7 Wedding Makeup Trends to Try This Season

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This wedding isn’t about you. It could, however, be a little about you. You can play around with the trends that you’ve seen on your TikTok page or the lipstick color that Taylor Swift wore on her red carpet. You are not the guest who wears a white dress, but you’re the one with amazing makeup.

You don’t need to do this, even though the bride may be trying to maintain a natural look. You don’t have to go overboard with the experimentation, but you do not want the newlyweds to notice you. Graphic eyeliner or face gems may not be the best choice for this occasion. “But a pop pastel, metallic shadow, holographic blush, or the perfect fluttery mascara can make you standout in a subtle manner,” says makeup artist Christin Zito. After all, your look will appear in photos of the couple forever. Consider using a more subtle look like berry girl or Pearl Skin instead of a louder one like neon lip gloss or rockstar eyeliner.

Pearly and Radiant

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You can still look like Venus emerging out of her scallop shell, even if it’s not the day of your wedding. Madison Bailey, Ilia’s TikTok manager and New Platforms Manager (who works closely with editors and content producers to identify social media trends), has noticed the “pearl-skin” trend taking off in 2018. You’ll need to apply a thin veil of pearlescent highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bone, nose, cupid’s bow, chin, and possibly the center of the eyelid. Mix the highlighter into your foundation for a pearly glow.

This liquid highlighter is “Starglow”, and it’s the exact same color as a string of South Sea pearls. (The only pearls Venus would ever fuck, honestly.) The gel texture makes it an excellent product to mix with the foundation for a full-on glow.


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It’s not worth following every TikTok trend (sunscreen contouring, for example, is out of the question), but berry girl make-up, which is makeup in jewel tones or berry hues like cranberry and burgundy and plum, is universally flattering and a great look for wedding guests. It’s safer, too than sun damage.

Shenise Sheena, a makeup artist recommends using a medium coverage foundation to even out the skin tone. She suggests applying a multi stick to your lips and cheeks for a monochromatic, berry-hued look. Sheena says, “I love to use the blush I used to blend it into the creases of my eyes with a blending tool to bring the look together.”

Statuesque and Sculpted

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A Greek goddess looks will never be out of fashion, so creating a sculpted contour by blending one dot of contouring liquid or cream from the middle of your cheek is a great hack for wedding guests. This gives you chiseled, statuesque cheekbones in an easier way than painting brown stripes on and blending till you get carpal tunnel.

Start with your contour, then follow with a skin tint or foundation with light coverage. Sara Wren is a makeup artist at Milk Makeup and the director of artistry. She says that “underpainting” softens shadows.

Dewy, Natural

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Skin tints are a popular trend on the internet, as they are lighter and more comfortable than foundation. Skin tints are usually a more minimal look, with a dewy complexion, natural blush, and perhaps just a hint of mascara. This look is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the summer (where heavy makeup can be a drag).

Bright, Blushy

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Do you know the flush that comes after drinking a good Cotes du Rhone wine? After a pilates class that has re-energized you? What about a late-night chat with your soulmate or a Pilates class? This is what a statement blush, extra bright, and bold looks like.

Paige Pelfrey says that bright blushes are flattering, and require less effort to apply than statement lips. Apply blush liberally to the apples of the cheeks, along the cheekbones, and across your nose. Finish with a flirty eyelash.

Supermodel of the ’90s

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Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell must have been the stars of the weddings they attended (and perhaps still are) in the 1990s. We’ll be wearing our own supermodel outfit for the next evening’s wedding.

What are the ingredients in this product? Karina Morales, a makeup artist, suggests that lips are filled with nude and overlined in dark brown with a pencil. Then, smudge the color and blend to create a worn-in effect.

Sweet & Peachy

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Pantone has declared peach fuzz as the color of the year. While we order bottomless Fuzzy Navels and consider repainting the bathroom the coral shade, we also go to all warm-weather weddings with a peach makeup look. Morales says that coral blushes look great on people of all skin tones. Combine the blush with a coral lip balm and a flicked kitten eye to create a coquettish appearance.

Frosted Eyeshadow

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Even the most cynical people can agree that weddings are always a bit magical. It could be the love in the air or the huge floral budget. But a shimmery, ethereal makeup look is perfect for an enchanted wedding. Frosted eyeshadow is the perfect way to add a touch of magic and fantasy. This trend is perfect for weddings because you can change the colors according to the season,” says Morales. “I would do a light pink frosted in spring, baby blue in summer or yellow for winter, and white ice in winter.”

Dolly Beauty

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The Holy Trinity of coquettes is bows, ballet flats and dollies. This is especially beautiful for a wedding with lots of pink roses and laces. Start with a blurring base primer to achieve a doll-like finish. Then, apply a medium-coverage foundation and a healthy dose of peach cream blush. Finish with baby pink lids and spiky ’50s doll lashes.

Mob Wife

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The mob wife, bored from running errands and wearing her long fur coat and oversized sunglasses, is the definition of glamour and confidence. The makeup is bold, sexy, and overdone. Diane Buzzetta, a makeup artist, says that she loves the mob-wife makeup look because it is darker and looks great with warm fabrics such as velvet or fur. You’ll need a bit of everything, er, a lot: a matte smoky eye, black eyeliner, and a bold glossy lip.

Strawberry Makeup

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The berry girl makeup trend is for the jewel tones of the food pyramid. Strawberry makeup, however, is brighter and more energetic – perfect for a wedding in the summer (when strawberries are in season). Buzzetta says that the look is simple and only requires strawberry staining on the cheeks, lipstick with a glossy finish and a lip stain. Choose a look that is hydrated and juicy to make you appear as if you could eat it.

Ombre Lips

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You have both a dark and a bright side. Why shouldn’t your lips do the same? You can create ombre lips in any color combination, such as burgundy to crimson, mauve to petal pink, or chocolate to beige. This is the more “statement-y” side of wedding guest makeup, so keep the rest of the look fresh and simple.

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