How to Maintain a Radiant Look All Holiday Season: Expert Makeup Advice

Everybody enjoys the holidays in their own way. We all want to feel and look fabulous, whether we’re at a glitzy party, on the couch of your mother with family or creating new memories with our significant others.

Makeup is a great way to look festive. There are many seasonal ideas and trends. You may still find that your makeup disappears during the day, no matter how many red lips or sparkling highlighters you have. The good news is? The good news is that you don’t need to spend less time taking photos of your ugly sweaters or worrying about your makeup when you go out dancing.

We spoke with makeup experts to find out how to make your makeup last longer so that you can get the most from your holiday.

Don’t Neglect Skin Prep

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Although it may seem instinctive to apply products to your makeup in order to hold it in place, this is not the best thing to do. Instead, you should focus on securing your foundation. Eddie Duyos is the Head of Pro Education & Artistry at Make Up For Ever in North America. He says that a lack of skin preparation (or a lack of any kind) can be responsible for makeup that’s difficult to apply. Duyos says that skin prep can have a significant impact on the wearability and longevity of makeup. Many people over-prepare their skin by using serums and oils they don’t need.

Duyos advises that you should avoid using serums or creams containing oils before applying your makeup. These will cause your foundation to cool on your skin’s surface. Duyos says, “Leave rich skincare routines to the nighttime and keep skincare simple for the daytime.” Duyos suggests focusing instead on products that are geared towards hydration, and address textural concerns. Vitamin C is an excellent option for use in the daytime. However, it should not be suspended in a serum or oil. Keep your skincare simple for the best results.

Julia Sohn, Senior Makeup Artist at Nars, recommends spending some time massaging your skin if you have time. She says that whether she is on set or working with a client, she always spends time massaging the skincare products into their skin. This helps to activate blood flow, allows me to learn their contours, and ensures the skincare products are fully absorbed. Although a mini-massage may seem like a little extra, it can have a big impact on how you feel and look before heading out.

Primer is Your friend

After applying your skincare, you will need to do some extra prep before buffing in foundation. All of our experts agree you should not skimp on primer (something that I have done myself). Sohn says that primers don’t fit all, and some trial-and-error may be required. There are many primers available to suit everyone’s needs, says Sohn. It’s crucial to find recommendations that are suitable for your skin type. Sohn switches her primers according to the season and uses Nars Radiance Primer (36 dollars) in cooler months, when her skin tends to be dry. She says that it gives her skin a glow and an extra cushion of moisture.

Duyos recommends the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Hydra Booster Primer (39 dollars) for skin that is dehydrated, and the Step 1 Primer for Pore Minimizer Primer (39 dollars) for skin that is blurred.

Keita Moore, a Maybelline Pro Makeup artist, also recommends the Maybelline Master Primer ($11), a great primer for those who are new to this category. Moore says to use a beauty sponge dampened with the primer and blend it into the skin. Then apply the makeup for a flawless, long-lasting finish.

Layering Is Important

Duyos advises applying makeup in thin layers rather than slathering it on thickly. He says that the Make Up For Ever HD Skin Foundation ($43), which is a great formula, allows you to apply it in thin layers and get medium-to-full coverage without looking cakey or thick. Moore also recommends Maybelline Super Stay Longwear Liquid Foundation (13 dollars). Moore says that the foundation has the right balance of consistency and application to ensure your face remains in place throughout the day and night.

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Sohn suggests that you can mix your tinted moisturizer with other products if you want it to last longer. Tinted moisturizers are thin and lightweight, so they don’t last as long. “For anyone looking for a natural makeup look, but one that will last all day long, I recommend mixing a tinted moisturiser with a primer and a longwearing foundation,” Sohn says. You’ll need to experiment to find the perfect combination.

Set it Off (With Powder or Spray).

Setting my makeup is another step that I often skip. All our experts agree that it is essential to keep your face looking fresh all day. You have two choices: either use a powder or mist to seal in your makeup. It all comes down to personal preference.

Duyos says, “Mist & Fix Setting Spray has always been one of my favorites. It seals in makeup and gives your skin that extra hydration depending on skin type and the environment.” The product’s formula allows you to prime or set your skin. Duyos advises that if you have a bad day with your skin, spray Mist & fix on a wet makeup sponge, then press it into the face. This technique will smooth out any roughness on your skin and allow foundation to adhere better. It also extends the life of any makeup. Moore recommends Ben Nye Final Seal ($26), a setting spray that will keep your makeup in place if you are sweating or cramped at a dance party.

Sohn suggests layering setting powder over your makeup, particularly if you use liquid or cream products. Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder is my favorite ($39). She says that the powder has a light texture and locks in makeup without altering the look you have achieved using other products. Moore says that setting powder and finishing powder are different, but you can combine the two for best results. Moore says that setting powder will set your makeup, while finishing powder gives it a flawless look, but does not set. Try applying setting powder before dusting on finishing powder.

Play with Color

If you want to get lasting results, choose formulas that are designed to last. Duyos recommends Make Up For Ever Aqua Resist range for those who want to enhance their eyes without having to worry about smudging or smearing. He says that the waterproof formula will keep colors vibrant and long-lasting all day.

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You also have many options in the lip department. Sohn says that Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments or Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks ($34 each) are great for people who want a long-lasting color for their lips, but don’t want it to be too drying. I love to use the Powermatte Lip Pigments in sheer stain form for a blushed lip. I use a small amount of the product on the center of my lips and blend it quickly with a brush.

Duyos endorses Make Up For Ever Rogue Artist For Ever Matte Lipstick (25 dollars) as it offers a color that is waterproof and won’t move. The formula is so velvety and comfortable that it’s hard to believe how long-lasting it really is.

Final Takeaway

Securing your makeup to celebrate doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need is to keep your routine simple, and use the right products. Duyos explains that adding too many products or steps to your routine will not necessarily extend the life of the makeup. It can do the opposite. “Look for long-wearing, high-performing formulas best suited for your skin type.

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