25 Fierce & Fun Orange Nail Ideas to Brighten Your Day

Reds, nudes, and pinks have been the most popular nail colors for a long time. While we love the classics, sometimes it’s fun to try something new. Orange polish has been a favorite of ours lately for a variety of reasons. Orange nails are a great way to express your creativity since the color comes in so many shades. There’s an orange color for everyone, whether you prefer a red-orange or yellow-orange shade, a true orange, a peach tone, or something more muted.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you if you’re thinking about switching your nail color to orange. Ahead, find 25 orange nail designs you can use as inspiration during your next mani appointment.

Orange Trio Nails

image 1503

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This nail design is ideal for beauty enthusiasts who are indecisive. Why not experiment with several shades of orange if you’re having trouble deciding? A fun and exciting manicure can be created by choosing three orange shades.

Cool Coral Nails

image 1501

@disseynails/ Instagram

Coral is a great way to experiment with colors that aren’t typically used. This shade is perfect if you want an orange that will also work as a neutral color and compliment a variety of looks. Mamey ($11) is a polish from Lights Lacquer’s Honeydew You Love Me collection.

Liquid Marble Nails

image 1509 Instagram

A solid monochromatic design is classic but you can also go for abstract designs. The marble effect is achieved by mixing multiple shades of orange polish with white. The negative space gives the impression that the swirls were dripping.

Simple Accent Orange Nails

image 1512

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

Keep it simple for this manicure by using a solid orange polish. You can add a little razzle-dazzle to your nails by adding some sparkly nail stickers.

Fiery marble Nails

image 1513

@nuka.nails / Instagram

We’re in love with these flaming nails. Orange marble designs that look like flames will heat up your manicure. This bright, swirly design is great for summer. But we would wear it all year round.

Peach Fuzz Nails

image 1494

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s official Color of the Year, is the perfect time to choose this muted orange. This color is soft, delicate and elegant.

Tiger Stripe Nails

image 1506

@myprettyset / Instagram

These nails are reminiscent of those worn by SWV’s Coko, and former track star Flo Jo. This nail design is eye-catching thanks to the long square shape with tiger print. TeMedley Touch Chrome Tiger Press On Nails are an excellent option if you want to wear this look multiple times. They start at $40.

Floral Nail Accent

image 1505

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

To balance out this manicure, add some solids. The orange opaque polish is the perfect complement to the floral designs.

Summer Sunset Nails

image 1508

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

This manicure is reminiscent of a beautiful summer sunset. The details are what make this look so special. The orange base, the airbrushed red centre, and the crisp white stars really set it apart.

Neon Pink Nails

image 1493

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

We don’t set the rules. The matte finish of the polish adds an interesting twist.

Orange Seed Nails

image 1514

@nailsbycanishiea/ Instagram

What a beautiful design! The metallic accents and orange center remind us of a half-cut orange. Consider this design if you’re looking for a more abstract approach to nail art.

Futuristic Nails

image 1511

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Future manicures are usually dominated by shades of white, black and silver. Orange is a color that belongs on the palette. Add a vibrant color to make the look feel bright and fresh.

Matte Summer Nails

image 1507

@nuka.nails / Instagram

When we think about summer manicures, this is what comes to mind. This matte set includes gorgeous shades of pink, yellow and orange. This look is a must-have for your “vacation manicure” folder.

Abstract Pink Nails

image 1499

@disseynails/ Instagram

This manicure is a further proof that orange and peach go together. The curvy peach and papaya design looks sophisticated and fun when separated by a white line and some negative space.

Retro Nails

image 1507

@brownluxenails / Instagram

These retro-inspired nail designs are perfect for the nostalgic soul. Burnt orange and cream peach shades bring us back to the 1960s. To achieve the desired aesthetic, keep the length of the dress short.

Drip Drop Nails

image 1496

@angelsnailz / Instagram

Add 3D accents to your solid orange manicure, such as these dewdrops. This is a great way to add some creativity to your nails.

Red and orange French Nails

image 1502

@rsbnails/ Instagram

The classic French manicure can be upgraded in many different ways. This French manicure is a twist on the classic look. It uses two vibrant nail polish colors – neon orange and red-orange.

Short Floral Nails

image 1497

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This look is perfect for those who prefer shorter nails. Three of your nails should be painted in orange solid polish. The other two nails can have cute floral accents.

Shimmery floral Nails

image 1498

@pop_polished/ Instagram

The six shimmery shades from Cirque Colors’ Surfer’s Crush ($15) collection were used to create this floral French set. The neutral base of this design, along with the tropical flowers and gorgeous orange tips, is what makes it so beautiful. This design allows you to maximize the wear of your wig, since it is easier to detect if a fill-in is needed.

Designer Ode

image 1510 Instagram

Make a fashion statement by adding a designer charm. These Vivienne-Westwood nails are a tribute to the legend. To adhere charms such as this, use a strong adhesive like Makartt Rhinestone glue ($8).

Squiggly Nails

image 1495

@imarninails/ Instagram

Matte neon squiggles make for ultra-cool nail designs. The thin strokes, neutral base and busy lines create a minimalist aesthetic. To achieve a uniform look, it is important to maintain consistency in the size of each line.

Orange Crescents

image 1504

@imarninails/ Instagram

Who would have thought that pumpkin orange and baby pink could look so great together? The rounded edges extend up to the cuticle leaving approximately one-fourth open. This is a very unique, edgy design.

Radiant Gradient Nails

image 1500

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

This gradient version of the classic French manicure will reinvent it. This ombre effect is created using Lights Laquer Nail Polish in Coney Island ($11) and Paper Snow ($11).

Tiny Heart Nails

image 1511

@heluviee/ Instagram

Another way to do an orange and pink mani. Create a pearly tip with orange polish and outline it in hot pink. Finish the look by adding tiny pink hearts just above the cuticle.

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