25 Seasonal Spring Makeup Looks to Refresh Your Style

Spring is a great time to change up your makeup routine. The change in season is our cue for bringing out our pastel eyeshadows, baby pink blushes and rosy lips. We’ve seen a lot of spring-ready looks from makeup artists, creators and celebrities. We’ve gathered 25 of our favorite makeup looks for spring that we will definitely recreate between March and June.

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Blushing beauty

image 121

@patrickta / Instagram

This season, turn up the saturation of your blush. Bright pink blush shades for spring, whether you use cream, powder, or liquid formulas, are welcome and beautiful. For a look this bold, we suggest a formula with pigments like Juvia’s Place Liquid Blush (US$18).

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Colorful Cheeks

image 122


This season, play with color by adding a wash rosy blush to your cheeks. Pair your cheek color with a brown lip to balance it.

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All Over Glow

image 123

@cherishbrookehill/ Instagram

We all want glowing skin, but this season we recommend you use a lot of highlighter. Use a liquid highlighter or cream under your browbone and on the apples of your cheeks after you have applied makeup. Apply LH Cosmetics Infinity Glass (29 dollars) to the cheekbones to add a hint of highlight.

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Mauvelous Matte

image 124

@cherishbrookehill/ Instagram

The season is perfect for incorporating rose and mauve tones into your glam. The subtle colors will really pop when paired with matte-finish skin.

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Fresh Faced

image 125

@artbyashleyrebecca / instagram

Spring makeup will always feature bright, seasonal colors. The matte pink lip and coral blush look stunning together.

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Sculpted Soft Glam

image 126


This is a perfect example of spring makeup. To achieve this sculpted appearance, apply a powder contour along with a baby pink blush to your cheekbones. Soft, smoky eyes complete the look.

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Everyday Glam

image 127

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

Add subtle, glamorous details to your spring makeup. The look is elevated by the soft pink lips, barely-there blush and long false lashes.

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Naturally Radiant

image 128

@brittsully/ Instagram

Spring is the best time to embrace a glossy, dewy look. Spring makeup is all about glowing, highlighted skin with a little bit of color added to the cheeks and eyes.

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Chic Contoured

image 129

@brittsully/ Instagram

Spring makeup is all about glossy lips and cheekbones contoured with blush. This stunning look is a combination of all three.

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Pastel Dreams

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

Pastel shades are popular in spring, and here’s a way to incorporate them into your makeup. Use a touch of white on your lids and a hint of yellow in your inner corner for a unique eye look.

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Radiant Skin

image 130

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

The foundation of any spring makeup is glowing skin, and here it shines. As a primer, use Catrice Cosmetics Soft Glam Filter $10 to achieve a natural, dewy complexion.

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Satin skin

image 131

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

This glam is elegant. This timeless makeup is so beautiful, from her satin skin to her voluminous lashes.

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Lavender Haze

image 132

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Two popular colors for spring are lilac and pink. You can add them to your makeup for a beautiful seasonal look.

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Noticeable Neutrals

image 133

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

It’s perfectly acceptable to go for a nude makeup look in spring, even though the season is all about colors. This sophisticated yet simple glam uses neutral shades for the lips, eyes and complexion.

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Glossy & Glam

image 134

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

The more bronze the better Yara is in agreement. Her glistening glam is a combination of peach and bronze shades that highlight the warmth in her skin.

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Contrasting Eyes

image 135

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Take advantage of the spring’s vibrant colors with an eyeshadow that is bold, like this multidimensional pink-and-deep-red look. The contrasted shades create a striking look.

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Nostalgic Glamour

image 136

@davidrazzano / Instagram

If you want to embrace nostalgia, try this ’90s-inspired look. The baby pink lips, thin eyebrows and spider lashes are all reminiscent 2000s.

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Romantic Beauty

image 137

@kaleteter / instagram

We love so many aspects of this romantic makeup look. Soft wing eye make-up, subtle rosy cheeks and stained pink lips were just some of the components that caught our attention.

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Smoky Spring Eyes

image 138

@kaleteter / instagram

Spring makeup doesn’t have to be limited to florals and pastels. You can also rock a dark smoky look. Combine your dark chocolate eyeshadow with black eyeliner for a dynamic eye look.

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Mesmerizing Matte

image 139

@kaleteter / instagram

We totally understand if you are a fan of matte skin. This look shows how matte formulas can be used on the lips, eyes, and face.

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Shimmer away

image 140


Add shimmer to your makeup for a festive and fun look. Gigi has a neutral, glittery eyeshadow. Finish off the look with a matte nude lip.

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Glossy Eyes

image 141

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The eyes are the focus of this look. The details are amazing, especially the metallic inner corner and pink eyeliner.

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Full Flush

image 142

@lapetitevengeance/ Instagram

This is an absolutely beautiful example of draping blush. The blend between peach blushes and eyeshadows is seamless. The rest of the makeup is kept simple (lightly brushed eyebrows and a glossy clear lip), which keeps the focus on the gorgeous cheek and eye makeup.

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Sweet & Warm

image 143

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Peach and pink hues are perfect for spring makeup. Consider this warm makeup look with all-over peach shadow on the eyelid and a wash pink blush along your cheekbone.

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