Best Ways to Wear Jean for Big Thighs

Best Ways to Wear Jean for Big Thighs

Skinny jeans have been dominating the fashion world from past few years. And these are here to stay. No doubt, girls pull off a sassy and stylish look in skinny jeans but that’s not possible for all body shapes and sizes. Finding the best fitting jeans for the girls with petite body and big thighs (or for athletic ladies with muscular legs) can be quite a demoralizing experience, as sometimes even after strolling into all the stores near you, you barely find some suitable jeans for big thighs. Even if you find one, the next question would be how to wear skinny jeans with big thighs? When you opt for a pair of skinny jeans, it is very important to look and feel comfortable in it. Read on to find the best ways to pull off any type of jeans in the best-looking manner.

Look for Darker Wash Classic Style Jeans

Darker colors always have a slimming effect on your body. Same rule goes with your jeans. Whatever style of jeans you pick, make sure it is darker in shade. Darker hued jeans (deep indigo and black) give a slimmer look to your heavy thighs. Jeans should be long preferably with high heels. Make sure to avoid the jeans that have any type of detailing on the thigh area. Similarly, the pieces with faded-thigh style must be avoided. Focus must not be on thighs.

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How to Wear Skinny Jeans with Big Thighs?

The most recommended style for big thighs is the straight leg jeans. But if skinny is what you want, pair it with some long and flowy top particularly with asymmetrical hemline. The flowy top is the best camouflage for your thighs. Using appropriate accessories may also prove helpful in getting the illusion of slimmer legs in skinny jeans. Check out a few suggestions here;

  • Whenever you opt for slim-fit or skinny jeans, avoid pairing it with a delicate shoe. Wear something that draws attention from top to bottom. For example, try some vibrantly hued platform shoes or wedges. Both of these shoes styles may prove helpful in getting a balanced look.
  • Dressing up in layers is another great trick to camouflage the problem area. Be it a loosely-knit cardigan or an upper, both would help you in managing a balanced yet stylish look.
  • Pairing your dark colored skinny jeans with a light-colored top is yet another way to create the optical illusion of slimming thighs. When you pair darker jeans with a lighter top, the focus automatically diverts on the top area. Not just this, the light shade tends to add width, that’s why your top area would look wider as compared to your thighs.
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Trouser Jeans

Wearing something that falls straight from top to bottom gives more straighter and less curvy illusion. For that reason, trouser style is one of the best women jeans for athletic thighs. Being spacey, it is easy to fit in your heavy legs and gives your legs an elongated and thinner illusion.

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Straight leg jeans

Straight Leg Jeans are the most figure-flattering option for big thighs. For best results, pair it with a short top.

Jean for Big Thighs

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Flare Jeans

Flare jeans for muscular thighs is a big YES. We definitely recommend it for all the girls with heavy thighs. Flare jeans are slimmer on the hips area and wider in the bottom. It’s a great way to divert all the attention from thighs to the lower part of the legs. Make sure, you are not going to wear flare jeans with faded legs. Doing that would simply reverse the whole slimming effect.

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Avoid High Waisted Jeans

Never think of wearing high waisted jeans. Any outfit that is high waisted, tends to give you a wider look overall.

Boyfriend Jeans

For meaty thighs, boyfriend jean is one of the most comfortable jeans womens may have. It is spacey enough to fit in your heavy thighs comfortably. Wear them in simple, straight style. Avoid cuffing or rolling them up, as it gives the illusion of shorter legs and that would automatically present you as a girl with short length and wide thighs.

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Tips for Wearing Shorts for Big Thighs

Accommodating your fleshy thighs in a pair of shorts is yet another common problem faced by the girls with heavy thighs. Don’t get disappointed, here we have enlisted a few amazing tricks that can help you in getting a sleek and stylish look in shorts.

  • The most important rule is to avoid wearing shorts that are too tight. Being tight they would highlight your curves and bulges even more, you don’t want that, do you?
  • Opt for side-slit shorts. Shorts that come with a small opening on both sides can skillfully adjust your larger thighs in this apparently short piece.
  • Pleated shorts are best way to get your thighs camouflaged under the layers of pleats. Not just this, the flowy pleats make it one of the most comfortable options to wear among shorts.
  • Just like skinny jeans, pair your shorts with a layered outfit. A third piece over your shorts especially with an asymmetrical hemline or fringes, helps diverting the focus from your meaty thighs.
  • Try shorts that are not too small in size. For example, shorts in culottes style, preferably in a knee-length, can hide a lot from your heavy area.
  • Accentuating your top area is yet another great idea to divert attention from thighs. Pair up your shorts with a colorful, lacy or beaded top. Or wrapping a colorful scarf around your neck can also work.
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Conclusion: Heavy thighs are a real issue for many girls. But that shouldn’t prohibit you from wearing specific type of clothes. Famous brands, these days, are preparing special pieces for muscular thighs. Look for them to find your perfect fit or simply follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. And we promise you a sassy and stylish look altogether.

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