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Figure Flattering Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress on a Plus Size Body

Body-hugging dresses are normally worn by women with perfect figures. But that does not mean that a plus size should not wear them. This is the time when society should stop judging others from their appearances. No one has the right to tell someone what to wear and what not to wear. A girl should wear what she wants, irrespective of her size. There is no rule in fashion world that says that only a slim and smart girl can wear a bodycon dress. A plus-size woman can also rock this sizzling trend. All you need is a body-positive attitude.

Bodycon Dresses for Plus Size Body

image 416

Bodycon Dress For Plus Size Body

Bodycon (body-conscious) dresses are all about highlighting your curves. It’s a dress clinging to your figure and revealing your shape. That is the reason why most of the plus-size women shy away from such body-hugging dresses.

Tips for Plus Size Women for Wearing Bodycon Dresses

image 99

Bodycon Dress For Plus Size

  • Once you have made up your mind about wearing it, stick to that. Believe that you can pull it off Just like Ali Levine says, “…body conscious dress, shouldn’t leave you feeling self-conscious about your body,”
  • Pick the right undergarment (shapewear) to flatten any uneven plump of your body.
  • Always pick a plus-size bodycon dress (of your own size). Buying a size smaller than yours would worsen things.
  • For a perfect look, a seamless panty and bra must not be forgotten.

Best Ways to Wear Bodycon Dresses

Here we have compiled the most suitable ways of wearing bodycon dresses for a plus size women.

1. Printed Bodycon dresses

image 105

Bodycon Dress For Plus Size

When you are overweighed, the best thing to do is to camouflage those curves. And a printed fabric would be a great help in that. With a plus-size body, don’t opt for prints that are too large. Large prints tend to make you look heavier.

image 102

Bodycon Dress For Plus Size

2. Camouflage the Abdominal Area

image 107

Peplum dress for plus size body

If you are not comfortable with your belly area (a round belly) to be the center point, there are ways to cover it up. A wide belt around your waistline not only offers a slimming effect, it makes the belt, the focal point, instead of the belly. A peplum style on waistline is yet another great idea for masking this heavy area.

image 109

Peplum dress for plus size body

3. Try a Layered Top

image 96

bodycon dress with layered top for plus size

Those of you who don’t want to reveal your mid-section of body, cover it up under some layers. It would give you a more balanced and proportionate look. This could be anything like a well-cut blazer, a cardigan, or an oversized blouse. Even a denim jacket pairs great with a printed (geometrically) dress.

image 97

bodycon dress with layered top for plus size

4. Pick the Best Fabric

image 104

Bodycon dress for plus size

Keeping in view your weight, opt for the fabrics that are firm enough to hold on the plump areas on your body without forming any extra bulges. Opting for sheer clothing would make each and every detail of your body more visible, including the private areas especially, your panty line.

5. A Black Bodycon Dress

image 98

Bodycon dress for plus size

An all-black bodycon dress is the best option for a plus size woman to get a chic look. Enrobed in a black outfit, you will get an elongated and vertical look with an illusion of a slimming body. Carry the clutch in some complementing shade or pair it with some vibrantly hued footwear.

6. Bodycon with a Crop Top

image 110

Bodycon dress for plus size

Those who don’t feel like having that much confidence of wearing a full-on bodycon dress, why not wear it in another classy way. A crop top with a little skin show and a knee length pencil skirt, all would create the same bodycon effect in a classier way.

7. Paneled Bodycon Dress

image 108

Plus Size Paneled Bodycon Dress

Side panels are always trendy especially for plus size women. For a stylish yet slimming look, try a bodycon dress with side panels irrespective of colors. The panels on both sides add an illusion of a slim-fit waistline.

8. A Minimal Look

image 95

Bodycon dress for plus size

With a body hugging outfit like bodycon, you don’t need to over accessorize your look with heavy jewelry and other fashion accessories. To get the best look, simply opt for a minimal look.

9. Find your Right Style

image 101

Bodycon dress for plus size

Each woman has her own body shape and she should focus on that shape while picking her outfit. For example, if you have heavy bottom, wear a bodycon dress with an embellished top. It will divert the focus towards the top area. And for heavy looking bosom, you can get it covered with some stylish layers (like we have already discussed).

10. Geometrical Stripes

image 106

Plus Size Geometrical Bodycon Dress

Geometrical lines including horizontal and vertical stripes, can be incorporated in your bodycon dresses.

11. Your Neckline

image 103

Bodycon dress for plus size

Even your necklines can play a significant role in forming a balanced look. For example, if you have rounder tummies, no worries, simply opt for a deep neckline to divert the attention from abdominal area. Similarly, a plunging V neckline would give the illusion of height.

12. High Heels

image 100

Bodycon dress for plus size

A plus size woman seems to be heavy and short. Overcome that problem, opt for high heels with it.

Conclusion: Being a plus size lady, if wearing bodycon dresses have been your biggest fear, it shouldn’t be, anymore. You have this body. Be thankful for it. As long as you are feeling beautiful, believe that, more than anything. You have so much to do and experiment with. Feel confident and stop feeling shy. We are hoping the inspirations and styles given here would be helpful for you in getting a stunning look in your bodycon dress.

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