16 Iced Coffee Manicure Ideas for Summer

The first is gourmand scents that make you smell so good, it’s like eating. Next? From J.Lo’s peaches and cream manicure viral to blueberry milk nail art, there’s too much to eat. What’s the most addictive? Iced coffee is the decaf version of our favorite beverage. The iced coffee manicure can be created in a similar way to its darker-toned cousin by using neutral nail art or all-over shades of brown. We don’t like the feeling of holding an iced coffee, but we love this icy display of swirls and drips.

Here are 16 beautiful iced coffee nail designs that can be made without the barista calling out the wrong name.

Chocolate Mocha Swirl Nails

image 1536

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

It’s not difficult to create an iced coffee manicure. You can see here how tiny swirls of brown polish create a mocha-like manicure. You’ll need Le Mini Macaron Gel Polishes in Espresso and Oat Milk ($13) to recreate this exact look.

All Foam Mani

image 1535

@glammertized/ Instagram

This stunning milky manicure will make you feel like a million bucks. These inverted cuticle arches really bring the creamy base polish to life.

Cafe au Lait

image 1540

@pop_polished/ Instagram

How do you like your iced coffee served? All ingredients can be added in a variety of ways. This half-half gradient combo is ideal for neutral lovers.

Double French Mani in Iced Coffee Gradient

image 1538

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

The double French manicure adds a modern, dainty twist to a classic by adding ultra-thin arches below the main French tip. The design is beautiful in one color but even more so in a gradient. You’ll need Lights Lacquer Nail Polishes in Espresso, Americano, and Iced Latte ($11) to achieve this look.

Iced Coffee Hearts

image 1537

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Do you prefer to drink your coffee iced black (or very little milk), or with no added sugar? Stick to a dark brown color scheme with a hint of caramel for good measure. This groovy mani is particularly appealing because of the way that richer shades of brown work together.

Tortoiseshell Swirl Nails

image 1546

@disseynails/ Instagram

This tortoiseshell nail gives iced coffee a boost. The half-and-half swirl reminds of a light espresso creamed with vanilla sweet cream foam. Delicious.

Chocolate Drizzle Nails

image 1533

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

This rich brown swirl manicure will bring every coffee lover’s vision to life. The retro-inspired swirls, brown and cream shades and the cool swirls give us a big retro feeling.

Chocolate Drip Nails

image 1545

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

The two-toned brown nail polishes may be inspired by chocolate but we think they remind us of the syrup that drips down the sides of a Java Chip Frappuccino. Start with a rose gold or champagne metallic polish and then finish it with dark chocolate brown.

Cold Brew

@pop_polished/ Instagram

A trip to the nail salon is not necessary to achieve an iced-coffee look. You can choose the perfect shade of brown, or in this case three shades. This elegant gradient manicure is reminiscent of the coldest brew.

Mocha Swirl Tips

image 1534

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

You want to dip your fingertip in the iced coffee manicure world? What is the world of iced-coffee manicures all about? This swirly version of the classic French mani is a maximalist interpretation of the minimalist trend.

The First Sip Feeling

image 1544

@disseynails/ Instagram

Do you remember that feeling of pure joy when you take your first sip from a Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso, topped with vanilla sweet cream mousse? This manicure is the same feeling, but in nail form. This manicure is a perfect example of that.

Spill of Iced Coffee

image 1541

@disseynails/ Instagram

You can add a touch of iced coffee to your white French manicure. Just paint a thin line of hazelnut, caramel or mocha on each nail. The result is chic.

Latte Nail Art

image 1539

@pop_polished/ Instagram

Let’s face it, we don’t spend all that cash on a cup of coffee. We’re motivated by the visually appealing, Instagrammable latte artwork. The same is true for our favorite manicure. This nail art does not force us to choose between the two.

Caramel Drizzle

image 1543

@glammertized/ Instagram

Do you want an extra caramel drizzled on top of your ice-cold macchiato? Take your order to the nail technician of your choice instead of the barista. This multi-dimensional version will last much longer than any order to-go.

Iced Coffee Croc

image 1542

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Want to switch up your iced coffee from time to time? Try iced matcha. Try this multi-colored, artistic croc manicure, which will make you think of lattes.

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