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12 Turtleneck Outfit Inspirations for a Timeless and Comfortable Flair

Turtlenecks are a versatile piece that is a foundation for putting together a capsule wardrobe. Turtlenecks can be worn as a layering piece or as a stylish, polished, elegant, and practical item. They are also great for adding warmth. This classic piece has a subtle mystery to it. Wearing a turtleneck exudes sophisticated confidence. Turtlenecks are a classic staple that has been worn by many icons, including Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Mick Jagger and The Beatles. Audrey Hepburn also wore turtlenecks, as did Steve Jobs, who owned hundreds of black Issey miyake turtlenecks. It’s not surprising that the turtleneck can be reimagined in a variety of ways, depending on your personal style. Here are 12 outfits with turtlenecks that are both chic and functional.

All That Glitters

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@carodaur / Instagram

Sequins and metallics were seen on many spring 2024 runways. Layer a sequin-covered dress with a fitted, sheer turtleneck over it for an evening out. Add even more glitzy details to the look: molten cuffs and hoops in oversized sizes, as well as a silver bag with a moonbeam effect.

Layer it On

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@leandramcohen / Instagram

Turtlenecks, in the first place, are powerful insulators. Use a turtleneck like a base coat to add layers of different textures and colors. This concept can be applied to a variety of items, including sheer skirts and trousers, cashmere knits, button downs, blazers and dresses. Layering jewelry is another option. A cuff, or chain-link pendant can be worn over your turtleneck to create a unique look.

Dressed in the Nines

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@preciousleexoxo/ Instagram

The floor-length turtleneck is an easy, stylish option for day to night. Keep it simple with a slinky elongated dress and kitten heels or flats. Add a pair bold earrings.

Belt Out Loud

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Denim on denim will never go out of style. A turtleneck, handbag and polished belt can break up a blue ensemble. Look for jackets that are either tapered (which is in style at the moment), or have a belt attached. You can change or add the belt to create a more deliberate silhouette.

Twice As Nice

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@stillintribeca/ Instagram

The cheat code for transitional seasons is to wear pants under your skirt. Combine an asymmetrical midi skirt with slim-fitting trousers or knit pants and a semi slouchy turtleneck for a stylish yet practical ensemble.

Work it Out

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@yarashahidi / Instagram

Wear a pair of joggers with a turtleneck and a chic pair ballet flats, or slingbacks, for an elegant look.

Night Sky

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Wear a pleated skirt with a turtleneck and semi-opaque opaque tights for an all-black outfit as an alternative to a LBD.

Great Lengths

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No-pants is still the most popular trend, and it’s perfect for any season. Style a pair cashmere microshorts or knit shorts with opaque stockings and an oversized turtleneck. Wear a trench coat or leather jacket open.

Fifty shades of Grey

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Choose a color or pattern and go with it. Layer pieces with different silhouettes and add a statement piece to break up the monotony.

Trail Blazers

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@nnennaechem / Instagram

Wear a turtleneck under or instead of a button down. Pair it with a mini-skirt or trousers. Accessorize your look with a silver necklace and a scarf.

High Contrast

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@halima / Instagram

The contrast between a fitted turtleneck and more voluminous separates creates an elegant statement. Pair the outfit with accessories that are understated to create a quiet luxury vibe.

Pop Red

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@sofiarichiegrainge / Instagram

Combine a cool-toned suit, or oversized blazer worn as a dress with a turtleneck in an intense, warm shade. Finish off the look with tights, a briefcase, and a cool-toned suit.

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