15 Nail Design Ideas for Spring Weddings: Pearly Tips to White Chrome Accents

We tend to associate weddings with white. This includes white outfits, accessories, and yes, even white nails. The majority of wedding nail looks are based on shades of white, or ultra-pale colours that have the same neutrality. These include cream, oyster shell, and ballet pink. This is especially true during spring when people want to keep their nails extra light. Some people like wedding nail art, while solid swatches can be stunning on their own. We’ve got over a dozen ideas for spring wedding manicures to suit your style.

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3D Chrome White Nails

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@heygreatnails/ Instagram

If you want a classic yet bold wedding manicure, opt for a chrome finish that has 3D lace details. Aiste haas, a nail artist from Germany, created this look by using pearlescent powder on a cream-colored base. She then topped it with lace stickers that she bought online.

Ballet Slipper Pink Oval Nails

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It’s perfectly fine to have a short, simple manicure. Ballet pink is a popular choice. The Gucci Glossy Nail Polish is Ellen Blush (35 dollars).

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3D White Floral Nails

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@heygreatnails/ Instagram

Haas designed this floral wedding manicure with flower stickers on a pale pink base. She covered the stickers with a gel-top coat and added small silver and pearly studded to elevate the look.

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Pale Peach Almond Nails

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@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This manicure is a great example of a neutral classic with an unexpected hint of shimmer. Olive Ave’s Nail Polish Blossom ($12) is the warm-toned color.

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Baby Blue French Tips

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Are you still trying to decide what your “something blue” is going to be? You can always go for a baby-blue chrome French manicure like this one from Melanie Graves.

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Short Sheer Nude Nails

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@glammertized/ Instagram

These short, sheer and nude lips gloss nails are perfect, proving less is sometimes more. For a similar effect, try the Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish Nude BB cream ($20).

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White French Tips

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@heygreatnails/ Instagram

You’ll see that the pearlescent French tips have tiny flowers on your ring and index fingers. Haas started with white French tips, then added chrome powder. She finished off with floral details to add a touch of sweetness.

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Sheery Milky Oval Nails

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@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Grab a bottle of Hermes Les Mains Nail Polish Rose Coquille (57 dollars) for a classic, clean wedding nail look. You’ll need two to three coats of nail polish for the inevitable ring photos.

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Sheer Pinkish Nude Nails

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@overglowedit / Instagram

This long, oval-shaped manicure was created with Gelcare’s Bare BB cream ($20), a nail polish that’s a fan favorite. You can also get the length of your nails by purchasing the Apres Gel X Nail Extension Kit (117$) in either Natural Long Round Nails or Long Almond Nails.

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Peachy Chrome Squoval Nails

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The chrome finish makes pale peach nails look enchanting, perfect for a romantic wedding. Nail artist Jen Seales finished this set off with Nails Luxe Official Pearl Glaze from the Chrome Palette (23 dollars).

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French Manicure with Swooped Nail

image 154

@themimid/ Instagram

The swooped French nail caught our attention. What’s the best part? The ManiMe The Swoop gel nail stickers ($16) are easy to use.

Pearly white French tips

image 155


Haas created this beautiful pearl nail look by using Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish in Rose BB cream ($20) as the base. She mixed Melo Melo Pearl and Freshwater Pearl for the tips.

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Pearlescent White French Tips

image 156

@heluviee/ Instagram

This looks like an oval French manicure at first glance. If you look closely, however, you will see that the preadolescent tips of this manicure are actually marbling.

Long Pearl Shimmer Nails

image 157


The pearl accents are especially bridal-ready when paired with a base of ultra-fine shimmer. Lights Lacquer Nail Polish Diamonds Are Forever ($13), and 3D Pearl Nail Stickers from the same brand ($7) are required to recreate this look.

Short White Velvet Nails

image 158


What a pretty short white velvet manicure! This manicure was created with the Static Nails Pops Champagne Round Velvet Reusable Pop On Manicure ($20). The Olive & June Wedding Press-On set ($40) is also a great option if you are considering a press-on manicure.

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