10 Ways to Make Your Hair Superbly Gorgeous Overnight

The journey of making your hair look perfectly beautiful is quite an unending road to take. From time to time, new hair products are being launched from side to side and it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. As we search for new things that make our hair look superbly gorgeous, we tend to overlook the basics. Yes, there are so many easy steps in which one can take in order to get that gorgeous hair overnight. No need to pay the salon a visit or get yourself expensive heating tools just to make your hair look good! In fact, you might even have amazing hair essentials already with you at your very own home. If you have always wanted to wake up with superbly gorgeous hair, then here are 10 ways to do it.

Tip #1: Don’t forget to brush and detangle your hair before going to sleep.

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Not only that sleeping with a severely tangled hair will make it difficult to style your hair in the morning, it will also cause damage that can lead to frizz and dryness. Make sure that you gently brush your hair before going to sleep as it also adds manageability to your hair. You also have to remember brushing your hair when dry. It’s not quite ideal to brush your hair while wet since it will lead to breakage.

Tip #2: Mix your own nourishing hair mask.

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Of course you can go ahead and buy your own hair mask from the nearest boutique, but nothing beats a natural alternative. For a deeply moisturizing hair mask, you will only need ¼ cup of honey and 3 tablespoons of coconut paste. Mix it well in a bowl until it reaches a slightly thick and creamy texture. Apply it on your hair before sleeping and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Read your favorite book or go to Netflix while you wait for the mask’s wonders to happen. After the allotted time, you just have to rinse it and you’ll surely greet softer and healthier hair the next morning. This is highly recommended to those with dry and damaged hair.

Tip #3: Never sleep with wet hair!

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Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet. So when you sleep without drying your hair, the friction that your hair and pillow gets will definitely result to damage. It will make the hair more brittle, which is also why you shouldn’t really brush your hair while it’s wet. In addition to this, you are most likely to get very messy and unmanageable hair the next morning.

Tip #4: Go DIY with your organic hair serum.

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Hair serum is different from a hair mask. Unlike hair masks, hair serums shouldn’t be applied heavily and it shouldn’t be rinsed. We also found a really great home DIY to save you from buying expensive hair serums. This will only involve natural ingredients which can be easily found in the supermarket or even at the comfort of your own home!

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Mix a proportionate amount of essential oils (it can be coconut, avocado, argan, olive or jojoba oil) and transfer it in a pump bottle. One pump should be enough for short hair and two to three pumps for long hair. Apply the serum to the ends first and whatever that’s left on your palms should go to the roots and hair shaft. Don’t rinse it and leave it overnight to give your hair really soft and smooth texture the next morning. Just remember to not put too much to avoid so much grease!

Tip #5: DIY your own texturizing sea salt spray.

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Now, if your problem is having very greasy and flat hair, then you need to go easy on the serum and go for a texturizing spray instead.

This will give more volume and texture to your hair while also absorbing some of the excessive oil buildup from your scalp. This is very ideal to those who want to preserve their blowout or to those who rock beautiful beach waves.

Tip #6: Go silk or satin with your pillowcase.

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Smooth and soft fabric such as silk or satin will minimize the friction between your pillows and your hair as you sleep. Silk and satin pillowcases are not only comfortable but they are also smooth enough to let your hair flow as it is while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Tip #7: Preserve a blowout with the overnight claw clip trick.

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Now let’s move on to some of the best overnight hairstyling tricks. If you want to wake up with perfect hair, then you got to do some sort of hair ritual the night before. Apart from giving your hair superior care, you can also do a hairstyling trick such as the claw clip overnight trick to preserve your soft and wavy blowout. Here’s how to do it:

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Tip #8: Want more dramatic curls? Go for paper towel twists!

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Now if you’re digging something more dramatic than just plain beach waves, you can go get some paper towels in the kitchen and start wrapping! You only need to divide your hair into even sections depending on how big the curls you want to be. Then twist it along with the paper towel, tie it and sleep.

Tip #9: Try coiled curls with overnight hair twists.

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If you’ve got short hair and you think paper towels won’t work well on you, then let’s go for something more conventional – bobby pins. Just like the previous tip, you only need to divide your hair into smaller sections and then twirl them up. Since kicky-coiled curls are very hip this year, why not go for smaller and bouncier curls? Take a look at this year’s trendiest curly hairstyles Gorgeous Spring Hairstyles that You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes!

Tip #10: Keep a dry shampoo handy.

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Dry shampoos would be quite hard to DIY so we recommend you get a hold of a really good dry shampoo to instantly clean your hair while also preserving your overnight hairstyle.

Whatever type of hair you have, you should always consider giving it superior care and nourishment. The hair is naturally strong on its own but without proper care, it can be extremely dry and brittle. Save yourself from spending so much time and money for hair procedures you don’t need! We really hope these tips helped you get superbly gorgeous hair overnight.

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