The Latest Trends in Natural Wedding Makeup

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It’s like asking for food at a restaurant on your wedding day. This term is too broad: matte or dewy makeup? What do you prefer: sculpted or flashy? Salmon or steak?

You want to be the best version of you on your wedding day. But that doesn’t stop you from trying out some of the latest beauty trends (and, dare we say it, having a little bit of fun with your look). Natural bridal makeup is suitable for all types of weddings, whether you are a bride who has two makeup products or a vixen who has a speakeasy reserved for your special day.

Pearlescent skin

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Some brides prefer to sparkle like pearls, while others want to be as bright and shining as diamonds. The TikTok pearl skin trend is perfect for the bride who wants to look like a pearl on her wedding day. Joseph Carrillo, a makeup artist based in New York City, says the finishing touch is key. He says that after all the makeup has been applied, he recommends using a Beautyblender and bouncing a liquid highlighter over the skin. He recommends using a light amount of liquid on the forehead and adding a little extra on the nose tip and Cupid’s bow. We want to look like a jewel, not a disco ball.

Berry Stained

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Why use makeup when you can simply squeeze a cranberry on your wedding? Maybe don’t (it is too sticky). If you’re looking for a look that won’t make a mess, opt for lip colors, blushes and shadows in berry shades. Carrillo suggests using a plum or raspberry shade in the winter or fall. He recommends a cherry or strawberry shade for spring or summer.

Dreamy Cloud Skin

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A trip to the cloud nine is an amazing experience (it’s expensive, long, and hotel rooms are often sold out). A dreamy, cloudy skin is an acceptable compromise. This matte, soft-focus look is a beautiful, angelic look for your wedding day. Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin says, “It is basically healthy skin that doesn’t have a reflection of highlighter.” Keep shine away by using matte or satin finish foundations and bronzers.

Gently Sculpted

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Two types of people exist: those who like to paint brown and white stripes across their faces and then buff them out for an incredibly sculpted appearance (see TikTok), and those who want something more subtle. When it comes to wedding makeup, subtle is the way to go. Applying contour and highlighter under your foundation rather than on top can help soften up your look. Kate Mellinger, makeup artist, says that this allows for more error. The result is less of a jungle cat and more Greek statue.

Sweet & Blushy

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It doesn’t matter if you call it “dolly make-up” or “sunburn cheeks,” adding a little color to your cheeks can be a good idea for brides. Patinkin says, “I advise my brides to wear 20% more blush than usual on their wedding day to avoid looking washed-out.”

Statement Lips

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Why not make your lips the centerpiece of your bridal beauty? If you want your natural beauty to shine through, we don’t think a bold lip is always the best choice. Instead, opt for hydrated skin with a little mascara. You can elevate your no makeup look to a special occasion with a red lip (or if you prefer, lilac or pink).

Otherworldly Glow

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The makeup for your wedding should be “you but enhanced.” You can have glowing, holographic cheeks that look like they were dropped by a UFO from the night skies. This dimensional look adds a blink-and-you-miss-it dash of whimsy to your wedding day look. Begin with a highlighter of your choice. Carrillo says to add a shimmery wash over the area where you’ll be applying blush, and then contour your face. This helps give layers and dimensions to the holographic blush.

Fresh and Angelic

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What do you hear? Is it the distant strums of a harp? You’re not a Bouguereau. It’s you, emerging from the church to walk down the aisle. You want your skin to be super soft, plump, and radiant. Avoid any colors that are highly saturated or features with extreme definition. Stick to non-touring and highlight the high points on your face. Avoid contouring products. Mellinger says, “Apply a foundation with a medium to light coverage using a damp sponge, dual-fiber brush, or kabuki.”

Femme Fatale

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Some brides will have a dirty martini, while others will have a rose. Soft and subtle is not enough for the latter. What’s the perfect olive (or cherry) to top off a sculpted, natural look? Spiky lashes which cut like a blade every time you blink. Karina Morales says that you can buy a strip of spiky eyelashes, or use individual spikes over your natural lashes.

Fun and freckled

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Freckles can be compared to a splash of lemonade with seltzer. Freckles add a little bubbly fun to a refreshing look. Not everyone is indeed blessed with freckles. However, you can easily fake them by strategically placing brown eyeliner. The fake freckles create the illusion of not wearing too much make-up, says Morales. This is a good trick if you’re looking for a base that covers well but still looks natural.

Bare Skin

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You don’t need to wear makeup to your wedding. Mellinger says that bare skin is authentic and totally you. It works with anything, and your partner won’t think that you look like anyone else when you walk down the aisle. You only need a good skincare routine, a moisturizer that glows, and perhaps a few drops of concealer.

Hydrated goddess

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You may not drink enough water but that doesn’t stop you from looking like the picture of hydrated perfection at your wedding. You should also drink water on your wedding day. Cassandra Garcia, makeup artist says: “[Dewy] skin is good for brides as long as it’s in the right spots.” Use a light powder in the T-zone and highlighter powders on the high points of your cheeks.

Pretty and Pouty

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The kiss is usually the final touch to a wedding ceremony, except for the dramatic ones, like when the bride runs away or the audience objects. If you’re willing to stay for the symbolic moment and kiss, a cherub-lip pout will make your lips even more kissable. Carrillo says that the secret is in the lipliner. To create your Cupid’s bow, instead of defining its points, use your lip liner to connect them, and then fill in the gaps. “Then, line the remainder of the lip like you normally do and clean the edges.”

Full and Fluffy Brows

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Makeup artist Dani Kimiko Vincent says that eyebrows are essential to the look of your wedding makeup. They frame and define the eyes and give structure to your entire face. The brows of those who lived in the 1990s are no longer as fluffy and soft. But filling in brows with a pencil, then brushing them with a strong hold gel, will give you that look.

Modern Monochrome

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Monochromatic makeup is a statement that says, “I am not your average bride. I am a cool bride.” There’s no need to use 5, 10, or even 15 products. A few multitaskers are all you need. So cool! So low-maintenance! Your bridal coolness will be admired by all. You just need to match the three big things: lips, eyes, and cheeks. Vincent says that the key to finding the right tone is to find one that will bring out your lips, eyes, and cheeks while still feeling natural. The deep mauve shades look stunning on Rachel Zegler, who has olive-toned skin. Peach and rose would also be suitable for brides.

Coquettish & Flirty

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Coquette eyes and cherub lips are soulmates. The eyes are sweet, and flirty and have a dash of “Who’s me?” The innocent eyelash flicker is the perfect way to finish. Vincent suggests drawing a thin line of gel eyeliner from the middle of the lid outward, ending with a flick. This will create the look of doe-eyed eyes. She says to focus the mascara on the outer corners in order to “draw the shape of the eye up and outwards.”

Pop of Color

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A color-wash eyeshadow is a great way to add a little fun and a splash of color to your natural wedding makeup. “Oh, this was an easy trick I picked up at New York Fashion Week”, (where I was a fashion model…with Kendall Jenner) There is a tiny bit of work involved in order to ensure that it does not look completely flat. Vincent says, “If your eyes are not naturally set, contour them in the same tone as your face. This is similar to an underpainting. She says that “the sheer color on top allows the contour to show and still give you a color wash effect.”

Subtle Shimmer

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This blessed year, the one that saw Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, has taught us that glitter is timeless (see what we’ve done there?). It’s not necessary to be completely adorned for your wedding (last one). The addition of a subtle shimmer to a natural bridal style can add a touch of magic. Vincent says to be careful with the placement of sparkles because they can appear as a shine on photos if placed in the wrong place. Apply the product to the middle of your eyelids for a subtle twinkle.

Kitten Eye

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Cat eyes aren’t natural for humans. A kitten’s eye is the younger, more subtle sibling of this look. It’s a better choice for a natural bridal look. A casual flick in the outer corners can make your eyes look sexy, without looking like you’ve painted them on. You can use a liquid eyeliner to create a perfect line along your upper lashline, and then give it a tiny flick at the end. You can clean it with a cotton ball for a low-maintenance but sexy appearance that almost purrs.

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