10 Most Stylish Fashion Bloggers Over 40 that You Should Follow Now

Apart from magazine spreads and paparazzi shots of our favorite celebrities, there are also blogs all over the internet to give us a ton of fashion inspiration. While there’s no denying that the millennials are the ones currently conquering social media, there are still hidden treasures out there for women eyeing a much mature and sophisticated sense of fashion.

And yes, these ladies are not playing around when it comes to fashion blogging! They have huge followings on social media and have a prominent amount of readers in their blogs. We browsed these blogs for research purposes but we couldn’t stop scrolling for more! Now, without further ado, let us share these fashion and lifestyle blogs and the style geniuses behind their web blogs. Here are the 10 Most Stylish Fashion Bloggers that are Over 40 years old and yes, you have to follow them right now! Read: Meeting Women Over 50 with Fabulous Style

#1 – Annette of Lady of Style

image 231

Source: Lady of Style

I am 54 and there is no age limit to style. Live healthy and look age-amazing naturally! – Annette

Indeed! There’s no age limit when it comes to styling yourself up and embracing various fields in fashion. Annette, 54, shares her edgy fashion ensembles in her blog. She lives in Bavaria, Germany,which explains why most of her posts are in German. Despite that fact, her crystal clear collection of creative OOTD photographs is enough to inspire you of her sophisticated style.

image 254

Annette of Lady of Style

image 434

Annette of Lady of Style

#2 – Carmen of COCOOLOOK

image 234

Source: Cocoolook

Once you get to Carmen’s online space at Cocoolook, you will be immediately greeted by a set of HD photos featuring her themed ensembles. Let’s admit it, not a lot of us like reading long articles especially when it comes to fashion! This is why Instagram has become such a big hit for there are people who feel satisfaction over photo sets. if you’re the visual kind of person, you’ll love Carmen’s blog. Her blog focuses on looking stylish and fabulous when you are over 50 and her ensembles truly prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to style! One of our favorite ensembles from her is this pink floral number matched with sparkly pink sneakers! Fabulous, indeed!

image 249


image 256


image 251


#3 – Catherine Summers of Not Dressed as Lamb

image 259

Source: Not Dressed as Lamb

Opposing the term “age appropriate” and encouraging women to be fabulous at any age. – Catherine

44-year-old Catherine aims to shun the usual misconception of limiting your fashion choices just to be “age appropriate”. Her fashion blog is a solid proof that you can be over 40 and still rock exquisite fashion ensembles that a woman in her 20’s would! Catherine graduated with a photography degree and without a doubt, her exceptional photography skills can be visibly seen through her blog. Her blog is full of very stylish ensembles that not only inspires mature women to glam themselves up but also empower them to be more fabulous.

image 258

Catherine Summers of Not Dressed as Lamb

image 257

Catherine Summers of Not Dressed as Lamb

#4 – Claudia of Glam Up your Lifestyle

image 250

Source: Glam Up Your Lifestyle

Her OOTD posts and fashion coordinates will definitely leave you in awe! Her ensembles are like those you spot during fashion week – edgy, chic and stunning. Claudia is the gorgeous 51-year-old lady behind the blog Glam Up Your Lifestyle, which she had set up three years ago. She loves minimal pieces that jive perfectly with the rest of her chosen elements.She hopes to reach women who shares the same age bracket and show them how to pull off an elegant yet edgy sense of style.

image 253

Claudia of Glam Up your Lifestyle

image 248

Claudia of Glam Up your Lifestyle

image 252

Claudia of Glam Up your Lifestyle

#5 – Janice of Mama in Heels

image 432

Source: Mama in Heels

Apart from Janice being an awesome fashion blogger that she is, she is also a mother of twin boys. Her blog features really fascinating fashion ensembles, and the best thing about it? Most of them are out of thrifted and bargain shopping! Fashion is one of her means of looking fabulous because “Being fabulous feels good”. Being a mom and being a woman of a certain age shouldn’t stop you from looking good.

image 433

Janice of Mama in Heels

image 431

Janice of Mama in Heels

image 426

Janice of Mama in Heels

#6 – Judith of Style Crone

image 233

Source: Style Crone

Style Crone is dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era. – Judith

Judith is a 73-year-old fashion enthusiast based in Denver, Colorado. Her blog is full of color as she features diverse fashion ensembles and style coordinates. But what really got us in her blog is her vast selection of hats. It seems like wearing hats has been her signature look for many years and dear, it’s fashion royalty! If you love vintage clothing and classy hats, Judith’s blog is definitely worth a visit. We bet you’ll find her online space fun and empowering.

image 237

Judith of Style Crone

image 232

Judith of Style Crone

image 245

Judith of Style Crone

#7 – Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon

image 430

Source: Accidental Icon

She’s the blogger who landed in several prominent fashion websites and one click to her website will tell you why. Her photos are very editorial -it actually feels like flipping the pages of Vogue. Her fashion style is inspired with urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic that dons darker hues. Not only that Lyn is a fashion icon in the making, she also has a successful career as a law and child welfare professor at Fordham University. Beauty, brains, style, innovation – is there anything not to love about her?! We dare you to visit her blog and we bet you won’t stop scrolling til the end!

image 255

Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon

image 246

Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon

image 235

Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon

#8 – Samantha of Fake Fabulous

image 241

Source: Fake Fabulous

According to Samantha, Fake Fabulous is all about having fun with fashion! It’s a blog that embraces a sense of style that does not require flashy glamour or lavish ensembles but instead, looking your very best as an ordinary woman living a normal life. Apart from her gorgeous auburn hair, her fashion photo sets are quite mesmerizing as well. They are full of colors and most of them are shot in really warm places.

image 244

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

image 243

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

image 242

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

#9 – Susan of Une Femme

image 238

Source: Une Femme

“I believe that personal style is an essential form of self-expression and started this blog in 2007 in hopes of having a conversation about style for our demographic, which no one else seemed to be addressing at the time.” – Susan

Susan is 59 years old and she recently left her full-time administrative career to explore more about the next chapters of her life. Along the way, she blogs about her love for fashion and shares her stylish ensembles to women over 50. Through her photos, she shows that women of a certain age can still look youthful and fabulously sophisticated.

image 240

Susan of Une Femme

image 236

Susan of Une Femme

image 239

Susan of Une Femme

#10 – Kim Mitchell Stokes of J’Adore Couture

image 427

Source: J’Adore Couture

Kim loves fashion, magazines, mid-century modern architecture, letterpress printing, and all things design-y. Her love for fashion and arts eventually led her to starting J’Adore Couture, a blog about fashion and lifestyle blog that explores the intersection between fashion and design. her outfit posts are definitely worth that space in you bookmarks because she dons very stylish yet wearable ensembles that mature and elegant women will definitely love.

image 247

Kim Mitchell Stokes of J’Adore Couture

image 429

Kim Mitchell Stokes of J’Adore Couture

image 428

Kim Mitchell Stokes of J’Adore Couture

Age shouldn’t hold you back from exploring more about fashion. We all know that fashion is one of the fastest-evolving things in the world but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason for you to keep up. We hope these amazing women over 40 and their blogs inspire you to be fabulous – with no age boundaries!

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