A Comprehensive Guide to Little Black Dress of All Time

What should be the alternative word for ‘black dress’? if you ask me, I would say, it’s ‘glamorous’. A black dress is the best way to add a glamorous appeal to your personality. Especially the little black dresses are a timeless treasure. Not just today but these ‘little black dresses’ have been dominating the fashion world since 1920. Coco Chanel was the first to introduce the fashion term ‘little black dress’ back in the 1920s. If you’d like to know more about the history of LBD, read Little Black Dress: The Ford Model T in the Fashion Industry. Ever since it is rocking the fashion world. Fashion-forward celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor have been seen flaunting their beauty in their short black dresses on several occasions and of course in their movies too. And it’s rocking till date.

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Basic Style Tips for Wearing All-Black Dresses

  • To avoid a dowdier look, you can incorporate various textures of black in a single dress.
  • Pick the trendiest fabric, keeping in mind the season.
  • Black color offers a slimming effect so make sure that your little black dress is in form-fitting and body hugging style.
  • Be bold while choosing your fashion accessories. Look for the most dazzling jewelry, it could be anything from metallic pieces to elegant pearls.
  • For adding colors, opt for a vibrantly-hued stiletto heels.
  • For your lips, a fresh shade of pink is suitable for day time. And for night, be more glamorous with some rosy red shade.

Show-Stopping Little Black Dresses: Get inspiration for your mini black dresses from the list of these state-of-the-art black dresses.

Types of Little Black Dress

1. Black Macramé Dress

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A little black dress when paired with a macramé style, looks fabulous on any women. Especially for winter fashion look, nothing could be more trendsetting than a crew-neck or short turtleneck dress. With a bit of sheer detailing of lace, net or macramé, you can be a fashionista.

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Source: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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Stylewe has a magnificent collection of the sensational black dresses. Get a fashionable look like Kate Middleton with these black lace dresses ‘MESAPPAS’ and ‘OUSHANG’. The upstyle dress is fabricated in elegant floral lace. Sheer sleeves and neckline add a touch of glamour to it. This could be the perfect choice for daytime use. Need to know what people say about StyleWe products and what is it like to dress them before making a decision? No problem! Check StyleWe reviews out.

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black girly sheer lace mini dress

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 elegant crew neck pierced midi dress

2. Black Bodycon Dresses

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Source: DHgate

For a sizzling party look, try a bodycon dress. A bodycon dress is the best way to elevate your figure. In spring and summer, you can go with more revealing options like an off the shoulder style, a strappy neckline and above all a sleeveless bodycon dress.

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Source: El País

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She’s (

image 315


3. Black Little Dress with V Neckline

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Source: Celebuzz

Are you looking for a black little dress for party wear? A black little skirt with a V neckline is the best way to add a glamourous appeal. You too can opt for this sizzling hot style, if you are confident enough to carry it.

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Source: Elle

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Source: Celebrity Dresses

4. Black Little Lace Trim Skirt

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Source: thevivaluxury

Girls who want to pull off a little black dress without being too revealing, a lacey trim skirt is a great option. It offers a boho appeal. You can pair this short lacy dress with any type of top. In summer, this could be any lacy or strappy top and in winter a baggy turtleneck would be the best option.

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black elegant lace midi skirt

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5. Casual Sweater or Jersey Dress

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Source: Lookastic

A little black dress can be worn to get a chic casual look. A sweater dress seems flattering from every angle. Especially for a winter look, pair a sweater dress with leggings, long boots or knee length socks. It’s a style both comfy and fashionable. Check out the following inspirations. [ Find out more about ways to make the most out of wardrobe.]

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Source: FashionGum

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6. Little Black Flowy and Flouncy Dresses

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Fashion is the name of innovation in style. There is nothing wrong in trying something new. Body hugging dresses are always in demand. Let’s take a step ahead and try something different with a black little dress in a flowy style. For all the boho girls, if you really want to add that bohemian feel to your summer wardrobe, stop looking for a form fitting style, the flouncy and loosely-fit dresses promise a solid sense of style.

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7. Black Mini Dress with a Stand Collar

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Source: DHgate

It’s a dress that look as good as you feel after wearing it. The stretchy fabric makes it easy to dress up. The elegant mini black dress offers a glamorously stylish look. The stand collar elongates your look. With A-line silhouette, this piece of clothing can perfectly be worn in daytime. [Planning to buy some Christmas outfits? Here is The Ultimate Guide to Most Impressive Christmas Party Dresses.]

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8. Black Mini Dress Dazzling with Sequins

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Source: Daily Mail

For a glamourous look on a party at night, a little black dress sparking with sequined detailing is the perfect choice. Be it a sequined on the skirt, top, sleeves or all over the dress, this bold style is sure to get you noticed.

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