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The Petite Girl’s Guide: 16 tips to Look Taller

Petite girls often opt for fashion cheats like high heels to look taller. It’s no doubt a good way to get a taller look. But other than this, there are many clever fashion tricks and optical illusions to make you look taller than what your DNA has recommended. Even there are a number of A-lister celebrities who strive hard to look longer than their real height. To look heighted and leaner for a petite girl, can be tricky but just a bit of attention on your part can transform your whole look.

1. Be Funky with High-waisted, Long, Flared Jeans

As it’s winter season, you must be looking for some trendy winter trousers. Look for the ones with high waist (even shorts or skirts should be high-waisted). These should be fitted on the thighs and flared from bottom. When hemline touches the floor (long pants), you get an illusion of longer legs. Remember, cropped jeans are not for you. Wearing cropped jeans would break up the whole vertical effect of your legs.

Note: Pairing high waisted trousers, skirt or a short with a crop top gives an elongating effect. A crop top gives a shorter look to your torso and longer to the legs.

2. A Tuck-in Top

Whatever you are wearing be it a trouser, shorts or a skirt, make sure your top is fitted and tucked in properly. A form-fitting top offers a leaner and longer (torso) look. If you don’t want your top to be tucked in completely, just do it in front and leave the back side hanging freely.

3. Long Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt is always trendy especially its perfect for winter. So, if you have plans of adding a few to your wardrobe, make sure it is well cut and skimming the length of your body. And above all, it should be of a floor length so that your lower body gets a vertical look. A long maxi skirt can also be paired with some stylish flats.

4. Refrain from Middies or Knee Lengths

When it comes to the length of your dress, pick too long (floor-grazing maxi dress) or too short lengths. Middies are not going to work for you. In a short dress, your legs are more revealing and they give an elongated feel overall.

5.Try Vertical Stripe Prints

Be it a dress, skirt or some trousers, vertical stripes are the most suitable prints for petite women. Putting on vertical prints give you an appearance of a long girl. Other than this, it should be slim-fit or with an A-line silhouette.

6. Paneled Dress

Wearing a paneled dress for the girls with short height is one of the best optical illusions. The side panels in your dress promise a slimming effect and you automatically get a thinner and longer look.

7. Prefer V Necklines

With deep V-necklines, you neck gets a longer look and you get the illusion of a longer torso.

8. Suitable Hairdo for Petite Girls

Even your hairdo can help a lot in getting an illusion of a good height. Long hair makes you look smaller. So, it’s better to have shorter length of hair. But if you love long hair and can’t think of chopping them, opt for a top knot. It’s not only one of the trendiest hairstyles these days but it would surely give you a taller impression.

9. Opt for Monochrome Dressing

Wearing too many colors in a single dress gives you a shorter look by breaking up the body. Cheat your viewers with a taller and vertical impression of you. Using a single colored dress would surely create an illusion of height. If you don’t like this idea of a monochrome outfit, you can experiment with different fabrics (in the same color) in a single outfit.

10. Turtleneck Tops

Prefer wearing turtlenecks for a longer silhouette. Winter is here, and it’s gonna be the hottest trend. A turtleneck not only adds a chic appeal to your avatar but it would also lengthen your frame. Check 2016 Most Stylish Ways to Wear Turtleneck this Fall/Winter Season.

11. Get Some Help from Longer Necklaces

Even your fashion accessories can prove some help in getting that impression of a longer body. Opt for long necklaces. It would create an illusion of height without breaking up the body. [Do you want to know various great ways to dazzle up your outfit with jewelry? Find the best tips here.]

12. Slim-fit Clothes

Loose and baggy outfits are not suitable for petite girls. Moreover, layered or too many fabrics at a time must be avoided. You better look for a slimming effect with fitting clothes, highlighting your lines.

13. Highlight the Slimming Features

Your legs are the main feature that play a significant role in giving you an illusion of height. Bright up this area with some attractive and highlighting colored outfit.

14.Shoe Shop for Almond-Toe Heels

The most common trick that petite girls have been observing since ages is wearing a high heel. What they don’t know is, not all high-heeled shoes are recommended for them. The first thing is to look for a pointy or almond toe shoe. Secondly, make sure that it has got a low-cut vamp. Both of these elements are supposed to create an illusion of elongated legs. Many times, you prefer wearing flats, even in that case, pick the ones with pointy toes. [Do you want to know how to pick the right heels? Get it here.]

15. Rock with Platform Shoes

Other than pointy heels, wearing platform shoes would easily add a few inches in your height. Wear it in celebrity style to look good and feel good.

16. Small or Medium Sized Bags

Big sized handbags (quite trendy these days), must be avoided. Opt for small to medium sized bags in sleek and smart styles. Just keep in mind, any oversized trends, including, dresses, shoes or bags are not suitable for a petite girl.

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