Farrah to Fringe: 20 Iconic 70s Hairstyles Still Rocking Today

Alessandro Michele has moved on from Gucci but he is still credited with bringing back the ’70s, including hair. On the runways, we’ve seen more and more ’70s hairstyles like flicks, curly locks, and boho-inspired looks. Meanwhile, more celebrities have adopted feathery layers and free-spirited chops. Miley Cyrus and Matilda Djerf both had big hair moments at the Grammys. The ’70s is calling and we are welcoming it back with open arms.

There are many muses from which to draw inspiration. From Farrah’s Charlie’s Angels movies to Diana Ross’s disco afro-inspired afro. It’s hard to ignore the relevance of each style today. You could certainly plop these styles into any year and they would still look amazing. We’ve collected 20 of our favorite styles to show how diverse the hairstyles were during this decade.

Browse through our selections of the best ’70s hairstyles to inspire you and get that Saturday night feeling.

Classic Shag

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According to celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo the shag was the ultimate “cool kid’s” cut. It is quintessential and definitive of the ’70s. He says that the shag is a cut that has been reinvented and deconstructed in many different ways. Billie Eilish’s platinum shag was the most popular style in 2021. We love the grungy layers and wispy bangs.

Feathered layers

image 1585

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The Farrah Flip is legendary. Fawcett was a big star after she was cast in Charlie’s Angels. As a result, this hairstyle became popular in the 1980s. This iconic hairstyle continues to be loved today. To recreate this style, you’ll need to use a good barrel brush. We recommend Drybar’s Double-Pint Round Ceramic Brush ($42).

Fringe Bangs

image 1595


Jourdan Dunn looks amazing with feather-light fringe bangs, also known as Birkin bangs. Michael Duenas says that today’s version has been made slightly longer to allow for the option of wearing it in front or to the side. He says to have your stylist place the comb on the hairline starting at the front of your head and moving backwards. The thickness of your bangs will depend on where the comb rises.

Shaggy Mulllet

image 1573


You’re not the only one who thought that the mullet would never return. The shag-mullet of the ’70s is polished just enough to feel new. Miley Cyrus keeps us on our toes with her shocking new hairstyles. They are always a hit in salons and Pinterest.

The Blunt Cut

image 1580


In the 1970s, layers were either all or nothing. You can have shaggy layers all over, or hair that is essentially the same length. Duenas says that modern bobs tend to be flat-ironed and rough-dried, with the ends straight or with a light tousle. In the 1970s, many were round-brushed. “You had more volume with beveled ends,” Duenas recommends Aloxxi Thickening Serum ($27), which adds volume to fine hair, and Aloxxi Oil Restorative Serum ($37), for thicker hair that needs sheen.

Beehive updo

image 1600

Getty Images

You can check by clicking here. If you don’t, we suggest you do so immediately. Hawn’s been amazing for a long time, but her iconic hairstyles from the ’70s aren’t a bad thing either. Cory Aaron Scott, a celebrity stylist, explains how to achieve the perfect beehive with volume: “Blow-dry your hair and overdirect the hair for volume.” You can add some extra volume by using hair rollers, in sections of half an inch. Don’t forget flexible hairspray.

Low Pigtails

image 1581

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Duenas says that while the ’90s favored high pigtails the ’70s preferred low pigtails. They were loosely grouped, light and airy with little polish. He suggests blow-drying or rough-drying your hair, and then creating a mid-part. He says to back comb the hair from your crown down to the occipital (or skull) bone. Then, spread the hair lightly down the middle, from the crown to the nape. “Bring your hair to just below your ears and secure it with an elastic. This will ensure you maintain the volume of your crown.”

Half Up Beehive

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It’s obvious that the ’70s were beehive lovers. The half-up version was first popularized by Brigitte bardot in the 1960s. But people still loved it in the decade that followed. Can you blame them? There’s clearly some timeless magic going on here.

Scarf on the Hair

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The ’70s and ’80s were all about this fun, carefree hippie vibe. To be fair, we are the same today. Look at how cute Alana Morrison looks with her updo.

Long, Wavy and With a Center Part

image 1578

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Anyone who lived through the 1970s will tell you that it was an era of long, flowing locks with a center part. Tardo says, “The allure is perpetuated by the iconic time’s reputation of glamour and cool.” This style is glamorous and cool.


image 1570

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Stevie Nicks is the only person who can be compared to Stevie Nicks for pure hippie-chic. This long version of a classic shag is a combination of rocker-chic and Woodstock festival.

Long Flipped Out Curtain Bangs

image 1598


The feathery, flippy hairstyles of the 1970s have made a comeback in modern circles. Swoopy curtain bangs are the ones who started it. Scott says, “The curtain bang is and will forever be iconic.” He adds that he has seen many bangs and layers blown out in order to achieve the feathered effect. He suggests a round brush that is very tight and a blow-dry. “I suggest blowing away those pieces from the face and letting the brush warm up. Cool down, and then spray a flexible hairspray.

Voluminous Roller Curls

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Tina Turner is the perfect choice for a rocker look. Tina Turner is known for her voluminous hair, which she still has today, but in the 1970s, it was layered, wispy and layered.

Brow-Skimming Bangs

image 1591


The ’70s were a time of bang experimentation. Another hot look was the straight, short bangs, which barely touched the tops of brows. They were usually thicker and more blunt than their wispy Birkin counterparts, but also come in different amounts of separation. Duckie Thot has a unique take on the bangs of the 1970s.

Curly Shag

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Curly shag is one of the most popular shag styles in this decade. The layered cut, which has been seen on Khadijha Red Thunder and Zendaya in recent years, as well as Alanna Arrington, Sandra Oh, and Alanna Arringer, is complete with curly bangs. Scott suggests cutting the bangs a little longer because “you can expect them to bounce up and get shorter as they dry.”

Accent Braids

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We don’t even know what to call baby braids, whether they are placed around the face as a frame or scattered randomly throughout your hair. Scott says that braids are whimsical and fun. “I like when you make a classic, messy braid and secure the end with a rubber band. Clip it to the desired look. You can place it anywhere you like.

Sleek and straight

image 1574

Bertrand Rindoff / Getty Images

Tardo noticed a trend that has resurfaced: “’70s Cher with her immaculate hair comes to mind,” he said, pointing out the Kardashians as frequent supporters of the look. Ask your colorist to apply a clear gloss all over or a rich brown gloss. This will enhance the shine of your hair, and provide a silky finish. You can now achieve your dream long hair middle part. Tardo suggests Clairol Natural instincts ($8) as a DIY alternative.

Natural Afro

image 1568

Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Diana Ross is the most famous ’70s icon. Ross was the first Black woman co-hosting the Oscars. She dominated the music scene during the 1970s. Ross was well-known for her many hairstyles. However, we always loved the natural afro.

Voluminous Ponytail

image 1576

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is the only one who can pull off a ponytail from the ’70s. Back in the day, a ponytail had to be full and voluminous. Her side fringe is the perfect finishing touch.

Long with Side Part

image 1589

Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

Meryl Streep has once again shown that she is a woman of many talents, and this includes her incredible blonde hair from the 1970s. The actress wore a natural look in this decade. The actress wore a side part that was extreme, but still very girl next door. What’s there not to like?

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