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Tips on Wearing Wide-Leg Pants for Mature Women

It’s true that nothing is permanent in this world except change. And as you age, sometimes your fashion choices go to an ultimate transformation— from crop tees to baggy sweats or super-skinny jeans to wide-leg pants. That’s inevitable, but you should always be on top of your style. For mature women, it’s not yet over to achieve a chic and fascinating fashion. The fashion world is limitless, and whatever your age, you still have the right to create an exceptional and striking OOTD.

And for this year, it turns out that the wide-leg pants are having a great comeback. So, it’s time to jump on board the wide-leg pants mania or also called as the palazzo pants, and steal gazes with your head turner get-up.

What’s the Deal with Wide-Leg Pants?

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With the surge of the all-time favorite skinny jeans, wide-leg pants seem to be taken lightly by most women. It’s not a question that the former is way popular and to-go bottoms. But for those who have good, or shall we say, impeccable styling tricks, owning at least one wide-leg pants or flared pants is definitely a fashion saver. Flared bottoms are very popular during the 70s, and it seems to be a trend that keeps coming back. Well, this unique and voluminous fashion piece is great for mature women as it does not emphasize the size, but rather the style.

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There are a lot of variations when it comes to the flared pants outfit, ranging from minimalist monochrome to flamboyant designs. But despite of its variations, all of these wide-leg pants are pretty much flattering, if worn appropriately. And if you’re on the age bracket where grey strands and forehead lines are starting to show up, don’t worry because we’re here to help you make the most out of these very stylish yet unconventional pants.

Wide-leg pants for pear-shaped body type

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Though flared jeans or wide-leg pants are generally a scene-stealer, this may not be flattering for everyone. One of the most important but very simple fashion tricks is to know your body type. Well, you can’t deny the fact that your body shape may have changed over the years. So, it’s best to take the redefining lane, and know your measurements during this almost-golden stage. It’s just a matter of understanding your body more than anyone else. Of all people, it should be you who should know what is best for your structure. The most common body shapes are hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and rectangle.

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Wide-leg pants are perfect for pear-shaped body type as it will draw the attention to the upper body, and accentuates the shoulder while creating an illusion of elongated legs. These are also great for short-legged women because these bottoms are leg lengthening once paired with the right top. And if you are blessed with the bust, then flared pants should be part of your wardrobe essential because this will provide you an attractive silhouette, and at the same time creating a nice balance to your fashion choices. If you are a self-confessed pear-shaped woman, then we’ve got some important tips just for you. Check out our Dress to Impress: Pear-Shaped Body Type.

What to Wear with Wide Leg Pants

1. Fitting Top & Flowy Bottom

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Flared bottoms, especially the high-waisted wide-leg pants, are best paired with a fitting top. This will help you achieve a charming set off of fashion ensembles. The high-waist design will help you hide your muffin top, while giving the right ooze of sophistication and style. You can also add your favorite denim jacket or your But if you don’t want a fitting top, that’s totally okay because you can also pair your flared pants with wider top. Though it can be a lot tougher to pull off, you can still achieve a nice silhouette.

2.Flared Trousers with a Belt

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Wide pants will look great if you highlight your waist by adding a belt. For women over the age of 40, they tend to lose their sexy curves, but don’t fret because you can still achieve a replica of your teenage body by using a not-so-secret fashion accessory. Belts are very significant in accentuating your dangerous curves in the most flattering way. But finding the right type of belt can be intimidating, so we’ll make it easier for you as we give you the Types of Waist Belts and How to Wear Them.

3. Consider White Wide-leg Pants First

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Stack up wardrobe with some fresh white pair of wide-leg pants, and you’ll definitely have year of clean and crisp fashion. Well, this simple yet sophisticated color is a staple in the world of fashion, and it really looks great on older women. You can pair your white wide-leg pants with a button-down or a tucked in shirt. As for the color, you have the choice to stay within the color hue or opt for a brighter and bolder top.

4. Wide-leg Pants with High Heels

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The splayed bottoms are best completed with a good pair of high heels. This ensures a great combination of fashion choices that will also help you lengthen your legs attractively. The heels will certainly give you the height, and will undoubtedly make your legs more long and lean. Thus, it is important to choose those flared trousers that are not cropped down to your ankle.

All in all, flared pants are charming fashion pieces, and you should own at least a pair or two of this very fun to wear fashion ensemble. But do note that every person is different, so these tips might be good for some, but not great for others. Well, you really don’t have to stick with the rules. As long as you are comfortable in all angles, then bring it on! Whether you pair your favorite flares with your old tee or your new off-the-shoulder top, there’s no one stopping you. Feeling good is always more important than looking good. So, are you ready to inner your fashion diva even in your golden years? It’s never too late to go stylish.

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