5 Secrets to Spotting High-Quality Jeans

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a tailored or wide-leg style, jeans are an essential in many closets. So, it is important to shop for quality. Denim of high quality feels and looks better than its cheaper alternatives. It also lasts longer, so you’ll save money over time. Designer brands are more likely to use premium fabrics and materials, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay a high price to get expertly made-denim. It’s important to know what makes a pair last so that you can choose the right pair and avoid jeans that fall apart after just a few uses.

Choose Heavier Fabrics

When you have the chance, try on your jeans to feel the fabric. Denim is usually heavier in high-quality jeans because it feels luxurious and lasts longer.

Lightweight denim (less than 12 ounces), unless it is a style designed for the summer, could indicate poor quality. Ask a salesperson if the weight is listed on the label. If you are shopping online for jeans, check to see if the product description includes the fabric weight (light, medium, or heavy).


It may initially feel stiff, but heavier denim will soften over time. You can speed up the process by soaking your jeans in hot water and vinegar.

Check for Stitching that is Durable

The stitching on the pockets, hems and side seams is a good way to judge the quality of jeans. It’s best to choose stitching that is visible and heavy, as it will be less likely for it to unravel, pull apart, or split under pressure. Double-stitching, which is two rows of close-together stitches, and chain stitching are good indicators that the jeans were made with extra care. A single row of stitching is also acceptable, provided the thread is durable and thick.

If you want to test a pair’s durability, gently stretch the jeans at the seams. You can tell if a pair of jeans is poorly constructed if you hear or see the threads pull apart. This will lead to rips in everyday use, and you’ll have to repair them or buy a new pair. Use the zoom function (if it is available) when browsing denim online to examine stitching details.

Consider the Stretch Factor

Stretch denim is the way to go if you want a pair of jeans that fit well and are comfortable. Just pay attention to their composition so they will last for several seasons. Check the label to see how much spandex or lycra is in the fabric. Two percent or less would be ideal. Stretch jeans should not stretch beyond their intended limits (unless they are jeggings).

One percent of the fabric will stretch just enough to provide comfort. Two percent of the fabric will have a substantial amount of stretch. If you go over that amount, the jeans will wear out and become baggy. If you are between sizes and stretch jeans fit snugly, it is best to size down. This fabric can become looser with repeated wear.

Check out the design details

Certain design elements and materials may help you determine if a pair is likely to last. Copper buttons and rivets, for example, are indicators that a brand has made an investment in its denim construction, which results in a piece of higher quality you can enjoy over many years.

Some knockoff labels are able to imitate the style of high-quality jeans and designer brands. Proceed with caution. As an example, the best denim brands, and their imitations, can each produce jeans with contoured pockets. It is therefore best to check both the design details of a pair of jeans as well as its material rather than relying solely on them. This information is often not available on the label, or even on a website. When a brand uses quality materials in its jeans, it’s usually happy to share this information.

Consider ordering custom jeans if you are interested in specific design features for aesthetic or practical purposes. This makes the process of buying jeans more transparent, and it’s likely that you will get your perfect fit.

Designer Jeans Can Be Used as a Comparator

Although we want the best deal, high-quality jeans can be an investment. We know that designer labels aren’t always affordable.

Even if you don’t intend to buy them, you can use them to compare other options. You can use the experience of trying on designer jeans to guide your other shopping. This can be dangerous, as you may feel the urge to spend more on a pair of jeans that fit well. However, it can also be a good way to compare quality between mid-range and higher-end brands. Consider classic Levi’s for budget-friendly denim made to last or an eco-conscious style from Everlane.

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