22 Bubble Bath Nail Designs for Every Look

There are some nail polishes that simply sell more than others. OPI’s Bubble Bath, for example, is one of them. This pale pink nail polish is a favorite of those who like neutral, minimalist looks. The muted shade can be used for vibrant designs, but that doesn’t mean it won’t look good. Manicurists often use sheer shades as a base to create bolder nail designs. We’ve put together 22 Bubble Bath nail designs to show you how you can use the OPI nail color in many different ways.

Classic Bubble Bath Nails

image 1526

@overglowedit / Instagram

Bubble Bath is the perfect example of a sheer polish. This neutral nail polish has a slight pink tint, giving it a natural look. Proof is this chic manicure with rounded edges.

Shimmery Spwirl Nails

image 1532


To make your manicure look more extravagant, add gold flecks to the milky pink color and white squiggly stripes. Create different swirls for each finger. This will give your manicure a unique look.

Subtle Shimmer Stiletto Nails

image 1518

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If you look closely, you will notice that this manicure looks like a normal Bubble Bath. Apply OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Snatched Silver ($6) on top for a subtle shimmery effect.

Simple Bubble Bath Nails

image 1515


You may sometimes want to do a simple manicure. Apply a few coats Bubble Bath polish, and then finish off with a glossy top coat.

Glittery Bubble Bath Nails

image 1517


These sparkling Bubble Bath nails are reminiscent of opals. Apply a thin layer of Bubble Bath polish, then follow with a sheer golden glitter polish to achieve this look.

Simply Sheer Nails

image 1529


Sheer manicures can be simple yet sophisticated. This is a great option for those who want a simple manicure. You can achieve this manicure by applying a few coats.

Short Square Bubble Bath Nails

image 1531

@iramshelton / instagram

Square nails that are short have a moment. Bubble Bath polish looks stunning on the trendy nail shape.

Abstract Swirl Nails

image 1520


This manicure shows why Bubble Bath is the best base color for nail arts. The abstract white swirls pop off the soft pink polish.

Golden Bubble Bath Nails

image 1524


This is a great festive and fun manicure. Add gold dots to a layer of Bubble Bath that is glossy and sheer. Apply the nail stickers with Gelcare’s ($12) Dotting Tool.

Black Accent Nails

image 1516


Paint one corner of the nail with black nail polish to add a touch of nail art. This adds a touch of color to the otherwise minimal look.

Flowery French Nails

image 1522

@pop_polished/ Instagram

This bridal nail option is stunning. Each nail has a Bubble bath base but the design elements are different to create a look that is mismatched. Some nails have a classic French nail tip while others feature gorgeous floral nail art.

Sheer Pink Nails

image 1527

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Bubble Bath is a nail color that looks amazing on its own. You can always add gold flakes to it to give it a little extra oomph.

Cobalt French Nails

image 1521

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Bubble Bath is the base for this pretty cobalt French mani. You can create the ornate French tip using an OPI Nail Lacquer in Shore Is Something ($13).

Floral Stripe Nails

image 1519

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

This blue and white minimalist mani is beautiful. To create the floral stripe, you’ll also need Pleasing Nail Polish in Hairy Mermaid ($18) and Bride’s Buttercream ($18).

Pink Daisy Nails

image 1528

@opinailsuk / Instagram

By layering several coats of Bubble Bath, you can create a pink manicure that is more opaque. Add bold red-orange or yellow-orange flowers on each nail to make it even more vibrant.

Copper Flame Nails

image 1523

@pop_polished/ Instagram

This spicy flame French manicure is to die for. The look can be DIYed by pairing Starrily Foil Nail Polish in Sunlight ($16) with a Bubble bath base. Create your flames using a thin nail-art brush.

Rusty negative space nails

image 1530

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

The pale pinks of Bubble Bath pair beautifully with rust red, peach and orange. The negative space and different abstract designs on each nail gives the manicure a unique look.

Glossy Bubble Bath Nails

image 1525

@brownluxenails / instagram

The square short manicures are a great way to add some style. This Bubble Bath manicure is given a touch of flair by the white marble accent nail.

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