there’s no concrete proof that Vaseline lotions work just as well on the face.

Disadvantages of Vaseline on the Face

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According to our research, there’s actually no major disadvantage to putting Vaseline on your face. Like what we have mentioned earlier, it is non-comedogenic which does not cause your skin to break out. The only common disadvantage that many users mention is that it feels quite heavy on the skin. So if you have very oily skin and lives in a place where the weather can be terribly hot and humid, you may find this very uncomfortable on the skin.

Benefits of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the Face

There are several reasons why you would want to use Vaseline on your face. First, it is because it keeps your skin from drying up and chapping especially during wintertime. Second, it acts as a protective barrier due to the extra layer of moisture film it places on the skin. Third, since Vaseline petroleum jelly is a heavily hydrating product, it helps the skin become more supple and smoother.

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