Vacation Ready Nails: Achieve Beachy Perfection with These 15 Tropical Manicures

We always spend the final days of a trip in circles, no matter how early we begin the preparations. It’s time to choose outfits, pack toiletries, and dig passports out of the safe. Then there is the pre-trip mani-pedi.

We’ve got some ideas for you if you don’t know what you want to leave the salon with. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your nails during a tropical getaway. We’ve gathered 15 tropical nail designs for your next vacation. Scroll down and have a safe trip.

Orange Are You Ready to Vacation

image 1398

@pop_polished/ Instagram

You can add hibiscus accents no matter what your level of nail art is. If you are a beginner, you can use nail stickers. If you consider yourself an intermediate, you can use nail stencils. And if you are a professional, you can grab some fine-lining brush and start painting.

Ride The Wave

image 1402


Try an ocean theme for a more literal interpretation of tropical nails. You can almost hear the waves crashing on the shore.

Sunrise and Sunset

image 1402


Aura Nails will bring you good vibes and help you manifest some amazing vacation sunsets.

Lucky Stars

image 1396 Instagram

This set takes the “rich girl manicure” to the Tropics. The gemstones make the starfish on the accent nail dance.

Hibiscus Crush

image 1399


This tropical twist on the classic French manicure is a favorite. While the deep red tip might not immediately make you think of vacation, it goes perfectly with the white flowers.

Nails under water

image 1392

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

This manicure looks like you’re swimming with dolphins. Visit Brittney’s Instagram to see her use of clear polish, white nail polish and a dotting instrument to create the water effect.

Neon Jelly Hearts

image 1393


The subtle hearts and neon nails are the perfect way to bring a little energy on your vacation.

Hot Tropic

image 1403

@myprettyset / Instagram

This set shows that you don’t need a large surface area to display 3D builder accents. We’d leave this to the pros, even though it is only a short piece.

Tropical Girlie

image 1401


Coquette nails meet tropical nails. This pink manicure is the essence of girlhood. There’s something to suit everyone: French tips, ombres, hand-painted florals, and even dainty 3-D details.

Happy Days

image 1400


Why not put your smile on your nail? This manicure is full of joy, from the orange-pink gradient to the adorable smiley faces.

Yellow Not so Yellow

image 1395

@overglowedit / Instagram

The spring was dominated by buttery yellow. But we predict that neon will be the color of summer.

This Barbie is on Vacation

image 1403

@myprettyset / Instagram

The set, which features 3D floral and watery accents, was inspired by Malibu Barbie. However, we think that it would be equally suitable for Mermaid Barbie.

Blue Crush

image 1394

@imarninails/ Instagram

This set is a great example of a matte topcoat. Most summer nail designs are gloss-heavy, but it’s a good alternative. This elegant tropical look is created by combining negative space with swirls and French tips in blue.

Just a Swirl

image 1397

@heluviee/ Instagram

Negative space swirls are a great option for those who like their nail art to be minimalistic. Choose swirls in a muted neon color, such as Manucurist’s Pulp ($14), to give your manicure a tropical flair.

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