Beyond Basic Blue: 21 Baby Blue Nail Designs for Every Look

The pastel polishes are everywhere in summer. But few nail colors can last through the seasons like a baby-blue manicure. The inviting shade (and its trendy counterpart blueberry milk nails), while soft and subtle without being a wallflower, looks equally great with sundresses or in frostier aesthetics. There’s a baby blue nail design that’s perfect for you, whether it’s a veil of iridescent blue or a more minimalistic look. We’ve gathered a variety of baby blue nail art designs that will give new meaning to those Monday blues.

Blue Jean Baby

image 1563

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A classic baby-blue manicure is a sure bet. This simple manicure is made special with the right shape and polish. Use Peacci’s Nail Polish in Double Denim ($12) to achieve this exact look.

Silver Streak

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Accentuate baby blue nails by adding a few French tips. Add a metallic line of silver to each finger for a more edgy look.

Blue Chrome

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Take note chrome lovers: this prismatic rendition is for you. The pastel looks even more beautiful with the iridescent effect.

Mermaid Magic

image 1549

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

If you’re looking for a new twist on baby blue, try putting a mermaid-inspired spin on it. The 3D ripples are what really makes this nail art pop.

Bedazzled Baby Blue

image 1559

@trillanails / Instagram

We love this manicure. Add rhinestones and gemstones to your baby blue stilettos for a little sparkle.

Pantone Perfection

image 1557

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You can’t decide which shade of blue to use? Choose five different shades of blue, one on each finger. The baby-blue polish on the index nail balances out the whole look.

Come Slither

image 1552

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Snakeskin manicures are bold, unique and daring. This look is given a new twist by the unexpected combination of baby blue and silver nail polish.

Retro Blue Prints

image 1547

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This manicure is walking art that could be displayed in any museum. There is so much to look at: the negative space, gold glints, and psychedelic spirals keep your eyes busy.

Bow Down

image 1562

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The baby blue tips add a fun twist to a French manicure. They also make it a bridal-inspired shade of blue. The tiny silver bows add the perfect finishing touch.

French Fade

image 1561

@glammertized/ Instagram

Consider a subtle gradient of color from the tip to the middle nail for a more softer version of this storied French manicure. This baby blue glitter tip fades into a blush base with no harsh lines.

Cherry Bomb

image 1560

@trillanails / Instagram

Decorate your baby blue nail with fruity designs. The design is given a dynamic three-dimensional appearance by using red nail rhinestones for the cherries.

Mix and match

image 1555

@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram

Why limit yourself to one nail design? You can choose to keep your nails simple by using a baby blue nail polish. Add flowers to some and French tips on others.

Blue Marble

image 1548

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

This slate baby blue manicure is more beautiful than rose quartz. This blue marble manicure is reminiscent of a beautiful crystal that you will love to wish upon.

Flower Power

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This manicure combines two nail trends: baby blue polish and floral patterns. Use your baby blue polish to create an elegant French tip on your index. Decorate your middle and ring fingers with floral pastel art.

Pretty Porcelain

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@trillanails / Instagram

It takes patience and time, but it is so worth it. This striking manicure uses various shades of polish, from baby blue to dark to create an impressive design.

Blue Duo

image 1554

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The French manicure has been updated with colorful tips for many years, but the tonal version is a real treat. Baby blue tips bring the muted slate gray base polish to life.

Blue Fairy Dust

image 1564

@glammertized/ Instagram

Are you looking for some magic in your daily life? This blue fairy dust manicure will do the trick.

Out Of Line

image 1565

@overglowedit / Instagram

This design is cool because it is an unusual color combination. Baby blue accents stand out against the brown French tip.

Y2K Nostalgia

image 1551

@soulinailsxo/ Instagram

This uncanny homage will bring you back to the early aughts. This combination of the French manicure, the butterfly nail art, and the baby blue shades of nostalgia makes us want Hilary Duff’s metamorphosis to be played on repeat.

Blue Velvet

image 1556

@heluviee/ Instagram

What could be more luxurious than crushed velvet? This velvety baby blue manicure is the height of luxury.

Watercolor Wonder

image 1558

@overglowedit / Instagram

There’s nothing that brings out the baby blue color like other pastel shades. Combine a few pastel colors on a sponge for a watercolor effect. This video shows how easy it is to DIY.

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