The Top Spring 2024 Makeup Trends: Bold Blush, Porcelain Skin, and Metallic Eyeshadow

Ahh, spring. Spring is the ultimate in fresh air. We’re ready to emerge after hibernating through the winter looking like colorful, beautiful butterflies. And that transformation begins with your makeup. The spring is the perfect opportunity to refresh your beauty routine. If you wish to.

Spring beauty is exciting because we are coming out of the dark, cold winter. Samantha Lau, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Dua Lipa and other stars, says that we want to see looks that are fresh and uplifting. We also want products that have a light texture and that are easy to apply. Melissa Murdick, a celebrity makeup artist, agrees. She says that spring makeup is fun, because it lets us break out of “makeup hibernation.” “Spring gives us a sense of vigor and creativity, and our makeup reflects this.”

You can experiment with texture, color and even go back in time to the YouTube era of 2016 to get some inspiration. You want a new color of blush. Permission granted. Get all the information on the latest makeup trends for spring 2020, straight from the professionals.

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Dolly Beauty

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ICYMI: Mother Pat McGrath performed complete makeup magic during the Maison Margiela Show at Paris Haute Couture Week. She transformed models into living dolls, with glassy skin that was otherworldly. The look set the internet ablaze as everyone tried to figure out the combination. You can expect to see the doll-like effect throughout spring, with light shades of eyes and skin that has a shiny finish. Kasey Pickard, a celebrity makeup artist, says that we will see wearable versions this spring. Pastel shadows and glass-like skin are going to be back.

Tobi Henney is a celebrity make-up artist who agrees. She says to think of a sheen with a transparent sheen. McGrath’s team and McGrath don’t airbrush their skin, but a dewy look feels vibrant and fresh in warmer temperatures. Henney suggests using MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream (36 dollars) as a base under makeup or mixed with foundation.

Try cool-toned colors on the eyelids like taupe, pink, blue and green. Spickard’s choice, Natasha Denona’s Retro Glam Palette (69 dollars) has similar shades.

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Chrome eyes

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Spring is a great time to play with texture and color. Murdick says that winter can give us a more “serious” tone in our makeup. Murdick recommends Colourpop Multichrome Cream Gel Liners ($9) for adding a little frost. The color-shifting colors add dimension and a pop to the eye makeup, especially if you usually stick with natural eyeshadows.

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’90s Eyebrows

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Call your esthetician to book that dramatic eyebrow wax. Spickard says that the ’90s inspired trends are a big reason for the comeback of sleek, groomed and thinner brows. Spickard loves the West Barn Brow Pencils ($19) for their microfine tip, which creates subtle hair-like strokes. Not ready to pluck yet? No need to use tweezers! Check out this guide on how to fake thin brows.

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Laminated Eyebrows

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If you don’t like the look of thin brows, try full and fluffy brows for this season. Lau, a lover of the laminated effect, says that she always starts by brushing the brows. After your brows have been shaped and brushed, use a 2-in-1 makeup product such as Makeup Revolution Beauty Fluffy Brow Duo ($9) for a lifted, laminated finish. The sharp edge of the pencil allows for me to simulate brow hairs. “I finish the brows using the brow gel that is on the opposite side of the pen,” Lau says.

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Beautiful Blush

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Spring weather makes you want to channel the inner coquette with ribbons, bows and pretty pink. Murdick explains that “making a sheer wash blush the focal point of your makeup gives your skin a doll-like, feminine look.” It has a youthful, lightness.

Murdick suggests starting with a bright cream blush and applying it as a sheer wash, rather than a pigment. She says to apply it all over your cheeks, from the apples down to the cheekbones. You can also use a large fluffy brush, but it will help to smooth out the finish even more. Murdick likes the Adore You lip and cheek balms ($12), which are from Colourpop. She loves their dewy finish.

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Nude Lips

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Sabena Collier, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ pro makeup artist, suggests that matte burgundy can feel unflattering in April. Instead, try a neutral color combination. She says that when she thinks of spring makeup, she imagines brightly colored eyes and cheeks. The best way to balance out these colorful makeup looks would be to wear a nude lipstick.

For the perfect look, choose a brown lip liner that is two to three shades darker. Apply a lip color that is one to two shades lighter (Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color $33, for example, is a beautiful, easy choice) and then finish off with a tinted glossy applied to only the center of your lips. To combine colors, press the lips together. Collier says, “This technique is always reliable.”

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Fresh, Dewy Skin

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After Daylight Savings Time, give your matte powders and foundations some rest. Murdick says that barely-there skin is always refreshing. Kevin Kodra, global makeup artist at Nudestix, and Lau both agree with this feeling. Spring makeup is about pretty, minimalist and soft beauty. Kodra says that a monochromatic blush, dewy face and glossy lips perfectly capture the essence of spring make-up.

This look is impossible without a good skin prep. You want your skin to feel and look hydrated. Murdick says to use essences, moisturizers, and serums that will bring your skin alive. Use a tinted moisturizer or skin tint with sheer coverage instead of foundation and conceal as needed. Lau mixes Makeup Revolution Bright Light Face Glow (12) with Skin Silk Serum Foundation (14), which has serum added for skincare benefits. The combination will even out the skin and provide much-needed hydration after a long winter indoors.

The Nudestix Dewy barrier Hydrating Stick ($34) is Kodra’s secret weapon to achieve a fresh-faced appearance. It provides “all-day moisture as well as a beautiful dewy but not greasy foundation for your makeup.”

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Playful Minimalism

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Simple, but never boring. Charlie Riddle, a celebrity makeup artist, suggests “pops in the inner corners of your eyes and floating creases with sparkly highlights.” Playful minimalism is all about having fun with your makeup and coloring outside the lines.

To brighten a monochromatic look, swap out your black or brown eyeliner for a springy shade of lavender or blue. Riddle suggests using a liquid color liner in the crease instead of the lashline. This works for any eye shape, but especially hooded ones because the liner doesn’t get lost.

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Instagram Makeup

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Now for something totally different! Spickard recommends that makeup enthusiasts who want something more complex than dewy, subtle eyeshadow and dewy skin look back at 2016 for inspiration. He says, “I have seen this trend start to appear on my TikTok. I hope it gains more traction in the coming months.” The 2016 makeup look, which included carved eyebrows, ultra-blended shadows, contouring and baking, and more, was inspired by YouTubers at the time. We were all wearing full makeup to class or work at 8AM. The 2024 version of the look is more subdued but still very impactful. Spickard says, “We don’t need to return to the hard-core blocked brow but I love seeing people get back into dramatic full-face makeup, using lots of eyeshadow and color and being creative! What is that song playing in the background? Is it “Closer”, by the Chainsmokers & Halsey?

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