Grace the Most Elegant Hairstyles for your Round Face

Are you going to get a new haircut? You can’t do that without considering your face shape. Picking a hairstyle that suits your face’s shape is very important. The hairstyle that you choose, must glorify your look. And when we talk of a round-shaped face, we have to think more technically. The round faces often have chubby cheeks and the first impression we get is of a plus-sized woman. So, the focal point for getting a haircut should be to camouflage the roundness of the face. So, pick a style that gives a slimming impression to your face. Before we proceed towards the most suitable hairstyles for round faces, here are a few points to remember (only for round-faced women).

Things to Remember!

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  • For a chubby face, you need to distract other’s attention towards some attention getting thing (a stylish hairstyle).
  • Both medium-long and short hair can be experimented on a round face. Just know, your hairstyle MUST be asymmetrical.
  • Too long hair is not recommended for you. Maximum length should be a bit longer than your shoulders. Not more than that.
  • Avoid heavy straight bangs as it forms a horizontal line and that tends to add an illusion of width to your face.
  • For an overweight girl opting for a sleek and sassy hairstyle would be a wrong decision. It would not go right with your personality.
  • Be it a longer or shorter hairstyle that you choose, make sure you have some long bangs covering both sides of your face. It’s the best way to get an elongated or oval-faced effect.
  • Adding some volume on top of your head, brings glamour and length.
  • While picking, your hair cut, your overall personality and hair texture should also be considered. As some hairstyles are not suitable for thin hair and vice versa.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair with Layers

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Generally, people believe long hairstyles to be the most recommended ones for round face, but that’s not true. Even shorter hairstyle can offer a cute and slimming look. Short haircut with wavy locks tactfully deviate the eyes from your face to your hair. Wavy bangs on both sides would add length to your face.

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Pixie Cut

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Sweet and short pixie haircuts promise an urban and glamorous style to round faces. Pixie cuts can be tried in many ways. In pixie cut, your hair is shorter on the nape and temple and longer on the crown of the head, preferably the wavy locks. Girls with round face must opt for a pixie style that offers a volume on top of the head and wavy side bangs. Just a bit of back combing and there you go! It’s a great technique to add length to a round face.

Note: Make your hair the focal point by applying highlights or colorful tresses to your short locks.

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A-Line Cut for Round Face

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It’s another incredibly classy yet asymmetrical haircut, quite suitable for round faced gals. This simple bob-cut hairstyle involves a great technique to elongate your look. In it, the front locks of your hair are longer as compared to the ones on the back. Longer locks covering both ears skillfully, creates an illusion of an oval face.

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Medium to Long Length Hairstyles for Round Face

Flat Ironed Bobs

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If you are looking for a haircut that shows off your trendsetting style, try this one. Ironed bobs get your hair divided in side part or long side swept bangs. In both cases, one half of your face gets covered by your hair. And ultimately you get a thinner look.

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Straightened Shag Medium Hairstyles

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For adding a chic appeal, try this shaggy and asymmetrical style. This style functions and fashions at a time. Where on one side you get a fabulous look, the cover of hair around your face, forming the vertical lines, creates an oval-faced shape. Same shag style is quite trendy with curls too. But curls don’t go great with a round face. The voluminous curls tend to widen your face-shape.

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Note: If you are mad about curls, you must be extra cautious. Have curls but they should not be too fluffy. Get your light-curls paired with a pair of long earrings, that would add more to the slimming effect.

Messy Hairstyle for Medium Length

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Normally, a messy hairstyle is suggested to those having an oval face. As the short messy curls broaden the face. But the ladies with round face, who want to have that sassy messy look, you too can put on this look. Firstly, make sure your hair dresser does not cut your locks too short (it should be more than your chin length). Length is important. Short locks are more voluminous and that’s what you don’t need. Keep it straight on the sides and opt for messy curls on the roots.

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Center-parted Bedhead Style

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Women with round face and medium length hair, try this gorgeous hairstyle. Divide your hair into two, with a center part. Get both sides of the cheeks covered with hair. You can also go with a side part. Your hair pulling to one side, skillfully highlights your jawline on the other end. And focus diverts from your face automatically.

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Puff and bangs for Medium to Long Hair

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This one is probably the classiest hairstyle for round-faced women. As our purpose is to add length to the face, adding height to your hair can be the best trick. For adding volume to it, pair this hair puff with one or two bangs. To get some inspiration about this style, look at ‘Adele’, how she wears height on top of her head.

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Loosely-Tied Side plait

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A messy side plait is the best way of giving an edge to chubby cheeks. Wear it in a messy way. A loosely done side plait would give you a softer look. Let the other side of the face be beautified with some long, wavy locks. When both sides of the face are covered, you automatically get a slimming look. For inspiration, watch Selena Gomez in a side plait.

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